Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Posts Her Email and Gets Bombarded with Strangers’ FaceTime Calls


Chrissy Teigen is widely known online and she does tend to post a whole lot of stuff and interesting things for you to explore and enjoy. The cool thing about her is that she always focuses on finding some interesting ideas to post online. Or the content that she shares is downright funny, which a lot of people tend to like more often than not. That being said, even celebrities like her will end up finding that the internet can be a tricky place to be in as you can imagine.

She exposed her email by mistake

Things like this can happen, and you can imagine that it’s not really something you want to deal with. Unfortunately for Chrissy Teigen, this happened to her and it was quite a bad thing. She was there with her mother at the laptop and then they talked at one another. The problem is that as soon as she facetimed a person, a lot of people got to know her address and all the other stuff. Which ended up being a major privacy issue for Chrissy Teigen.

She didn’t get to do that much and people started to bombard her with emails and Facetime calls. Which is great, because she did end up with all kinds of problems that in the end were solved. Obviously a celebrity like her has to be more careful, as this type of information is very sensitive and not everyone needs to have access to it.

How did Chrissy Teigen solve the problem?

Obviously this is the type of issue no one wants to deal with. But whether you like it or not, it does tend to happen and it’s not something you can actually take for granted. So what Chrissy Teigen ended up doing is she changed all the emails and the Facetime was blocked. It’s very interesting to see all this kind of challenges and the problem with all of it is that it brought in its fair share of situations where people can get in touch with a celebrity. Of course they tried to do that, and they didn’t really care about her privacy or anything else like that. It’s normal for most people when it comes to celebrities, and Chrissy Teigen has to understand that.

This is not the first time when she slipped up with this kind of stuff. Chrissy Teigen also ended up sharing a full episode of a TV show she was on, and she was fired soon after that. So she does have some previous experience with these situations. But it’s something that will happen if you don’t really pay attention or care to what you are doing. Without the right attention it’s easy to see people taking advantage of the information in front of them. Thankfully Chrissy Teigen will learn from all of this and she will find some better ways to keep information safe and private. Otherwise there will be issues, as she saw here firsthand!