Private Illinois Funeral- RIP Juice WRLD, says the world


The sudden death of this young Rapper Juice WRLD has put the world to lament around for this loss. At the age of 21, he got laid to rest and he received the Private Illinois Funeral.

Everyone had their word to say and so did his mom. She says, she loved him, may his soul Rest in Peace. How hard it might be for a mother to speak that? We just can’t even imagine understanding the woman emotionally. She said, no matter how early his son left her, she will still remember him forever and he will stay close to her heart like always and that she will have that special bond till she’s alive.

Jarad Anthony Higgins, this was the real name for Juice WRLD. All his friends and family gathered together to say him goodbye as they put him int the open-casket, funeral.

December 8th was such an abrupt day for this rappers family, friends and all the fans around. He had seizures and was rushed to the Chicago’s Midway Airport. He was conscious on the way but at that local hospital, he just died. 03:14 a.m., this young soul received peace from this world.

Everyone around had their message at the funeral. They quoted it well with their verses. For them, he will always be that one person who brought happiness to people around. Some missed their talks while some brought forward the conversations on phone like his Grandma. She said how he would end up the conversation saying, “I miss you, Grandma”.

It was so emotional how everyone put their part with which came in a program of this young man black-and-white portraits, with collages and expressing loves.

As per the reports received, Juice WRLD private jet was confiscated and the FBI was extracting drugs from in there while the rapper had his seizures.

No perfect reasons have been declared for people around the death of this person remains unknown. There are varied medical studies to be made before any strong evidence as for his death is being published.

It was sad to know though from his mom that he was a drug addict and was battling through same. She said her son was “Drug dependent and addiction knows no boundaries. It just keeps impacting beyond a fight.”

At one of the music awards, this young heart was tribute with the title of “Kindred Spirit.” Therein the award show people, especially Minaj had a lot to talk. She said, “it was a pleasure to work and tour around with Juice WRLD.” She expressed how he asked her to remain calm and made her feel so. She was surprised but she did receive her part as a matter of calmness.

It just all about time. Today we have them, tomorrow or the next moment we don’t. We just don’t know, when it would be last. For all the ones expressing their love and gratitude, would they have said such names, gave those titles in his presence possibly the person would have been around but guess sometimes we don’t know what the other one struggling hard through and this is where it all ends.