Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: Angelina Jolie Talks Playing the ‘a Little Crazy’ Maleficent


Angelina Jolie is quite happy that she is coming back in a Maleficent sequel. As she already stated in multiple interviews, the story was great but there’s definitely room for a sequel and the ideas that can be used here are quite staggering and very interesting. The movie is nice because we now see Elle as a woman and that alone has its fair share of challenges that bring in more levity to the story. That’s a great approach and it certainly pushes the boundaries as you go through with the story itself.
Why Angelina Jolie likes the character so much?
Let’s face it, Angelina Jolie wanted the sequel so bad and based on the box office numbers, it was clear that a sequel was going to be made eventually. In this case, the Mistress of Evil story makes a lot of sense because we finally get to see Maleficent deal with Elle growing up and there’s a lot of levity related to the story and how everything unfolds from a creative standpoint. To make things even better, Angelina Jolie is at a time in her life when some of her children are going to college.
So she feels the same emotion like she does in the movie. That certainly makes it easier for her to understand the feelings Maleficent has and the story is certainly getting more and more interesting because of that. There are obvious challenges related to portraying such a character, but when you have so much in common with that said character the lines are becoming very blurry and it will be quite the issue at the end of the day.
It’s a very distinctive story and one that makes sense for Angelina Jolie’s journey in life at this time. To make things even more interesting, the entire story relies on the things that Jolie goes through, and it’s very creative and emotional at the same time.
The dysfunctional family
That’s maybe the best thing in Maleficent, the fact that they are all a dysfunctional family and despite all of that, they are actively trying to make the most out of it. That’s what really matters, the fact that you can actively push the boundaries and make things work in a very powerful manner. Angelina Jolie likes playing Maleficent too, because she’s very playful, all while bringing a bit of craziness into the entire experience. You certainly need that, and it will constantly push the boundaries and make it work in a distinctive and creative manner no matter the situation.
Overall, Angelina Jolie seems to be very excited for the Maleficent sequel and the story they got to tell. There’s quite a lot of stuff to be explored here, and the fact that it blends so well with the lives of the cast and the world around us is staggering. We can’t wait to see what Maleficent will do this time, so check the movie out when it releases very soon!