35+ Photos Of Bald Celebrities Back When They Had Hair

Do you remember a time when celebrities didn’t always have perfectly styled hair? It seems like nowadays, stars go to great lengths (pun intended) to make sure that their hair looks perfect at all times. You can even find many celebrities rocking a bald look. Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson are a few of those names. But it wasn’t always this way. Many of these famous celebrities rocked some pretty bold hairstyles back in the day! We’ve gathered some photos of these ‘now’ bald celebs when they had hair that was anything but tame. Check them out below!

Bruce Willis

Were you able to recognize this man? It certainly took us a second glance to realize the person in the picture is actually the famous actor Bruce Willis! This was him back in 1987 with a head full of hair, looking as handsome as he does now. Look at him now! Bruce let go of his hair for his role in the movie Pulp Fiction, and even with the hair on his head all shaved off, he has managed to own the look completely. It seems like being bald was specially made for him. He definitely helped a lot of men gain the confidence to go fully bald.

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

The rock is one of the most famous bald actors in Hollywood who acted in movies like Jumanji and Red Notice but did you know there was a time when he used to have hair on his head? In this picture, you can see him rocking his slicked-back hair. This actor, who was also a professional wrestler, had brown curly hair, decided to chop them all off and rock the baldness. He is known for his signature look of having a clean bald head along with a French goatee. Dwayne confirmed on Twitter that he went bald due to his own personal decision.

Samuel L. Jackson

This picture of Samuel L. Jackson was taken back in 1994 and the only difference in him then and now is that he is bald; otherwise, this man clearly doesn’t age! This actor is known for being sassy and cool, and his looks definitely match his amazing personality. Why did the Marvels Nick Fury star decide to get bald? Well, he talked about his hair loss and how uncomfortable it was for him to go through that process when everyone else had a head full of hair. However, Jackson decided not to let that affect him and ended up going full bald.

Jason Statham

Can you believe that the person in the picture is actually the cherished celebrity, Jason Statham? We couldn’t either, but it most definitely is the fast and furious actor. Back in the days when the movie revolver came out, Statham had long locks of hair; however, that isn’t the case anymore. Looking at the perfect shape of Jason Statham’s head, you can tell that being bald does not bother him at all. He explained that his hair was getting thinner as each day passed; hence ended up getting all of his hair removed. Nevertheless, this action film’s star makes bald look badass.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul, better known as Jesse Pinkman from the show Breaking Bad, is someone who for sure is everyone’s favorite. Paul never let his hair long; generally, he always kept it at a shortcut. However, he decided to switch it all up and go completely bald, which we’re not complaining about. Paul didn’t get a squeaky-clean shave. Instead, he opted to let some very small hair stay on his head which ended up being his signature look. He got this done during the production of breaking bad, and being bald was his own idea which undeniably worked out for him.

Michael Jordan

Who doesn’t know this guy? The GOAT basketball player who is now a brand. Due to his hard work and dedication he earned the success he enjoys now. But did you know he had a head of hair when he used to play for the University of North Carolina. However, till he reached Chicago Bulls it was just a goatee and shaved head that he rocked. Well actually it was the game that he rocked but we can add his look to the list as well. It was NBA that helped Jordan found his sense of style.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is a well-known actor who spoke about suffering from Male Pattern Baldness. In the sitcom Cheers, he made his breakthrough as Woody Boyd, who played the bartender. His hair loss had not yet become noticeable back then, and he still had a good amount of go hair on his head. Harrelson follows a vegan diet completely, but it appears that even with a strong health focus, this diet did not help him with his hair issues. However, Woody wears the bald look with absolute pride and does not care what anyone else thinks about it, which is something we admire about him!

Vin Diesel

The list of men rocking the bald look cannot be complete without the mention of one of the most loved celebrities, Vin Diesel. You’ll be surprised to know that Vin wasn’t bald since always, as the picture above proves that he had a head full of curly hair once upon a time. The Fast and Furious franchise actor is famous for his bald look for all the right reasons! He confidently rocks the shaved head, which has now become his trademark. He stated that he shaved his head due to hair loss but has now grown to love his style, and honestly, so do we!

