Do You Remember These Major Emmys Surprises and Snubs?


When you have the Emmys you always expect some sort of cool surprises and some snubs too. These are normal in the show business world, and that’s something you should expect more often than not. Here are some great blunders and surprises from the Emmys in recent years.

  • Jeff Daniels won an Emmy for the best actor in 2013, surpassing a lot of people that were actually expected to win. Even the actor himself was surprised about this, but in the end he figured out a way to create a funny speech without having to worry about the surprise. It was still a shock and something unexpected for a lot of people.
  • Steve Carell didn’t score any wins with The Office in 2006, even if his show ended up being super popular. The fact that he had 6 nominations but didn’t really get any of the rewards was a bit surprising and a snub for a lot of people that wanted him to win.
  • Patricia Arquette won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series and she did manage to win quite a lot of other awards. But the first Emmy that she won was certainly a shock and it did end up cementing her career quite a lot.
  • Angela Lansbury maybe has the longest record of 18 nominations for an Emmy with 0 wins. It does happen to get nominated and not win, but for some reason Angela didn’t really stick the landing even if she did have good results.
  • Jerry Seinfeld also didn’t get a single Emmy during his career. His co-workers on the show did end up winning an Emmy, but he did not. Which is very strange, because he was the leading man. But it’s one of the things about award shows like this that you can’t always understand!
  • David E. Kelly created some great shows and he won two major categories in 1999. That’s hard to do, especially the Best Drama and Best Comedy. That’s unheard of, so it did end up a surprise as you can imagine. Other series were not rewarded and his did, which was an obvious shocker for a lot of people.
  • Lisa Kudrow got nominated 6 times. But as you can imagine, it’s hard to win one even if you have a lot of nominations. She did end up having a win after being nominated 6 times.

It’s easy to see that not everyone nominated will have a chance to win an Emmy. It’s very challenging to win one, but with a lot of trial and error and lots of work, this can be done. It requires commitment for sure, but in the end it’s nice to see that there were some surprises. Yet on the other hand, there were also some staggering situations when people did not win after having a lot of nominations. That’s what happens with awards, it’s really hard to know when and how you can win, which is extremely interesting!