Discover What Your Favorite Female Celebrities From the 90s Are Doing Now


Were you glued to the television and big screen back in the ’90s? If so, you undoubtedly have quite a few favorite female celebrities. Have you ever wondered what they’re all up to now? Some of the famous women you used to drool all over yourself are still busy creating television shows and movies, while others have decided to retire from the limelight. If your heart yearns to know about these babes from the past, yearn no more because we’re going to walk you down memory lane. You’ll be surprised by how some of these women have aged. It’s safe to say that time hasn’t been too friendly to many of the women who used to make your heart skip a beat.

Elin Nordegren Was Famous Long Before She Met Tiger Woods

Everyone knows that Elin Nordegren was once married to Tiger Woods before his infamous cheating scandal broke. Long before she married Tiger, Elin was a Swedish model. Being the best golfer and one of the highest-paid professional athletes enabled Tiger to land this bright, talented beauty. The power couple would later divorce, and in 2017 she got a degree from Rollins College in Florida. Elin had a near-perfect GPA, which proves she’s more than beautiful; the former model is smart as well. In 2019 Elin gave birth to her third child with NFL superstar Jordan Cameron. Elin’s life has been full of both achievements and personal milestones after leaving Tiger, which is a testament to her ability to bounce back from a crisis.

Courteney Cox Now Works Behind the Camera and Not in Front of It

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the name, Courteney Cox? The very first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is Courteney’s character Monica Geller from the sitcom Friends. There’s no way that a person who was alive during the 90s could possibly not know what Friends were all about. Today, Courteney has taken a different route and owns a production company named Coquette Productions. It was started with her ex-husband David Arquette, and she runs it to this day. Their marriage may be long gone, but what they created during their short romance is still blossoming and producing the fruits of her labor.

Lori Loughlin Has Gotten Into a Little Trouble Since Staring in Full House

Everyone remembers Lori Loughlin as Aunt Becky from Full House. Before making it big on television, Lori worked as a print and commercial model. None of that should be surprising, considering how stunning she is. The Full House star went on to have small roles in Spin City and Suddenly Susan. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, you’ve heard about Lori and her husband Mossimo Giannulli getting into some hot water over the college admissions bribery scandal. It appears they tried to bribe some influential people to get their daughters into college. Aunt Becky isn’t as squeaky clean as her Full House television image may make us believe.

Yasmine Bleeth Looked Incredible in Her Red Swimsuit

If you were a young man in the 90s, there’s no way you could ever not remember Yasmine Bleeth. How could anyone ever forget how incredibly hot Yasmine looked in her red swimsuit on Baywatch? You more than likely tuned into the show to see her and maybe a couple of other beach babes at the most. It’s hard to imagine what the 90s would’ve been like for teenagers if they didn’t have Yasmine to drool over. As you can see, her appearance has changed quite a bit over the years. Yasmine has battled drug addiction, but thankfully, she’s clean now. Sobriety is her new focus, and she has remained out of the public eye for quite some time.

Ali Landry Is Still Remembered to This Day as the Doritos Girl

You probably know Ali Landry as the Doritos Girl. Do you know how she got that nickname? It’s from when she appeared in a Super Bowl commercial back in 1998 for Doritos. Ever since that fateful commercial, she has been known as the Doritos Girl. What many of her fans don’t know is, she was crowned Miss USA back in 1996. Ali was briefly married to Mario Lopez, and sometimes her short marriage is still mentioned in the media. Sadly, Ali has faced tragedy in recent years. Both her father-in-law and brother-in-law Juan Manuel Gómez Monteverde and Juan Manuel Gómez Fernández were taken hostage in Mexico and killed in 2015.

Hilary Swank Is Still Cranking Out Box Office Hits

Hilary Swank is as active as she ever was. Back in the 90s, you probably remember her for the roles she had in Million Dollar Baby and Boys Don’t Cry. The parts in both of those films earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. It’s hard to imagine what the big screen would’ve been like in the 90s if it weren’t for Hilary. She has to be in all of your favorite movies that you’ve watched at least a hundred times. These days she can still be found on a movie set while churning out roles worthy of awards. Time hasn’t slowed Hilary down in the least, and it looks like nothing else will, for that matter.

