Michael Buble Says He and His Wife Luisana Lopilato May Have a Fourth Child in the Future


Michael Buble says he and his wife Luisana Lopilato may have a fourth child in the future, but there’s no guarantee it will happen. In an interview, the singer revealed that they have yet to decide whether they will have more children. Currently, the couple has three children together; Noah, Elias, and Vida.

Luisana, 34, said that her husband, Michael, 46, had very little input on having a fourth child. However, she said that it’s cute to think that he has a choice in the matter. She added that he would love to have another child, but she added that it will happen in good time.

‘Buble-Lopilato have talked about having more children but have not made a decision about it yet.’

Michael Buble and his wife Luisana Lopilato said that they are still discussing adding another child to the family. The couple is so happy with their three children and has not started the discussion yet. The Canadian singer said that he loves being a dad and is content with the number of children they currently have. He added that he has to look at the kids to know how much he loves them.

He added that the three of them have a fantastic relationship with each other, and there’s nothing more he could ask for. Michael said that having three children is a lot of work, implying that another child will be even more work. He added that the couple would have to look at the pros and cons of having another child.

Michael and his wife Luisana Lopilato are happy with their three children

The couple already has enough kids, but they may want to add another one because they’re so in love. The singer said that this is the happiest he has been in a while. He added that he is glad he has married Luisana, and being a dad to their children makes him very happy. He said that he loves his wife and children very much, and they’re the air that he breaths.

Michael said that his wife Luisana is the only woman he wants to be with, so even though he is happy with his family, he can’t help but think about her. He added that having another child will happen when the time is right for them. Luisana said that the kids are growing rapidly, but they still have time to decide if they want another child.

Michael Buble is ready to become a father again

When interviewed, Michael Buble’s wife said that Michael is ready to become a father again. She added that she is more than ready to have another child, and they are in the working stages of it. She said that she wants to make sure that she is at a place in her life to give birth to another child, but she is not going to rush things. She is not worried about having another child because she knows Michael and their children would be a priority in their lives.