Grocery Stores Are The New Red Carpet – These Crazy Outfits Are Proof


When did dressing up for the grocery store become a big deal? Well, we live in a world that promotes creativity, freedom of expression, and independence. We may not put on our loveliest gowns and suits every time we have to do a grocery run to buy milk and diapers, but we will make sure we look decent.

Though this may be the case for most people, there are some who treat every grocery store dash as a red carpet event. We get it, they want to look nice, but one look at the pictures below and you’ll be wondering why they went so over the top when all they need is a packet of chips or some household staples like fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Like any good red carpet event, there are a few outfit wins and some epic outfit fails. Either way, if you happened to wheel up to the counter about the same time as any of these lovely ladies, you would probably glance down and rethink your own outfit. After all, grocery stores are a vital part of our communities – they provide us with the things we need to survive along with all the ingredients we need to create social events. So, why not dress up a little and make the shopping itself a social event?

Smoothie Operator

@RimaNelli is a certified health buff, and when she wants to have some fruity nutrients, she’s not satisfied with just one serving. As a matter of fact, as this photo shows, she is looking for another health drink while sipping on a nutrient-packed smoothie. Keep doing you, girl.

We admire your healthy options, and we envy your fit body. From now on, we’ll reject the alluring call of chips, pizza, ice cream, and other unhealthy snacks. And after some contemplating, we’ll start spending more time in the aisles that hold all the healthy options. Then the hope of looking like Rima sparks might be less of an impossible dream.

Aisle of Fame

Speaking of getting famous by going grocery shopping, this lady got a shot at fame thanks to her desire to reach whatever candy is on that top shelf. It must be pretty tasty to be worth the effort to reach it. Apparently, she’s been looking forward to treating herself with some sweets all day.

Little did she realize that she also won some attention for her appealing outfit. And we have to agree – her pink polo top and white pants make a stylish combo.

Twinning in Pink

Do you agree that nothing beats a mother and baby in bold matching outfits? Twinning in an off-the-shoulder sweet pink suit, this mother and daughter pair win the grocery store as far as we’re concerned. In fact, they’re good candidates to be models for whatever items they buy. Another thing that caught our attention is the mom’s discipline in maintaining her fit and toned figure.

Honestly, it’s hard to recover your pre-baby figure after giving birth. With that in mind, we salute all mommas for finding time to take care of themselves and their bundles of joy. We just hope this woman buys more produce and diapers than carbonated beverages!

Bright and Cheerful

If this is a ticket-winning counter, we’re sure a lot of customers would flock to the area to claim their prizes. Kids and kids at heart always set their eyes on the prize, and this lovely lady seems so excited to get her goodies that she cheerfully posed for a snap. We like the way her rainbow-colored shirt complements the bright toys around her.

More than the colorful photo, it’s the positive vibes that got our attention. Not all customers are pleasant, and we understand that their moods may vary depending on the environment and their activities for the day. But this girl radiates positivity and we support her.

Why Not?

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand what made this moment photo-worthy. At least we can tell from the look on her face that this woman was in on the supermarket photo shoot. And if this is how she wants to dress to grab her cheese and salad from Walmart, then more power to her.

We’re thinking that maybe, just maybe, she was in too much of a hurry to put on pants and decided to just head straight to the supermarket as soon as she woke up. Though her legs might be cold, she still looks ready to take on the day!

Beautiful in Blue

Blue is one of the most beautiful colors. In fact, just a five-minute look at this color has been proven to calm your senses. Perhaps this is the reason why this young woman opted to dress up in blue. Though the outfit is stunning, she’s pretty dressed up for a trip to the grocery store to buy Arizona Iced Tea!

This shopper definitely took red carpet energy to the iced tea aisle. We’re starting to wonder if we should pick up our grocery shopping game and upgrade our wardrobe choices!