Shania Twain Broke All the Country Music Records in the 90s

Shania Twain sold more records than any other country music star in the history of the industry. Just how many records did Shania sell? She sold over 85 million records. That’s a lot of vinyl, and that’s why she’s the best-selling country music artist ever to live. It was all because her song Don’t Be Stupid that soared sky-high on the record charts. In 2015 she hit the road for a farewell tour and hasn’t been on the road since. As with other performers, no one knows if the farewell tour was her final goodbye or simply a way to get a break from it all.

Christina Applegate Is Still Going Strong After Married With Children

Who can ever forget Christina Applegate’s role as Kelly Bundy on Married With Children? She was one of the most iconic sitcom characters of the 90s. Since then, she has starred in a whole host of blockbuster movies and even a few television roles. Christina was hilarious in her role as Veronica Corningstone in both of the Anchorman movies. The big screen has been very kind to Christina, but her health has been another story. Christina had a cancer scare in the past, but it seems in the present that she’s doing much better. Throughout the years, Christina has proven that she is much smarter than the ditsy blonde she used to play as Kelly as her career has taken off like a rocket.

Neve Campbell Is Staying Relevant After All These Years

Neve Campbell hasn’t gone anywhere since the 90s. Unlike some superstar actresses, she has continued to work all of these years. It’s easy to see why considering the starlet is both gorgeous and talented. You might have seen her in the movies Scream, Trilogy, and Wild Things. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably caught Neve on House of Cards. It seems that she hasn’t changed any throughout the years, and her acting skills have only gotten better. It’s not just her beautiful smile that wins everyone over; it’s also her incredible talent that enables her to transform into so many different characters.

Jennie Garth Hasn’t Changed Since Being on Beverly Hills 90210

Jennie Garth has been on both Growing Pains and Beverly Hills 90210. Kelly Taylor is what many of you remember her as from the hit television show. The most surprising thing about Jennie may not be her successful career, but how much she hasn’t changed over the years. Jennie still has her beautiful smile, and her eyes sparkle like they always have. There’s something about her bright, perky smile that has to make you feel happy right down to your core. Fans of this bubbly blonde will be glad to know that she recently finished filming The Jennie Garth Project. It’s a show that’s all about renovating her house, and it will be on a television near you.

Nancy Kerrigan’s Life Was Never the Same After Being Attacked

How could anyone forget when Nancy Kerrigan was attacked. Nancy and Tonya Harding’s names will always appear with each other for as long as history is recorded. The attack didn’t stop Nancy from competing in the 1994 Olympics. Nancy did, however, retire from competitive figure skating shortly after. In 1995 Nancy married her agent, and they have three beautiful children. Skating in the Olympics was Nancy’s lifelong dream, and against all odds, she was able to pull it off. Victory slipped through her hands, but out of the process, she gained a wonderful husband and three children that are the love of her life.

Liv Tyler Went From Music Videos to the Big Screen

Everyone knows Liv Tyler from the Aerosmith music videos she stared in during the 90s. She’s the lead singer’s daughter, and that’s all it took to get her into the videos. It doesn’t hurt that Liv is extremely beautiful and talented as well. The younger generation may recognize her from her role in The Lord of the Rings. She’s also been on HBO’s The Leftovers. It’s safe to say that Liz has been busy since beginning her career as a child model. The rocker’s daughter no longer lives in her father’s shadows and has broken out to create a life of her own.

Keri Russell Can’t Escape Her Role as Felicity Porter

To adoring fans, Keri Russell will always be Felicity Porter, the main character she played on Felicity. Even though the starlet has gone on to star in Extraordinary Measures, Waitress, and Mission Impossible III, she’s still known as Felicity. Her most recent work is on The Americans, where she met her husband. In 2016 Keri and her husband Matthew Rhys welcomed a baby boy into their lives. Not only is Keri still an active actress, but she’s also now a wife and proud mother. It goes without saying she’s a woman who has her hands full. Juggling fame, marriage, and family seem to be second nature to her because she’s able to do it flawlessly.