Sean Connery

This may remind you of 007 movies. However, we just wanted to show you how Sean Connery looked with a head full of hair. He was the first actor to play the role of James Bond and gave us the character we all love to watch on the big screens. No matter if Sean Connery is with hair or without, he was always charming. We all miss the masterpieces he gave to the industry and what a wonderful artist he really was. All the seven 007 movies he played in were the ones that made this franchise a blockbuster.

Damon Wayans

Yes, this is Damon Wayans with a head full of hair. It may take a while for you to recognize him but you surely will. He entered he showbiz industry in 1981 and is a gem of an artist in every genre, be it comedy, acting or writing. Can anyone look at this guy and say that he is 61 years olds. Yes, you can look it up and will find his real age. This guy hasn’t aged and is rocking the bald look for decades now. We all want to know his secret for such a young look.

Ed Harris

Edward Harris is a popular American actor, producer, and screenwriter known famously for his roles in The Truman Show, The Westworld, and Apollo 13. As you can see in the picture, Harris always had little hair on his head. However, the actor was rocking the 80’s hairstyle very gracefully. As his career got bigger and bigger, his hair got thinner throughout those years as well. However, he still has still has some hair on the sides with a clean shave in the center, which has turned into his iconic look. He stated that he got offers to cover up his baldness during shows but rejected them.

Terry Crews

Terry Crews is an actor that undoubtedly everyone loves due to his positive personality and a good sense of humor. Apart from being incredibly fit, he’s also known for his signature bald head. But did you know that terry crews previously had black hair, which he wasn’t a fan of? The Brooklyn nine-nine actor, in an interview, talked about how he genuinely doesn’t like his natural hair, nor do the people around him do. This is what led him to shave his head completely and go for the bald look, which he himself absolutely loves. We certainly aren’t complaining either.

Patrick Stewart

It is surprising to see this British actor, best known for his role in star wards movies and Professor Xavier in X-men series, with hair on his head. Looking at the picture of Stewart with a head full of hair just doesn’t feel right since we’re used to his smooth hairless head. Like some other bald actors, Patrick Stewart also told his story about having male pattern baldness. He explained that his hair loss started at a young age, due to which he faced many difficult life challenges but eventually accepted his fate and started owning and loving his new bald look.

Kevin James

Kevin James has multiple talents; he’s an actor, screenwriter, and also a comedian. James always had a short hairstyle that suits him quite a bit, if you ask us. However, this American star showed off his fresh new bald look in recent times, which shocked everyone. There was a reason behind his new look, which he spoke about in an interview; he stated that year by year, he was losing huge chunks of hair, which he tried to cover up by experimenting with different hairstyles and products but reached his limit and took it as an opportunity to go entirely bald!

J.K Simmons

It was a bit difficult for us to find any evidence of J.K Simmons with ah head full of hair. However, this was the closest we could get to prove that he had hair. This probably isn’t his hair but this is the closest we can get. This is bald look of our favorite news chief editor from the Spiderman entries. He absolutely rocks the bald look and those who doesn’t think like this can never be a part of this band. That adorable smile of his and the bald head makes him look cute as well.

Michael Keaton

Yes this is Michael Keaton with a head full of hair in his early days. Not many of you have seen him in this look. This picture is from 1985 just before the Batman was released in 1989. He was the first actor to play Batman on the big screen. We all know who classy and great Keaton looks with a bald head. Be it a positive role or a negative, villain role, Keaton rocks all of them. His appearance is enough to tell you about his character. This bald look is his best and it is going to stay like this.

Stanley Tucci

This is Stanley Tucci in the first Captain America and was the scientist who gave the character we all die for today. Looking at this anyone can guess that his hairline is declining and how he is going to look in the future. From our point of view Tucci looks better with a bald head. The light facial hair and the glasses compliment his personality and style. Yes it is the same scientist who successfully experimented on Steve Rogers and later emerged as the Captain America. He retired from fashion model but he could do it better now with his style.

Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne has been seen trying out various combinations of head hair and facial hair. There are multiple looks of his that many of his fans are familiar with. However, this is one of his look that not many people have seen him carry. That is Fishburne with a bald head in 2001. After this his tradition to try multiple looks ended and he has been seen with a bald head now everywhere. We think this suits his personality the best and looks classy in this style.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is handsome no matter is he bald or has a head full of hair. This is one of his signature look and widely appeared in this. No facial hair and head full of hair is what suits Tatum the best and that smile to compliment his style. We know it is a controversial opinion but here is fully shaven Channing Tatum. This is his Coach Carter look, trying to resembling a younger Brad Pitt. However, we hope we never see Brad Pitt with a shaved head. It is something no can imagine. We all love how he carries his hair.

Zach Galifianakis

Here is our favorite Hangover actor with a head full of hair and rocking a thick beard. In Hangover he may be looking a bit messy with a head full of hair but we love his clean style and look like a Russian Mafia boss. This is how he came into the third part of the Hangover series. With this all of a sudden he can be in the next Fast and Furious entry or in a Bond movie. If with this bald look we would love to see him in the Fast and Furious series.

John Malkovich

Yes this is Malkovich in the 80s rocking his facial hair and head hair look. John Malkovich is one of the finest actors this industry has ever received. Winning several awards, Malkovich is in inspiration for many. However, in this picture we can see something going wrong. Having some facial hair and left with a little bit hair on his head as well, Malkovich is looking amazing in this style. Not only his hair but we love his accent too when he reads the dialogues. Not a fan of the scarf pattern but a great fan of him.

Steve Harvey

This guy is always going to our favorite. It doesn’t matter if he has hair or is bald, his personality and wittiness is what we all are a fan of. However, we do like how he has carried this crop cut with his signature mustache. In these both pictures only the hair has changed. The smile and the mustache are going strong. The Family Feud host may have ditched his hair but none of us want him to ditch his game. His personality and sense of style is just remarkable. We just can get enough of him.

Mark Strong

Yes, this is Mark Strong from Zero Dark Thirty. You may be thinking this is not the guy you are fan of but trust us this is Mark Strong with a head full of hair. He is a great British actor and we all are a fan of his acting skills. For Strong, the shave really makes his look change. From our point of view Strong looks a lot better with a bald head. Be it a TV show or a movie, Strong is not a name but also how good he absorbs his character and present it.

John Travolta

Travolta has carried a combination of both bald and full head of hair. No matter what look he carries, he looks great in both. He came in public attention in the 70s through his appearance in a TV sitcom series. This is from where the John Travolta rose to fame. Travolta has a great hairline it is just that he keeps shaving his head. I guess he likes his shaved head look more and that is understandable. We also love how amazing he looks with a shaved head. We have had enough of this head full of hair look.

Billy Joel

Debuted in the music industry in the 80s, and gave a bang. His song Piano Man was a super hit and performed it in a full head of hair. He is popularly known as the “Piano Man” after his signature debut song. Now he is the king of the music industry. Be with a head full or hair or a bare head, Billy Joel will always be our favorite. Still rocking the stage with his classics and is an experience to be there for his performance. However, he has grown some facial hair and gives him a bossy look.

Taye Diggs

Many of you know Taye Diggs for his thousand watt smile, but not many have seen him in this look. This was Diggs early days look and resembled Akon a lot. Many people even requested him to sing “Smack that” but he refused their request and disappointed the Akon fans. Since he started losing his and got a little bit scared. Therefore, he decided to shave his head for once and all. Well that is a smart move to avoid hair fall. It is better to just shave the head as there is no treatment for natural hair fall.

