Just after the photo of her revealed nipple was deleted from Instagram, Madonna slammed the platform’s restriction practices, calling them “animosity and misogynistic.”


She was getting the truth out. Madonna quickly began expressing her opposition to society’s hypocritical norms for discrimination when a picture of her bare nipple was taken down from Instagram.

On Thursday, November 25th, the 63-year-old musician posted on Instagram identical seductive photos that had earlier been removed from the site.

The sexy clothes star used a love symbol to hide the “part of my nipple” that’s been revealed at this moment.

She wrote on Instagram: “It still amazes me since we come from a nation where each part of a woman’s body is allowed to be displayed apart from her nipple.” “As if that were the only sexually exploitable aspect of a female’s physiology.” The child’s nipple! Isn’t it possible to find sexual pleasure in a guy’s nipple? Is that like a female’s private parts that are not even restricted?”

The “Sensual Girl” musician continued by stating that she struggled with discrimination for over forty years, long before Instagram existed.

She added, “Showing appreciation, I have attempted to keep my integrity amid forty years of restriction……. racism, age discrimination, and misogynistic.”

The music star’s fans swiftly defended her, writing “FREE THE NIPPLE” all over the comment box.

One individual remarked, “Freedom of speech and expression,” while the other one said, “End to sexism.” “Essentially, we ought to be able to demonstrate our bodies,” somebody else added. Kate Beckinsale utilized Madonna’s revealing images to joke about her daughter Lily Sheen, whom she raised alongside ex-Michael Sheen.

The Underworld actress ultimately allowed her daughter in on every fun with her daughter’s permission. “It’s Madonna,” says the narrator, laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever done something like that before. She chuckled, “I can’t even imagine you can’t identify your own mother’s anus lying beneath the couch.”

Beckinsale, of course, shared an image of the interaction on Instagram, and the dialogue quickly drew a large number of smiling symbols in the response area.

Selma Blair chimed in, writing, “I could sense that’s not you.” Lily Sheen is also an outgoing person. Madonna, I notice, is also quite accessible.