Lisa Bonet Capitalized on Being on One of Tv’s Most Popular Shows

Lisa Bonet used The Cosby Show as a springboard that propelled her career. The spinoff A Different World followed her character as she went off to college. Lisa would later marry rocker Lenny Kravitz, and they would have a daughter named Zoe Kravitz. Sadly, the marriage wouldn’t last, and it ended in divorce. Today Lisa is married to Jason Mamoa, and they live a quiet life together. Lisa hasn’t acted much since A Different World was on the air, but she has been busy being a mother and a wife. If any of you were wondering, Lisa still has her signature dreadlocks.

Everyone Remembers Alyssa Milano as Samantha Micelli

If you were a kid in the 90s, you no doubt know who Alyssa Milano is. However, you probably know her as Samantha Micelli, her character on Who’s the Boss. Alyssa later stared in Charmed, which introduced her to an entirely new audience. As of late, Alyssa has given up acting to take on the role of mother. She also is well known for being outspoken about her political views. These days it’s easier to find her railing against a politician on social media than it is to see her on the small screen. Alyssa has a strong fan base who follows her no matter where the wind blows her.

Pretty Woman Was the Role That Cemented Julia Roberts as a Superstar

Julia Roberts was pretty much unheard of before her role in Pretty Woman. Just one part in a movie blasted her onto the scene, and everyone knew then who Julia Roberts was. It wouldn’t be long until she stared in Erin Brockovich as Erin Brockovich, in which she won an Oscar for Best Actress. She would later star in Runaway Bride with her Pretty Woman costar Richard Gere. These days her star has fizzled out some, but she’s still in the news occasionally. As with many celebrities who suddenly rise to fame, it seems that her fall has been as sudden as well.

Candace Cameron Bure is still known as D.J. Tanner after all these years

Candace Cameron Bure has done many things since her rise to stardom in the 90s. she has written books, starred on a daytime talk show, and even was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. None of that resonates with the public, quite like her role as D.J. Tanner in the sitcom Full House. Everyone who sees her immediately remembers her as the young blonde haired girl who had a million-dollar smile. Today, her smile still beams joy around the world, but in many different outlets. She even starred on the Full House reboot titled Fuller House. If all that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s also a wife and a very active mother.

Pamela Anderson Is Still a Real-life Barbie Doll

Pamela Anderson is one of the few women who seem to look better as she ages. Everyone knows that she was the star of Baywatch. Did you know that she was on Home Improvement before hitting the beach in her famous red swimsuit? What’s Pamela up to these days other than looking incredibly sexy for her age? She spouts the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Pamela is also an outspoken supporter of PETA and animal rights. If going vegan makes you age less and keeps you beautiful, more people should try giving up animal products. It certainly works for her, and she doesn’t look like she’s aged a single day in over twenty years.

Janet Jackson’s Star Continues to Burn Bright Long After the 90s Are Over

Janet Jackson has a way always to keep herself relevant. Maybe it comes from always having to play second fiddle to her brother Michael. Janet had a very successful musical career in the 90s, but the only Jackson everyone ever talks about is Michael. No one can ever forget what went down between her and Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl. These days she’s working hard at raising her child and making sure that everyone remembers her fantastic recording career. It should be noted that Janet is also a talented actress and stared on Different Stripes alongside Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges.

Christina Aguilera’s Voice Rings as Loud Today as It Ever Has

Christina Aguilera’s big break came when she recorded the theme song for Disney’s Mulan. Shortly after, her song Genie in a Bottle skyrocketed on the charts, which cemented her as one of the world’s top female vocalists. Today, she can be found on the insanely popular hit television show The Voice. Christina is still belting out songs like only someone with a strong voice as she has. She is one of the few female singers from the 90s that’s still rocking it after all these years. that in itself speaks to not only her talent but Christina’s strong work ethic that ensures she’s always busy doing something.

