Megan Fox Opens Up About Her Darkest Time in Hollywood


Every job has its dark times. Even being a movie superstar comes with its fair share of challenges, and you really need to find a way to make this work in a unique manner. The interesting thing about Megan Fox’s career is that not many of her movies were a cult hit. Recently her movie Jennifer’s Body turned 10 and she got to talk with one of her co-stars named Diablo Cody about the movie, the time that passed since then and what they did since that point.

The struggle in Hollywood for Megan Fox

According to Megan Fox, when the movie came out it was picked apart by a lot of critics. Yet that wasn’t really a problem for her. At that time her primary focus was to try and figure out some of the most important things in her life. The main issue she had with Hollywood was the fact that she was objectified and sexualized. The Jennifer’s Body marketing was clearly focused on that, which was not that good for her especially at that time.

It seems that Megan Fox had to deal with that in her personal life all the time. It was so damaging to her because she did end up struggling with her own success. In fact, she even had to deal with a breaking point, which brought her to the end of the line in some ways.

She was done with handling all this negativity and just wanted to find a way to relax and enjoy life or cherish the moments right in front of her. With this industry sometimes you just don’t get to do the things you like, and that can be very problematic, it can lead to a struggle that can be very tricky to eliminate from your life.

How did motherhood change her?

Now Megan Fox is feeling a lot better about her and the life that she has. And that’s mostly because she became a mother. Growing and becoming an adult helped her get past the struggles of being objectified. By becoming a mother, she got to have a new point of view and that really helped her eliminate the struggle as she found new ways to enjoy life in a clever and powerful manner. It was never about knowing how to manage everything or how to deal with her life in a clever manner. It was clearly something to consider and one of the better things that she could always do in her life.

Thankfully, Megan Fox has 3 kids with Dan Maurio now and she doesn’t have to worry about that struggle anymore. But it does open up our eyes to the idea that Hollywood will use any type of situation in order to make money. It even takes objectifying a person as they try to earn a profit from that. Actors will still have to struggle with these situations, so it’s important to understand the process itself and learn what it takes to deal with such a problem. Most of the time, industry growth and role diversity will help. Or in Megan Fox’s situation, becoming a mother did bring in the much-needed change!