Egg-staring Contest

If this isn’t @LaurenDrainFit, staring in the egg aisle and pondering whether she has any eggs left at home, then we clearly don’t know our Insta models well enough. We wonder whether she’s comparing brands, hunting for organic eggs, or having an internal dilemma as to whether she should be buying eggs in the first place.

Regardless of the decision-making process she’s in the middle of, we are in awe of this woman for her ability to strike a pose while gazing at eggs. Does it really take that long to decide? Maybe she’s particular with the size, color, and quality of her eggs?


Truth be told, the advent of technology brought breakthroughs and made the impossible, possible. Take this photo as a possible example. Geometrically speaking, the dimensions don’t add up. But, let’s give this woman the benefit of the doubt as she might have poured hard work into achieving her enviable figure.

Whether the picture is edited via Photoshop or not, at the end of the day, who cares? Either way, it seems this amazing shopper turned plenty of heads in the Walmart aisles. Also, if she’s happy and content with her body and looks, then so be it.

High Heels, Please

Isn’t it amazing how resourceful this stylishly dressed woman is with her high heels? This chic lady clearly needed to get to something on one of the top shelves, and she wasn’t about to let her short stature get in her way.

Amazing, right? Though you might think of shopping as an activity best suited to comfortable shoes, a lot of women have been spotted strutting the aisles of Walmart in high heels. These stylish ladies win our vote of confidence, especially when they walk in pure grace, showing no signs of discomfort and fatigue. Indeed, women rule the world, even in grocery stores!

The Best Things are on the Top Shelf

So many shoppers on this list had to reach up high to get to mystery items on the top shelf. Probably because the good stuff is always up there, right? They call good quality things “top shelf” for a reason! We’re taking notes of this grocery shopping hack, and we hope to find more of the best deals, even if that means putting in a bit of extra effort to reach them.

We just have to be choosy with our outfits as it seems whenever you’re reaching for a top-shelf deal, some sneaky photographer is waiting to capture you in the act. And we don’t have the confidence to expose our toned legs and flat tummy as this brave woman does!

Grocery Shopping Like This?

When out grocery shopping, most shoppers tend not to worry about their fashion choices as it’s hardly a glamorous event. This woman, by contrast, decided that a stroll to the local convenience store was the perfect opportunity to strut her stuff. She’s taking time picking her favorites in the beauty aisle…obviously.

What caught our attention is her tight leather pants (which actually look good on her). Perhaps this picture could even start a new grocery shopping tradition. What do you think?

Candid Shot For Insta? Or Something More Sinister?

There are shoppers who are particular with their grocery outfits, yet unmindful of the attention that they get. Take it from this woman who probably didn’t think twice about the outfit she chose for this shopping excursion.

We bet she cruised around town in this outfit, and we’re sure she turned a lot of heads. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, if she wasn’t aware that this photo was being taken, then it’s downright creepy. We can only hope she asked a friend to take a candid shot of her shopping to add to her Instagram. Otherwise, why on Earth is someone snapping pictures of her from behind like this?

Prom Ladies

Are these lovely women siblings or a mother-daughter duo? It’s a little hard to tell, but what we can say is that they are definitely bringing red carpet energy to the produce aisle. If they’re not headed to a red carpet event, our guess is they’re headed to a costume party and they’ve taken their inspiration from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.

We suppose they’re picking up party supplies. Perhaps some cucumber, lime, and mint to make cocktails? It was sweet of them to allow the photographer to snap their picture. And they sure know how to strike a pose!

The Lace Dress

Needless to say, the produce aisle offers an abundance of healthy options – from green leafy vegetables to fresh fruits that provide the nutrients and vitamins we all need to thrive. This shopper is proof of the benefits of shopping in the produce aisle. She couldn’t be more classy in her lace dress as she draws stares from all corners of the grocery store!

In fact, she’s so dolled up it almost looks like she could be out shopping for healthy snacks after her wedding reception! At least she’s committed to her healthier and greener lifestyle. We envy her fit body and we hope we can look as awesome as her the next time we go to the mall for some grocery shopping.