Britney Spears Continues to Wow Audiences With Her Music

Britney Spears is one of the very few musicians who has been able to stay in the spotlight for over two decades. Her star burns as bright today as it did all the way back into the 90s. The insanely popular song Baby One More Time was on the lips of everyone who was alive at the time. You couldn’t turn the dial on the radio without hearing the song. What’s Britney up to these days? She recently finished quite a stint playing in Las Vegas. When she’s not working hard to entertain her millions of fans from all over the world, she’s mom to two handsome young men named Sean and Jayden.

Victoria Beckham Still Has Plenty of Spice in Her Life

Victoria Beckham was in the world-famous all-girl band known as The Spice Girls. Were you a young man back in the 90s? If so, you probably had a crush on at least one or more of The Spice Girls. If Posh Spice was the one who got your juices flowing, you know all too well how talented she is. Beyond being a talented singer, Victoria is also stunning in every way possible. What’s Posh Spice up to these days? She’s married to soccer super hunk David Beckham, and they have four kids together. The spice in this Spice Girl’s life these days comes from having her hands full being a mom and a wife. With four kids and a husband, it’s hard to believe she has time for anything other than taking care of her family.

Salma Hayek Is as Famous Today as She Was in the 90s

Salma Hayek is known for being a model, actress, and film actor. The Mexican-American starlet has so many talents that it’s not surprising that she remains relevant to this very day. You can’t go anywhere on the internet without her making a splash. As time goes on, Salma becomes more beautiful, and her radiant smile and curvy figure are even evident. Time has been an enhancer to both her beauty and talents, and that can’t be said about many of the famous people from the 90s. Salma will continue to make waves as long as she’s active within the industry. Retiring doesn’t ever seem to be an option because she always seems to have the time of her life.

Demi Moore Was the Highest-paid Actress in the Mid-90s

Demi Moore was raking in the bucks as the highest-paid female actress in the 90s. She landed some of the big roles of the decade, starring in Indecent Proposal and A few Good Men. How can anyone forget her split with Ashton Kutcher? What’s Demi doing these days? She has taken a step back from the limelight to be a mother to her three children. The role of a lifetime is what she’s playing now, and no one could be happier than the three lucky people who call her mom. Time has been kind to her, and Demi is just as gorgeous as she was way back when.

Jenny Mccarthy Stays Busy by Speaking Out Against Vaccines

Who can ever forget when Jenny McCarthy was on Singled Out? If you don’t remember her from that television show, you more than likely remember when she posed for Playboy. Seriously, how can anyone forget that? These days she rallies against vaccines and speaks out against them. She doesn’t waste an opportunity to educate the public on why she thinks it’s a bad idea to get poked by a needle full of vaccine. When she’s not vocalizing her antivaccine views, she likes to spend time with her husband, Donnie Wahlberg. The two were married in 2014 and have been inseparable since.

A Pepsi Commercial Blasted Cindy Crawford Into Stardom

All it took was one Pepsi commercial to turn Cindy Crawford into a household name. Just look at how gorgeous she is in that commercial. It’s easy to understand how the world gasped when they were introduced to such natural beauty. The commercial originally aired in 1991, and ever since then, she has maintained to keep herself in the limelight. Today, she owns a home furnishing line that seems to do very well. You might have also watched her on a late-night infomercial touting skin cream that will keep you looking as young as she does. Cindy hasn’t aged much over the years, so there might be some validity to the cream she’s hocking.

Natalie Portman Made Her Big Splash in 1994

Natalie Portman burst out onto the big screen in 1994 and has been going strong ever since. She starred in the movie Leon, the Professional in 1994. Since then, Natalie has become a producer and a director. What’s Natalie been up to these days? She had a pivotal role in the movie The Black Swan in 2010. Natalie’s impact isn’t always seen on the big screen, but it’s always felt. Working behind the camera has been equally fun and challenging for her. If there’s one thing you can know for sure about Natalie, it’s that somehow she’s always going to stay busy.

