Kanye And His Act 2 Video


Followers may see a snippet from Act 2 of Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, which premieres Wednesday on Netflix nearly 20 years ago; his breakout 2004 record, The College Dropout, was published. The video will be presented in three showcases “acts,” the first of which, titled “Sight,” will premiere at Sundance and in cinemas on February 10 and be distributed on Netflix on February 16. Act 2, dubbed “Purpose,” was released Wednesday on Netflix, with Act 3, Awakening, debuting on March 2 on the streaming service.

Fans may see a snippet from Act 2 of Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, which premieres Wednesday on Netflix, almost 20 years after his breakout 2004 album The College Dropout was published.

In the outdated video series, Wet and partner Jamie Foxx discuss the premise behind his music, Slow Jamz. Before publication on February 10, 2004, the College Dropout recording was made over four years, from 1999 to 2003. Slow Jamz features Foxx, and the video begins with Kanye West being questioned about whatever the track’s title is, which he discloses to be Slow Jamz.

Breyon Prescott, the second composer, phones Jamie Foxx and asks West to “explain to him whatever the premise for this track is.”

My premise for such a track is correct; the women are trying to be like, ‘I get where you’re heading with this idea, but all this rhyming, however, mostly I require um… I’m simply looking for certain slow s**t. I’m in desperate need of duties. Do you get what I’ve been trying to say? ‘ West clarified.

Foxx stated that he and Prescott had just finished chatting about it when they started performing the tune for Foxx while West began rhyming the lines. The scene switches to a video of West in the studios, where Foxx is practicing his phrases and asks him how much further he wants to go.

Speak; anything pops up when you hear it. ‘Do you understand what I’ve been trying to say? In the box, West informs him.

In a recent interview, Simmons and Ozah explained why they didn’t fulfill West’s request. “Your suggestions are always appreciated. We’ll utilize that feedback and make the most of it as long as it’s relevant to the picture and the aim that we’re attempting to achieve,” Ozah remarked.

Even as the video concludes, Foxx records his lyrics while West turns his head to the song, and Foxx continues to play.

The College Dropout debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 album chart and went on to earn quadruple platinum certification in 2020.

Slow Jamz was the first #1 success for West, Foxx, and Twista on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts. Coodie and Chikie directed the Jeen-Yuhs film, which Netflix purchased in May 2021 for an estimated $30 million.