Tennis Diva

It’s hard to tell, but this woman looks a lot like the famous Williams sisters. If she’s not Venus or Serena, perhaps she’s a sister or cousin we haven’t heard of? Whatever the case may be, she is certainly super fit and her outfit is definitely reminiscent of something you might see on the tennis court. In fact, it would make more sense on the tennis court than in a supermarket!

One look at the man’s face behind her and you can see that she got his attention. But, she seems unmindful of the looks she’s getting from fellow shoppers. Instead, she’s preoccupied with her music and fresh produce selection.

Miss Goofy

With her game face on, this young woman is ready to brave the streets and showcase her surfing skills. Shopping cart surfing, that is! This is one of those pictures where the more you analyze it, the less sense it makes. Maybe she was just goofing around with her buddies inside the supermarket to create some fun Instagram shots?

Nevertheless, this shopper undoubtedly drew plenty of attention by showing some skin and sticking her tongue out. Okay, let’s go with the idea that this is just one of those moments when we try to act like a fool but still manage to look cute. Way to go, girl!

Celebrity Shopper

Kylie Jenner, is that you? As with any celebrity, we expect the youngest self-made billionaire to look every inch the glamorous queen she is, even in the aisles of Walmart. Wait, Kylie Jenner in Walmart? Why not? The famous entrepreneur looks chic as she shops for her favorite household items.

By the way, celebrity sightings in grocery stores are more common than you might imagine. From looking glam to donning their simplest clothes, the stars make grocery shopping a normal/fab routine, and we can’t wait to see more of them on the list! Keep reading, folks.

Blame the shorts

The face of the guy in the background is blurred from the doubletake he did when he saw this attention-grabbing lady. She seems to have taken her fashion sense from the woman in the previous picture, only she added a pair of thigh-high white boots to accentuate the barely-there shorts.

Let’s not forget the fact that her white tee is snapping some necks, too. With assets like hers, it’s likely she draws attention wherever she goes, even when she’s dressed conservatively. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

A Happy Shopper

We have a question: Have you ever tried eating at the hot food bar at Kroger or Whole Foods? If not, it’s time to visit your local branch. It’s such an attraction, and seeing and smelling all that delicious hot food gets you nice and hungry before you sit down to enjoy it. Moving forward, this charming shopper says “hello.”

So why did we include her on this list? It seems that, like our last innocent shopper, someone decided to snap a picture of her because they liked her outfit. Only this girl was observant and decided to confront the sneaky photographer. At least she seems to have a good sense of humor about the awkward situation.

Eccentric Style

There’s a Walmart in Seiyu, Japan that’s famous for crazy fashion sightings. The store is presumably the locale for this shot. Although she seems to be 100% preoccupied with her food selection, we’re sure most of the shoppers around her are distracted by her fashion choices!

Those tears in her jeans are oddly placed, but you have to appreciate the effort she went to in patching the holes with fishnet stockings. As they say, fashion is art and art is fashion. We’re trying our best to convince ourselves that this woman has created a mobile work of art out of the back of her jeans. And though we admire her creativity, we won’t be emulating her style any time soon!

The Undecided Shopper

This young lady exemplifies a shopper who can easily get confused on her final choice of drink. While she was looking for a healthy water alternative, she was disrupted by the whisper of the Coca-Cola behind her on the bottom shelf and realized that healthy drinks are far too boring.

Of course, it could be that all this indecision is actually a calculated way to snap a “candid” shopping snap. She definitely looks like she dressed for the occasion. Which has us wondering again – why have grocery stores become the new red carpet?

The Sneaky Photographer Strikes Again

At this point, we’re left wondering whether there are creepy people stalking the aisles of supermarkets snapping shots of attractive shoppers, or whether these ladies have dragged a friend or boyfriend along to take candid shots of them perusing the shelves. Either way, this new trend is downright bizarre.