Cate Blanchett Has Been Acting Since She Was 10 Years Old

Calling Cate Blanchett a seasoned Hollywood professional, isn’t exaggerating in the least. She began acting at ten years old and has been busy ever since. Her most famous role was in the hit film Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Since then, Cate has kept busy by taking on various roles in other movies. Cate has a smile that’s as cute as it is mischievous. You know there’s something naughty going on behind that smile, but she’s never going to say what it is. Talent on the scale that she has is rare, and so is the staying power that she’s been blessed with. No one can doubt that she will be a force to reckon with for years to come.

Calista Flockhart Is Still Known as Ally Mcbeal

After all of these years, Calista Flockhart is still known as Ally McBeal. It doesn’t matter that she was in Brothers & Sisters or The Last show. Even Calista’s role in Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her didn’t break the spell of Ally McBeal. It seems that the only thing people know Calista for other than her character as Ally is her relationship with Harrison Ford. Both have been in quite a long-term relationship despite their noticeable age gap. It seems that Harrison has learned the age-old secret of staying young, and it’s to get involved with a much younger woman.

Bridget Fonda’s Quick Rise to Fame and Her Sudden Drop Explained

Bridget Fonda made as big of a splash entering the entertainment business as she did exiting it. Everyone loved Bridget’s performances in Lake Place and The Godfather Part III. So, why haven’t we heard anything from this 90s superstar? Unfortunately, Bridget was involved in a serious car accident in 2003. The accident caused Bridget to fracture her vertebra. It seems that she has exited the world of acting to take care of her health. Here’s wishing to a speedy recovery, and hopefully, she’ll get back to doing what she loves, and that’s entertaining audiences with incredible movie performances. They say time is the best medicine, and still being young, she has plenty of it to recuperate.

Nicole Kidman Turned Heads and Made Waves in the 90s

Nicole Kidman becomes more relevant as she ages, which is odd for a Hollywood celebrity such as herself. She has maintained relevancy throughout her career by starring in roles that no one can ever forget, just like how you can’t forget her role in Moulin Rouge. She has a different role, and it’s wife to country crooner Keith Urban. She’s also a mother and, as we all know, was once married to Tom Cruise. Nicole is still active these days, but she has slowed down a bit to make sure her duties as a wife and a mother aren’t being overlooked. She still has her trademark luscious blonde locks and radiant smile.

Molly Parker Brings Experience to Every Role She Plays

Molly Parker has been in front of the camera since she was only 16 years of age. What has she been doing all of these years performing? What started for her in the nineties continued on with roles in Deadwood and the movie HBO made about the series. Molly has matured wonderfully as her career has taken on new and somewhat unchartered paths. No one will ever know what type of role she’ll take from one project to the next, and that’s why she remains so much in demand up until this day. Industry insiders love an actress who’s as talented as she is because she can play almost any role they throw at her.

Leelee Sobieski’s Role in Deep Impact Set Her Career on Fire

Everyone remembers Leelee Sobieski in Deep Impact. Anyone who considers themselves a film buff who was around in the late 90s must remember her gorgeous long flowing blonde locks and her bright smile. Leelee has continued with her work on the big screen, but not all of her movies have been as successful as Deep Impact. Lying, Walk All Over Me, and Eyes Wide Shut are just a few of the films that she has worked on since exploded onto the scene in the 90s. Time hasn’t done anything to diminish her bright smile as it can still light up an entire room.

Jenna Von Oy Blossomed Into an Actress on Blossom

Blossom was one of the top-rated television shows in the 90s, and that’s where Jenna Von Oy became famous. Jenna’s fame led her to have guest spots on Moesha, Pepper Ann, and 7th Heaven. It seemed like she was on a one-way express lane towards stardom that began with a sitcom that few people could turn away from. The last time Jenna worked as back in 2004. Since then, she has not been in any television shows or movies. Now she’s a mother of one child and married to a computer data consultant. It seems that life away from Hollywood’s glitz and glamour is what she seeks now that she’s a mom and a wife.

Angela Bassett Has Still Got Her Groove After All These Years

The one role that Angela Bassett is best known for is How Stella Got Her Groove Back. She wowed audiences back in the 90s and continues to do so to this day. How does she do it? Some will say that Angela has been lucky in getting great roles, but it’s so much more than that. It’s all about how Angela approaches her roles and turns them into something magical. Even a small bit part in a movie isn’t as tiny as it appears to be when she’s shining like the bright star that she is. Everyone knows that she will give it her all, and the audience couldn’t be more thrilled when they see Angela on the screen.