Ben Kingsley

Yes, this is Ben Kingsley with a head full of hair. We know what you are thinking but this is the look he carried when he starred in the Oscar winning role in Gandhi. However, it was the script of the movie that demanded him to shave his head off. The rest is history and this look is the one we’ve majorly seen Ben Kingsley play his roles in. Soon after the Gandhi, he accepted his bald look and worked to grow his facial hair. The bald look suits him better and gives him a great look.

Billy Zane

This is one of the early days of his life when Billy Zane has a head full of hair. He carried some thick arched bangs and was the crush of many women in the 80s. Looking at his thick, shiny hair it doesn’t look like he lost them due to hair fall. However, Billy Zane was one of many actors who embraced his bald look in the early 90s. The bald look suits him better with his face structure and his quirky smile. Rumors claim that while working in Sniper his bangs were coming in the way of his scope so the director asked him to shave his head.

Jonathan Banks

Earning one of his major roles in Beverly Hills Cop in 1984, Jonathan Banks was seen with a head full of hair. In addition, his role in the series Wiseguy earned him his breakthrough in the industry. Well rest is history. No one can imagine how Breaking Bad would be if Banks was not a part of it. His role in the series played a major part. But would he have been selected for the show if he had a head full of hair? The role suits his bald look to be honest.

Alan Arkin

Before being an Academy Awards winner Alan rocked short black hair look. This with black hair look of his helped him earn many roles in films. Not only an Academy Awards winner but Alan has several awards under his name for his acting skills and contribution to the industry. Losing his hair didn’t have any effect on Alan’s career even a bit. Be it a head full of hair or the bald look, Arkin rocked every style. The bald look just helped get more mature movie roles, what a lucky guy he is.

Howie Mandel

Debuted the industry in early 80s and emerged as one of the most Canadian comedian. Mandel gained popularity through his six-year on St. Elsewhere playing the role of Dr. Wayne Fiscus. This was his one of the most famous works and had a head full of hair during all this. Battled OCD and anxiety later in his and decided to shave his head to keep a check on his mental health. What he didn’t know that it would become his signature look. Be it Deal or No Deal, Mandel’s bald look is loved by majority of his fan.

Jon Cryer

If you’ve watched Pretty in Pink, you would recognize the beautiful long hair along with a clean shave that Jon Cryer had back then. He played the role of Duckie Dale, who had a crush on Andie, played by Molly Ringwald in that show. His long puffy hairstyle made him pretty famous during that time. Cryer also played Alan in the famous show Two and a Half Men. He explained how he had hair loss during the filming of that show, which was covered up using different materials to give an illusion of hair. Now, Cryer has embraced the natural bald look which he carries with neat stubble.

James Spader

The young man you see in the picture is actually James Spader. This was him back in the old days when he was a cast member of Pretty in Pink alongside other celebrities like Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy. We’re so not used to seeing Spader with a head full of fluffy blonde hair. James Spader is best known for his role as Raymond Red in the series The Blacklist. It’s easy to recognize Red’s classic look with the head hair shaved off and the three-piece suit. He doesn’t have any hair loss issues and decided to shave off his hair as personal choice, which clearly suits him.

Robert Duvall

Here’s a picture of a young Robert Duvall, who we all know and love looking as handsome as ever-the only difference being that here he has a head full of hair. You can see his hairline had started to recede, and by the early 1970s, he lost a lot of hair. Robert has been open about his hair loss problems and how his hair thinning and breaking out started from an early age which eventually led to completed baldness. This American star happily owned his baldness except for when he had to wear a toupee during the filming of The Godfather.

Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis includes in the list of actors who are hard to recognize with their heads full of hair. In the picture, you can see Michael sporting a mop of brown hair in the 1980s which definitely does suit him; however, if you ask us, we prefer the balder version of him! The story behind the Fantastic fours Ben Grimm’s baldness is quite sad. During the filming of “You Can’t Take It With You,” he used greasepaint on his head instead of the usual powder to portray male-pater baldness. Unfortunately, the greasepaint damaged his hair follicles which ultimately led to baldness. Moral of the story: Don’t use greasepaint.