New year photos of Halle Berry and Van Hunt


New wedding with the new year? Recently, Halle Berry posted her picture with her mate Van Hunt; celebrities believed she was coupled with Hunt, and Berry then made her intentions clear. 


On January 2, Sunday, Halle Berry posted a new snap with Van Hunt, with the caption; my mate and I were just enjoying New Year’s Eve. Thanks to all the people for warm wishes; it is really heart-touching! Well! It’s official now; the Internet is no longer invincible. 


A recent Instagram post of Halle Berry has raised many questions about the status of her relationship. 

On January 1, Saturday, one of the X-Men actresses shared a picture set on her Instagram account influenced by many celebrities, especially Taraji P. Henson, Naomi Campbell, and The Rock. They thought that Berry got hitched with Van Hunt during vacations.

She shared the picture in which both were kissing each other with a fantastic view behind; she wrote that now everything is official between them. After viewing the first picture, congratulations for the couple started coming fast.

Henson showed her excitement by congratulating the couple. She said that she was pleased with Benny’s relationship.

The Rock further wrote to congratulate the couple.

Campbell wished her fellow celebrity by saying that May God bless this relationship.

But the second picture somehow indicates that Berry may be joking at the moment instead. The words “it’s 2022” were added in the smiling photo of the couple; it shows that both are partying at the beginning of the new year instead of the new marriage. 

One of her fans commented that I was really happy until I swiped right. 

Another fan added that she is still unmarried; the second slide clearly shows that.

There was no immediate comment from the actress’ representative on E! News arrival. 

Berry affirmed that she was in a bond with Hunt in September 2020. At that time, she posted a picture on Instagram in which she was dressed in a shirt with Van Hunt’s name on it and wrote, “Now ya know….”

In the past, Berry tied the knot three times. From 1992 to 1997, she was wedded to David Justice. She tied her knot with Eric Benet from 2001 to 2005, while from 2013 to 2015, she was in a marriage with Olivier Martinez.

From her past relationships, she had two kids. She had a 13 years daughter (Nahla) from Gabriel and 8 years son (Maceo) from Martinez. 

In a heart-warming speech at the fourth annual black cinema and television festival in December, Berry spoke about ending all her previous relationships by finding the love of her life. 

At that event, she addressed Van Hunt in the audience by saying that you are the one who supported me and completed me. She added that she had never met someone who had boosted her morale and inspired her to be her best version.