Renée Zellweger Reprises Her Role and Everyone Loses It

All movie buffs are familiar with Renée Zellweger’s role in Bridget Jones’s Diary. The movie had such an impact that you don’t need to be old enough to remember it being in the theater. So, what is Renée up to these days? You might be surprised to hear that she’s renewed a sequence in her ultra-famous movie. It looks like the film will have a life of its own, and who knows how long it will continue on for. Who knows, it may even someday become a franchise of its own. The only thing we all can be certain of is, no one will ever get tired of seeing Renée reprise her role in one of the most famous movies of the 90s.

Kirsten Dunst Has Citizenship in Two Different Countries

Did you know that Kirsten Dunst has citizenship in two different countries? Kirsten Dunst is both an American and German citizen. She broke onto the big screen in a fantastic way with roles in Save the Last Dance and Spider-Man. she has continued to work since the 90s, honing her craft and becoming an actress that can deliver a character as few people can. It doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes and looks better as time goes on. Time has aged Kirsten like wine, and she gets better as the years go on. she has the type of charm and charisma that few actresses have, which has led to her longevity.

There’s Nothing Creepy About What Gillian Anderson Is Up to These Days

Gillian Anderson is best known for her role on the X-Files. She is also incredibly famous for her role as a tough detective in The Fall. The big screen is where she’s headed next in a film adaptation of Crooked House. Fans, not only those who were alive in the 90s but those who love science fiction, all hold her character in high regard from X-Files. It was one of the few science fiction television shows that fans have adored long after it ceased production. The great thing about Gillian’s career is that she’s been able to break free from the stereotypes that most people would’ve been tied down to after being in such an incredibly famous hit show.

Stacey Dash Isn’t Quiet About Her Political Views These Days

Stacey Dash is most well known as being Cher’s best friend in the super famous movie Clueless. Later on, she would star in Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. Who doesn’t love the oddity that Sharnado is, and seeing her in the movie only added to its greatness? What is Stacey up to these days? She likes to make sure everyone is well aware of her political views. She was a huge fan of President Donald Trump and even agreed with him on his immigration policies. These days she likes to take to the internet and talk about her political views entertainingly and educationally.

Angie Harmon Has Always Been on Television Since 1995

Angie Harmon was discovered by David Hasselhoff back in 1995, and she has been on television since. There hasn’t a year gone by that she wasn’t on the television in some manner since then. It all started with Baywatch Nights, and somehow, she has remained a hit from then on. Could it be because of her unbelievable beauty? Well, Angie was a model at the age of 23 when David discovered her. So, maybe her looks have something to do with it. However, Angie is incredibly talented, and it seems that no matter what role she plays, she can dominate in it. As the years go by, her talent grows even stronger, and so does the fan base that can’t seem to get enough of her.

Shannen Doherty Is in the Fight for Her Life

Shannen Doherty has been battling cancer and has been gravely ill for the past few years. Everyone knows and loves her from her role in Beverly Hills 90210. A stint on reality TV gave everyone an extra dose of Shannen when she was on Dancing with the Stars. As for what she’s doing now, there’s not much for her to do other than to battle the breast cancer that threatens her very existence. It’s hard to put into words the strength and courage she has shown throughout her bout with cancer. The hope of everyone, 90s TV fans, and everyone else is that somehow she’ll overcome the odds and find a way to beat cancer once and for all.

Alicia Silverstone Works Incredibly Hard to Protect the Lives of Innocent Animals

Put down that pork chop and pick up a stalk of celery if you want to make Alicia Silverstone happy. You know and love this blonde bombshell from her role in Clueless. If you were around before her big breakthrough, you probably know her from the Aerosmith videos she starred in. These days, Alicia can be found promoting various causes that promote the health and welfare of animals. It’s safe to say that she doesn’t eat or wear any products that come from animals. Few people are as committed to veganism as Alicia, and even fewer are as vocal as she is about animal rights.

