Desperate, Open Plea@ Rihanna


Pleas are received from time to time but there are a few which shocks us and makes us question, “Did we hear it right? Can someone make such pleas?” Well for sure they can as for this one plea for Rihanna did make a report for a crime.

With artists winning hearts, a stop can seem like the most horrifying news of the era and Rihanna seems to be on the list of one such news providers who didn’t bring in new music for her fans in the past 4 years, after “Anti” release on January 28th, 2016. Yes, you heard that right, it was her last album which went doubt-platinum.

The fanbase of Rihanna refer her as Navy and among the same fanbase was a person who was so obsessed with her Anti World Tour to New York that he forced his friend to the event even after seeing his friend get stitches in the face, the night before. With one such obsession, we can understand what Rihanna’s coming was bringing in for the fanbase just through her tours and her works.

This one fan brought out the feeling of facing darker times as for he longed for days feeling he would walk alone everywhere in the world. All he needed was Rihanna telling him “work, work, work, work, work”, over a dance hall beat.

Well, he does understand and he does feel that a lot is going on with the tons of work under Rihanna projects as for she sees a slew over the profitable businesses. All such work falls under the umbrella of RiRi and for him, well, all this work is pretty impressive.

He seems to be unaffected with words like, “I don’t care Andrew” and all he wants to follow the work and talk about the impressive means of how team Rihanna works on varied projects. Be it the makeup company under her control which made other feels like skin colours don’t come in 5 shades or be it the Fenty Fashion house offering luxury fashion, which is 1st in industry, with first black women in-charge, all the exciting projects and work under the name of Rihanna is under a quick review by one fan of such huge fan base who interestingly talks about all that and also admits about the Savage x Fenty lingerie line which he didn’t like.

Continues and continues, this one fan has a lot to say as he speaks about the radio playing in his office a modern remix for, “the wheels on the bus go round and round”. As for him, he and the people are in desperate times as he speaks of his desperate plea. He also calls it like an official announcement of the class action lawsuit. Wondering for what? Well, it’s the “People v. Rihanna” as this might help him through.

A huge shoutout for Rihanna is what we can call it- “Drop the lingerie and give a little upon bop.” Seems like one person did speak a lot for all as he asks RiRi not to stop down the music of the show, the charm of hearts and a love of a huge fan base.