Five Things Brazilians Do Better than You


Brazilians are known for many things – their generous warmth, vitality and sensuality. It comes with being from one of the most unique countries in the world. Brazil has experienced little external influence from other nations; because of this, the Brazilians have developed a unique style and way of life that is all their own.

The Brazilians carry with them an innate sense of enjoyment, and they know how to focus on the right things, live in the present, and have fun along the way. Every city celebrates Carnival, and Brazilians love their music, dancing, and food.

Brazilians lay claim to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they like to enjoy them. The beaches attract sun-loving Brazilians to play sports, socialize with others, swim in the water or just catch some rays. Whether you join them at the beach, visit at their homes, or meet in town for a meal, the Brazilians will show you how they live their favorite phrase, “no stress.”

Here are five things Brazilians do better than you.

Brazilians are friendlier.

Imagine going to a foreign country and being surrounded by thousands, no, millions, of really great friends. Sure, they are all acquaintances, but unlike so many strangers on the street and riding public transportation back home, the Brazilians will take the time to be helpful and look out for you.

Part of the Brazilian way is to be curious about others and engage them in conversation. Don’t be alarmed if perfect strangers come up to you and immediately strike up a conversation . . . in Portuguese. If you don’t speak Portuguese, they may switch to another language, or they may continue right along in Portuguese. Brazilians love to talk, and they see these conversations as a way to be friendly. They may even interrupt you while you are speaking.

Even in business situations, Brazilians prefer working with an individual with who they can build a trusting relationship instead of an anonymous corporation. Brazilians will try to be courteous and helpful, too. If your arms are full and your look like you’re carrying a lot, they will offer to hold something for you – an item, your bag, whatever. This is true on public transportation as well. Someone will always offer to hold your bag if you are standing up.


You’ll see the same courtesy and helpfulness in other areas as well. You’ve become lost and can’t find your destination? A Brazilian will take the time to make sure you know how to get there. A Brazilian with food will offer to share with you.  It’s true hospitality; how could you feel anything less than welcome?

That’s what any good friend would do for you, and the Brazilians know how to be a great friend!

Brazilians exude genuine warmth.

There’s no faking it for a Brazilian. You will the object of genuine warmth. Brazilians will accept you for who you are. Just as they are comfortable in their own skin, they are comfortable with you in your own skin, and they expect that you are, too.

Brazilians will not rush past you as if they didn’t see you. They are kind to each other, and they will be kind to you as well. They will stop, take their time, and look at you directly in the eye . . . for a long time. The Brazilians have discovered that holding eye contact is a great way to engage with another person, strike up a conversation, and maybe a relationship. They are confident in themselves, so eye contact is an easy first step in getting to know another person. If you are uncomfortable with eye contact, you certainly may find yourself uncomfortable around a Brazilian who will drink you in with his or her eyes. Avert your eyes from a Brazilian and you will have missed an excellent opportunity to meet a new lifelong friend.

The Brazilian warmth extends to public displays of affection (PDA). Going beyond cheek kissing, a Brazilian will link arms with you, pat your shoulder or arm, and even hug you. Couples demonstrate PDA in restaurants, at parks, and on the beaches. Their sense of personal space is much smaller than yours, and if you step out away from the physical closeness, Brazilians will consider you rude.


You can expect that Brazilians will show you some serious “carinho” (affection). They tend to stereotype Americans as “cold” in relationships, likely due to the American aversion to prolonged eye contact, lack of PDA, and limited displays of emotion. Ultimately, Brazilians genuinely like people, and they demonstrate this affection through warm gestures.

Brazilians are direct and expressive.

The directness of the Brazilians will either offend you or charm you. With a Brazilian, there is no wondering about a relationship. The Brazilian will tell you, respectfully of course.

You’ll find that Brazilians will be direct in discussing subjects, whether it’s a relationship, a business proposal, or if a particular color looks good on you. However, they do not want to be called out in front of others; you will be putting their professional and social standing at great risk. Hold these direct conversations in private.

You will know if a Brazilian likes your hair, finds your laugh amusing, thinks your eyes are amazing. Brazilians hand out compliments often, and you will delight in the flattery. Best of all, it will be honest flattery, not insincere fakery meant to get something from you.


Brazilians are more forward in initiating contact, and they are confident of themselves.  Brazilians will let you know their emotions, and how they are feeling. After all, isn’t it best to know exactly where you stand in any relationship?

Brazilians demonstrate real patience.

It’s likely that you are the kind of person who is in a hurry because you have great responsibilities and a lot of work to do. In your world, it’s all about efficiency and multi-tasking in an effort to get as much done today before more responsibilities and work fall on you tomorrow. Eventually you’ll get it all done, and then you can relax.

The Brazilians will tell you, “No stress.” They create a work-life balance that you dream of one day having. They hurry less, take their time in everything, and are truly present in the moment. Time is flexible, and things will get done when they get done. Brazilians enjoy the journey even more than reaching the destination. They have built a culture around enjoying the present.

Brazilian patience pays out huge dividends. As a whole, Brazilians experience less stress, and they are less likely to get sick. Brazilians are enjoyable company because they aren’t worried about other things while they are with you.


Because they have balance in their lives, they are more likely to be spontaneous when it comes to planning for most things.

Brazilians are more playful.

Brazilians know how to create the right balance between work and play; they love to play, and are able enjoy a variety of leisure activities without experiencing any guilt of what they “should” be doing.

If Carnival is any indication, Brazilians know how to party. With parades, music, dancing, beautiful costumes and food, what’s not to enjoy at these five-day celebrations just before Lent begins? However, Brazilians love throwing parties throughout the year, and they will invite you to their celebration even if they just met you and only recently struck up a conversation with you.

Accept the invitation (dress nicely and take a gift) for a delightful time; you’ll likely spend the time laughing, talking, and dancing, as well as eating tasty food and enjoying either beer or the Brazilian national drink, caipirinhas, which are made with cachaça (Brazilian alcohol), sugar, and fruit.

The Brazilians have a protocol for serving beverages from a larger container, such as a bottle or pitcher; the server fill up everyone else’s glasses first, and his or her glass last, whether it is a first drink or refreshing the glass multiple times. It’s how friends treat each other!

Brazil is a diverse and complex culture, and overall, Brazilians are known for their friendliness and warmth, their affinity for candor and patience, and their sense of playfulness.


It can be easy to stereotype a group of people. Just like not every Brazilian is a Victoria’s Secret model, not all Brazilians will demonstrate these traits all of the time. In general, though, most Brazilians will do these five things better than you.

We’d all do well to have a little Brazilian empathy, compassion and patience for others.