How Lady Gaga Stays Fit


Lady Gaga hit the music scene in the late 2000s and hasn’t stopped going full force into everything she does on stage and off. When she is not performing, she is writing music, acting, or promoting her own makeup line called Haus Laboratories. How does she keep going and stay fit both physically and mentally?

This superstar seems to have an endless supply of energy. And, as a woman facing her mid-life years, she easily keeps up with and runs circles around those half her age. She has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Here are some of her secrets to staying fit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Healthy Food
For starters, she loves to eat healthy foods. She keeps a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand at all times. She keeps a colorful array of options such as kale, Swiss chard, ginger, limes, berries, and the like. She also likes to snack on nuts, whole-grain pretzels, and when she has a hankering for potato chips, she opts for baked chips.

The Secret Of Five
Lady Gaga listens to her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak who has set out for her a five-factor diet. Her meal planning consists of five meals a day. Each meal contains five ingredients from five food groups.

Stay Hydrated
She also drinks lots of water to keep her body hydrated. She makes sure she always has water on hand during rehearsal time and throughout a show. She also drinks tea, fresh coconut water, and green juice that is made with kale, spinach, celery, and cucumbers.

Everybody has a down day, and even though Lady Gaga follows a strict healthy diet, she sometimes feels run down. But, she doesn’t stay down for long. She makes herself a hot drink of fresh turmeric, ginger, and lemongrass to boost her immune system. Food and staying hydrated is just the beginning of how this mega star stays in shape. She maintains her petite body structure to keep it well toned by working out at least five times a week for at least 25 minutes. She maintains this rigorous schedule even when she is on tour. She is known for bringing two custom SoulCycle bikes with her when she is on the road. She enjoys Pilates, and bicycle crunches, skater lunges, reverse crunches, lateral dumbbell raises, and overhead dumbbell extensions as well as seated Russian twists. Additionally, she enjoys swimming laps before a show.

The Mental And Spiritual Side
Lady Gaga also does yoga on a regular basis. She also seeks professional help whenever she is feeling a mental struggle. She realizes that she constantly battles anorexia and bulimia that snuck up on her as a teen. She is open about her struggles and admits that she regularly mediates to stay inwardly focused as her eyes are closed to the world for at least 20 minutes. She says that the meditation helps her deal with pain, and she also finds time to sit down and pray often to deal with daily stress.