Coffee- find healthy reasons to have a cup


With the research’s conducted and studies made, drinking coffee is no wrong. One must find some healthy reasons to have a cup of the same every day just like the ones around the world who might be having their first or fifth cup of coffee for the day. Well, they might not know but with every litre being engulfed inside, there are lots and lots of benefits associated with drinking coffee. For ones around having exams or some extra hard work for the day, caffeine with coffee will no way cheat you around.

Some reasons for coffee to be made part of a regular diet

  1. Memory improvement- If you are looking for a memory enhancer, caffeine is the right choice. Just 200 mg of caffeine and the same blocks down the neurotransmitters, which inhibits the memory and helps to retrieve memories easily by all other neurotransmitters. So, if one is cramming around for their test, the cup of energy drink won’t help. Just intake some good amount of coffee as the same would be super beneficial.
  1. Diabetes- For those who fear diabetes or for ones having the same, remember, a cup of coffee, as per the Harvard researchers, reduces one’s chances to have diabetes by around 9%. Not just this, one can also reduce their chances by around 26% for getting kidney stones if they gulped just a cup of coffee, or even more for the day. In a way, the same induces the chance of increased urination and finally releases around the extra calcium or sodium from the body or the body system, making it completely fit and healthy.
  1. Reduced depression- As per the research conducted by Harvard, the people who drink coffee have around 55% fewer chances to commit suicide than the ones who don’t. Even as per the research study conducted by the Finnish shows that the ones who drink coffee reduce their chances by around 77% of having affected by depression.
  1. Liver cancer- 38%, this is the rate by which one can reduce the chance of having a liver cancer by intaking 2 to 3 cups of coffee, Cancer Center, Hawaii University. But as per the study conducted by the Southampton University, the data collected shows that there come 20% reduced risk chances of developing HCC by intaking one extra cup of the caffeinated coffee. It comes to a 35% reduced risk with 2 extra cups of consumption and brings it up to 50% reduced risks with 5 cups of extra coffee.

So, these facts might be really hard to take in after hearing all that you heard about the coffee and its side effects but in actual, the coffee beans are much more help than they think it to be. They help a person through stages of life which are required for them, at that moment. Just as a matter of fact, the taste and the aroma of coffee are enough to get one addicted but a controlled quantity will always be beneficial.