How do you feel about it? Are you going to follow the fashion trend and bring a photographer with you on your next trip to the produce aisles? Or will you start looking out for grocery store paparazzi? We’re thinking we might have to do both!

Speaking of the Little Black Dress…

If we were to interpret this woman’s reaction, she’d say: “I showed up today in my pretty black dress to be photographed and I feel beautiful. Deal with it.” So be it. Her outfit is bangin’. The only question we have, once again, is when did the supermarket aisles become the new red carpet? And how did we miss the memo?

Though she’s taken some time out for a happy snap in the store, the Redbull in her hand suggests she’s out for more than just a quick photography session. We hope she had fun wherever she was off to next!

Lilac on Lilac

What on Earth would convince someone to match lilac with lilac? This woman clearly thought it was a good look. Though, of course, there’s a more pressing question than her color choices – is that a beanbag she’s sitting on?

Whatever is going on in this picture, we can say one thing – the woman certainly knows how to make herself comfortable. On our next Walmart trip, we’re considering seeing if we can get ourselves one of those electric scooter + bean bag combos to zip around on!

Short Shorts

It looks like this girl discovered she’d run out of vitamin water on laundry day. With little choice, she had to grab the only clean shorts she had left and pop down to the grocery store to restock. Thankfully she had some stylish stockings to complete the last-minute look.

Lesson learned: plan your outfit of the day and match it with the occasion/event that you’re attending. Otherwise, your odd outfit choice may be snapped by a fellow shopper and you might become instantly famous online! At least she’s making a healthy drink selection, ensuring her nutrients are taken care of for the day.

Oozing Confidence

Though some of these ladies grabbed attention because they were over-dressed for the supermarket, this next woman could actually use a bit more coverage!. We’re all for freedom of expression in every aspect of life, fashion included. However, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed – one of which being the line that separates your legs from your butt!

Freedom of expression (be it style or thought) is highly encouraged in the modern world, but let’s not forget that we must be accountable for our actions. We certainly salute her confidence but we feel like both she and her fellow shoppers would be far more comfortable if she chose some shorts that actually fit!.

Ashlee Simpson – Is That You?

Trust us when we say that that there were several boyfriends and husbands getting pinched by their girlfriends and wives in that Walmart store for staring at this woman. However, the girlfriends and wives were soon the ones staring as they collectively wondered, “is that Ashlee Simpson?”

The pop diva may have been out of the spotlight for quite some time now, but it’s clear that she can still draw attention. The thing is, she’s had so much plastic surgery now that it’s hard to tell if this is the real Ashlee Simpson or just a beautiful lookalike. Either way, she definitely made a scene in the bread aisle!

Big… Biceps

Here’s another disproportionate body that could well be an edited photo. Though her biceps certainly look real, her other body proportions seem insanely out of whack. Let’s change the topic. This woman is totally rockin’ her white and pink body-hugging dress while on her grocery shopping mission. Did you notice she perfectly matched her nail polish to her dress? Now that’s attention to detail!

We have to give her credit for her exceptionally toned body as well. We’re sure she’s religious in terms of exercise and diet. And this photo demonstrates how particular she is about the foods that she consumes. We envy you, lady! We hope we’ll one day be able to have the same discipline and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. We’d surely appreciate any tips, especially on how to look fab in a supermarket.

Another Celebrity Sighting?

A little black dress is every woman’s fashion essential, and if you ask Vanessa Hudgens, so too is a little red romper. This superstar knows how important it is to dress for the occasion, even when that occasion is nothing more than grocery shopping.

Still, she looks amazing as she turns her head upon hearing the familiar click of a camera’s shutter. Perhaps we should all take a cue from Vanessa and start heading to the supermarket ready for unexpected photo sessions?