Amy Jo Johnson Hasn’t Forgotten Her Role as the Pink Ranger

Every child of the 90s knows how Amy Jo Johnson is. She was the pink ranger of the Power Rangers. Later on, she would go on to star in The Division and Flashpoint. All of you grown-up kids can still enjoy Amy as a Power Ranger these days since she has become a singer who sings while wearing her famous pink suit. If all that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s now married to Oliver Giner, and they have a daughter Francesca Christine. No word as to which of the Power Rangers is little Francesca’s favorite. Hopefully, it’s the ranger in pink since that’s her loving and hard-working mom.

Lucy Lawless Will Forever Be Famous as the Sex Symbol Xena Warrior Princess

Dare we say that Lucy Lawless was one of the sexiest women on television during the 90s? she was known worldwide as Xena Warrior Princess, and that title hasn’t left her name since. Everyone who sees this still gorgeous woman associates her with Xena. She would later star in Parks and Recreation, and Spartacus, Ash vs. the Evil Dead. Lucy has taken a break from acting to devote more time to charity work. Someone who reached such heights in their career would rarely take a break to pursue something as wholesome as working hard to make the world a better place.

Tiffani Thiessen’s Career Wasn’t Saved by the Bell

Tiffani Thiessen was on Saved by the Bell, but it seems like nothing can save her career. She had a show on the Cooking Channel called Dinner at Tiffani’s. The show was eventually canceled. Then, in 2018 she was on a Netflix sitcom Alexa and Katie. Tiffani, like most child actors, seems to drift in and out of obscurity. Every year a new generation of kids are introduced to Saved by the Bell through reruns on television. Those reruns keep her name on the tongues of people worldwide, but beyond that, there’s little going on to mention about her. Hopefully, she’ll regain a little momentum and eventually find her way back on television.

Elizabeth Hurley Was Best Known for Being a Model

Elizabeth Hurley was famous in the 90s for being a model and an actress. What’s she’s most famous for is being a model for Estée Lauder. How can anyone look at such a gorgeous woman and not immediately think of her as a model? What’s Elizabeth up to these days? She’s got a good gig playing a role on The Royals that highlights not only her beauty but her acting skills as well. Somehow someone as stunning as she is can steal the spotlight with just her presence alone. A smile and a flash of those bright, beautiful eyes are all it takes to get the audience’s attention and keep them focused on whatever it is that she’s doing.

Tatyana Ali’s Role Next to Will Smith Defined a Generation

Kids who grew up watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air know how it has affected their lives. Today, an entire generation of people grew up watching Tatyana Ali and Will Smith work their magic side by side. The iconic NBC show would later be aired worldwide in reruns, ensuring that an ever-increasing group of youngsters is influenced by the hijinks of everyone on the sitcom. Tatyana would later go on to star in The Young and the Restless. It makes sense because anyone with such talent and looks is right at home being on a soap opera.

Rachael Leigh Cook Was in a Club Just for Babysitters

Rachael Leigh Cook was and still is famous for her role in the 1995 film The Babysitters Club. Rachael would later go on to star in Josie and the Pussycats. Fans of Robot Chicken can recognize her voice in several of the hilarious animation shorts. If all that wasn’t enough to cement her as a highly talented professional, she was a member of the Obama Administration as Champion of Change for Arts Education. Throughout all of this, she has time for her husband Daniel Gillies, who she married back in 2004 and has two children with. No one will ever say Rachael is someone who doesn’t like to stay as busy as a person can be.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Still Buffy in the Hearts and Minds of Many

No one can ever forget Sarah Michelle Gellar’s 90s defining role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are very few characters that define the era like Buffy. That’s why no matter how many other roles she takes on, Michelle is always known as Buffy. She has continued acting and supporting various charities that are close to her heart. In 2002 Michelle married Freddie Prinze Jr, and they have two children together. She and her husband are still routinely landing acting roles in between taking on the most important role of a lifetime: being a parent. The Hollywood power couple somehow seems to juggle fame and family without the two ever colliding.