Netflix Will Soon Air A Musical About Princess Diana


Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the terrible news about Princess Diana. It’s hard to imagine that she has been gone for so long. It must be so unbelievably hard for her children. The world is still morning the loss of this beautiful soul, and there isn’t a year that goes by where a new generation is introduced to her. Princess Diana wasn’t only royalty, she struck a chord with so many people who saw her as a beacon of hope. Princess Diana lives on, and she does so in so many different ways.

Netflix is about to show the world a different side of Diana

A musical had been in the works about Princess Diana’s life for quite some time. There had already been numerous documentaries and books written about her life. A musical? That’s new territory, and that’s why Netflix seemed to be so interested. The streaming site is undoubtedly the king of producing content that the world can’t get enough of. The fact that Princess Diana is on their radar says quite a bit. It says that the public is still hungry for information and anything that has to do with Princess Diana, even though she’s been dead for over twenty years.

It’s about more than preserving her legacy

Someone could rarely touch people all over the world the way Princess Diana did. People didn’t see her as English royalty, but one of their own. There is often a disconnect between royalty and the people below them, but make no mistake about it, Princess Diana didn’t think she was above people. The common person had a stronger connection than the rich and famous did with Princess Diana. It was like she could tune into the problems and concerns of people and feel their pain. No one felt that she was talking to them from high above. A finger on the average person’s pulse was the strength of Princess Diana, and that’s why she is so revered to this day. Her legacy doesn’t need preserving, her story needs to be told, and that’s what it’s all about. Time can’t tarnish Princess Diana’s legacy since it is flawless as the morning dew is pure.

First, it was the stage, and now it’s on Netflix

It’s funny how things work their way to Netflix. Some may have seen the Princess Diana musical on Broadway, but most probably haven’t. For the first time, people can now learn about her life in a new and entertaining way. The musical follows her life in a way that a documentary can’t. Every minute that passes, you feel as if you know another side of Princess Diana. It isn’t long before the viewer has a firm grasp on everything that made her great. If you’re unfamiliar with Princess Diana, the Netflix music will introduce you to a woman who was unlike anyone who ever came before her. Those of you who followed Princess Diana’s life and untimely death will enjoy connecting with her in an artistic manner that does justice to the extraordinary life that she lived.