Nutella Fan

Did we mention that Nutella has created headlines recently? And the reason is hilarious. Since the moment it first appeared on shelves, Nutella lovers have been pronouncing it Nuh-tella. And why wouldn’t you? After all, its name is derived from the nuts that are the main ingredient, right? Well, according to a recent press release from its creators, Nutella is meant to be pronounced New-tell-uh. Why? Just why?

This female shopper appears to be such a big fan of the famous hazelnut cocoa spread that she’s grabbing not one but two bottles. She seems unfazed of the controversy, and her jacket makes a stylish fashion choice. The one thing we don’t get is why she’s reaching up for a jar from the top shelf. Surely all the jars are exactly the same?

Crazy Customer

Ask any grocery or convenience store clerk and they’ll tell you they meet customers with all sorts of personality quirks, from friendly to rude, kind to downright crazy. The lady pictured here fits on the happy, carefree end of the spectrum, making herself right at home on the glass counter of the convenience store.

Though she’s clearly just having a bit of fun, the cashier would have been happier if this customer knew her convenience store etiquette. Hey ma’am, the management appreciates you patronizing their store, but sitting on the glass countertop is prohibited and the management needs you to get off that area asap. Thank you!


There are times we cannot help ourselves and we have to give in to our cravings, even if that means munching on a sweet treat before we’ve paid for it. This photo of siblings or friends who decided to unwrap their favorite popsicles and eat them in-store is proof that we can break some rules when grocery shopping. They are going to pay for those, right?

Of course, they will! Otherwise, they’d end up in a whole lot of trouble with security – and it’s definitely not worth getting arrested over an ice cream craving! We have to admit, we’ve been in this situation many times, and some stores don’t take to kindly to this sort of behavior!

Walmart’s Fairy Godmother

Meet the colorful fairy godmother of Walmart making her rounds all glammed up. She visits various stores each year, spreading joy and randomly decreasing prices. We bet her traditional Mexican dress serves as the ultimate attraction stealer. Yep, it’s her purple frock that draws in all the good vibes.

We can imagine how cheerful this woman must be as she strolls around the supermarket. That said, we hope to meet her one day and ask her for a bit of friendly advice on how to score great deals in the grocery store and look fab while doing it. What do you think?

Mane Attraction

When you’ve got it, flaunt it! Obviously, this is what happens when you’re proud of your long and luscious hair. This lady must have been taking care of her precious locks for many years. We can’t help but wonder when her last haircut was! However she styles it, that crazy long mane of hair is sure to draw attention wherever she goes.

At least, she has a unique way of presenting herself. Such an attention-grabber, right? Surely all that hair has to be heavy though. We wonder how she handles it when she’s also loaded down with grocery bags.

An Odd Uniform Choice

We’re thinking this Walmart salesperson should have chosen a different career path. She could pass as a model, right? Her bright smile and cheerful eyes say it all. And it is nice to see that she is enjoying her work, despite the fact that she sometimes has to deal with rude customers.

Though her outfit may be fashionable, it seems a strange choice to wear to work in Walmart. But you have to appreciate the effort she went to in ensuring her nail polish matches her Walmart tunic!

Wet Pants

Unlike the first few shoppers we’ve met, most people don’t pay too much attention to their looks when they head into a supermarket. When all you’re doing is picking up household items, it’s easy to just throw on something comfortable and get on with it. This shopper, however, has taken relaxed vibes to a whole new level.

Surely she’d have to be able to feel that something’s not right! We can only hope it’s been raining outside and she sat on a wet park bench. The alternative is unthinkable.

Hot Pink Pants

The first outfit on the list has left us speechless. This lady is loud and proud in her fashion choices, even when she’s just stopping in at the grocery store. Her super-tight bright pink pants and crop top make it hard to avoid staring. Indeed, someone even felt the need to snap this picture.

She’s checking out the healthy greens in the produce aisle, and it makes sense. Now we understand why she looks so fit and fab! Considering how crazy some of the outfits to come are, this is actually a pretty nice place to start.