Exercise needs Personality traits- Do you own it?


Envying around the one who follows their schedule for exercise, well, that’s not the time for same. It’s better to step up and rise and shine, following around what they can do without questioning or wondering why you can’t? But wait, studies say, for all those exercise fiends there is one personality trait which is seen in common. So, do you have that one to make your dedicative try? Or are you capable enough to make it work or develop?

Being a planner is the right magical personality trait which needs to be owned by you before you even drive yourself into the course of exercise. It is what all that makes the difference.

As per the studies conducted there was examined a connection between the exercise habits and the personality traits of the people scheduling it. Within 20 weeks, the tracked habits gave a heads up for who carries the right trait. It showed that the ones who made plans were more likely to follow the gym regularity than the other participants. They had an agreement to the statements of goals, clear plans, etc and showed more satisfactory results than the others on-board.

Amidst the study, there was also one other important thing found. It showed the detail level in the plan for exercise was of not much impact over the participants who went to the gym often. It means, it’s a myth for who says, “the more detailed you are, the more follow through the ideas will be”. The detail and simple were all same herein, as for what mattered herein was, were they the planners?

Is there a connection between planners and consistency?

Well, yes there is as for the planners are the one who thinks and process and moves ahead towards the goals just as they wanted to follow through the same. They take abstract ideas like timely gym and follow it by breaking it all to small achievable tasks. It can be either an early alary or packing at night the gym bag. Either way, this is one means to progress as the planners are easily able to adjust to their goals and keep adding new ones with the initial achieved.

To be precise, planners can even project the results of their achievement of goals and their future focus results. They just look at the silver lining to all and know the thing once achieved will be the best of all. 

“They don’t skip, they accomplish, within days or months, clearing through is the idea”

If you ask is it easy to be a planner, yes is the only answer as one can become the same and increase its likelihood for the achievement of the long-term goals. But wait, is it that easy? Nope, it isn’t and there needs a proper dedication, plan, follow-through, adjust and begin from time to time. Just take out your planners’ book today and start a focus over the future results you want to see in your hands.

“Start it today, without a delay”