Tattoo art gone bad


The stories when a certain tattoo is done are endless. The can be done when someone is in bad shape, drunk, the artist makes a mistake, the tattoo does not come out as supposed, a bet is lost and many other. The tattoo is something permanent and although there are treatments to remove it, there is a scar at the place that will always stay there. however, there are some cases when no treatment or procedure can help and there is absolutely no solution for them. Take a look at some of the most extraordinary tattoo cases:

Lopsided Scull Bottom

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Here’s a perfect example of a tattoo where you don’t really know whether it is a win or a lose situation. So, depending on your aesthetic perception of it you can say one of the 2 things here:

  1. This is an amazing tat, it shows an unconventional approach to art and to a human body.
  2. Why is it lopsided? why so huge? Why on the butt specifically? Why do her buttocks look like to holes? What is she puts bigger pants on? Is the scull going to look like it’s wearing a coronavirus mask?

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We do not know what colonel Sanders would say about a tattoo like this. Maybe he would be flattered.

Yes, that is probably going to be the situation. After all, some people would disagree with the message given in this picture. It is everybody’s independant choice what the priority in their life is.

Over The Top?

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Now, the tats themselves are not bad at all (with a possible excention with the one with a baby’s face on the lady’s hand, it’s incredibly hard to portray people accurately even on paper or canvas, let alone human skin).

It’s not even about the tattoos, but about the amount of them on the lady’s body. Althought, just like in our first photo, different people might think differently about it. Some will think that it’s way too much, and the natural beauty of a human body is hidden forever in this case. Or you can say that this is art that makes the girl even more beatiful. Both points are absolutely valid.

Holy Cow…

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Now, the only question that occurs when seeing this one is ‘What the HECK was this dude thinking?’ Like, honestly, imagine him at the age of sevenly, surrounded by his 5 year old grandkinds somewhere on the beach, for example. How on Earth is he going to explain this after he takes his T-shirt off?

The worst part is that his belly button actually looks like a naturally-formed stomach black hole. You need to look twice to see that the tattoo artist painted it black, creating this horrible optical illusion.


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Why is the water around the shark red? Ok, because it just ate a bunch of other people, I got it. Why is it bleeding from its nose then? The only logical answer is that the baby refused to give up without a fight. And it is only after both of them threw some punches that the toddler was finally defeated and eaten, which is great: the baby is quite evil-looking, and in this sityation I’m definitely on the shark’s side.

The Best TatToot Ever

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Again, when you see something like this amazing piece of art, the only possible question is ‘Whyyy?……’

Oh and a nice detail: if you look closely, you will see that it is a girl who decided to get this tat, but the person IN the tat is most likely a dude and a Metallice fan. Maybe it’s a portrait of her boyfriend/husband?…..

Bad nipple tattoo

Nipple tattoos and nipple piercings are delicate and painful thing. But there are people who like doing them and there is nothing wrong in it. Whether we like it or not, this guy here has done something like that and is obviously proudly showing it off. The tattoo says it all. There is the face of the cow and the piercing goes right through the nipple. It does look like real, but it is surely disgusting. This is something that no one would like to see. See for yourself!

No regrets

Well, at least it should have said that right? Having no regrets is a strong saying that speaks for a determined and conscious person. However, this tattoo here says something different. The spelling is wrong, which completely ruins the point of tattoo. Next, the font is too big for the arm and very intense. Who has done this tattoo anyway? Whose fault is this? Is the artist illiterate or is the person getting the tattoo to blame for giving him or her misspelled word. The damage is done so maybe this tattoo should be permanently removed.

Oh my…why?

Let’s hope that this thing isn’t permanent. Since it made our list, is certainly is. And as you can see, there is a girl involved. Seeing something like this might even raise some serious questions about the state she was in when getting this tattoo. Because it certainly is not normal. How would any girl want a smelling turd painted on her back? And how would any guy like seeing this on this girl? If this was supposed to be humorous, than it isn’t. this should be removed immediately, no matter the pain.

Dark Marilyn

The love for Marilyn is world-wide and she is recognized as a celebrity from the past. Although her beauty was stunning and appearance caught the eyes and the hearts of many popular men back in the time, rare are the people who have dared to get her tattooed. Even if that was true, the artists today are capable of providing a nice tattooed of her. However, this is not a case of such artist. The picture here is very bad, as well as the ink and the skin condition. All in all, total miss.

Ninja nose turtle

And you have certainly not seen anything like this right? There is a first time for everything. This is Michelangelo and you know him from the Ninja Turtles squad. Well, this man obviously is obsessed with them because he has got him tattooed on his entire nose. The tattoo comes in ink, green with orange, with white eyes with everything. It looks like some worm is coming out from this man’s nose. It is really disgusting and unexplainable how someone can do this. And the story behind this tattoo will remain unknown forever.

Failed child love

Ok, this might look creepy as hell. And it certainly is. This guy has decided to tattoo a child’s head on his face. it is probably his child but the reason for doing this is unknown. Although the idea might have been good, the final result is terrible. The head of the child is too big for this man’s face, and it goes even on the earlobe. This is something scary to look at and the damage is irreparable. From afar, this man looks like a two-headed creature and would most definitely scare the kids.

Stupid fan
Whether this man wanted just to cite the saying from the famous song, or he is really a fan will remain unknown forever. As well as his bad tattoo. You can see the mistake here right? Spelling the name of the singer is wrong, and he even renamed him. This is so sad. Why don’t people get a bit more informed? There certainly are many similar cases like this, but John Bon Jovi became Jon Bovi. It is a bit hilarious, is it not? We hope that he got this removed or even corrected.

Checkerboard face
The length in doing this, the dedication and the desire must have been for this guy. Having your entire face inked is a huge thing. And even in doing so, why would someone decide to do a checker board? There are lots of nerves and sensors on the face, and going through this tattooing process must have been painful and even brutal. Since the final result is very bad and scary, the verdict is total fail. He looks like some prison dude who is terrorizing inmates and has done some murder that he is in for. Scary!

Drake’s #1 fan

Ok, Drake is mega popular. There is no one who does not love him. He is a talented music star and he has won many awards for that. His singles are best selling records and his concerts are being sold out within minutes. His fan base is enormous, from social media to the physical audience. However, this might be his biggest fan so far. You could see the dedication here right? Tattooing the name drake all over the forehead? But why? Sometimes the love crosses unpredictable boundaries.

Programming junkie

Another weird tattoo that someone can do is this one. We all know that the computer and programming are currently experiencing a boom in the department, alongside with the need of such personal. Kids are starting to learn computers at the earliest age. But this guy here is not a kid and he certainly did not do anything cool with this tattoo. Having a computer formula printed on your entire arm, from beginning to end, without really saying anything is a complete disaster. Very bad choice!

Did you mean courage?

So, when deciding to do some saying in ink, first of all, you need to make sure that you write it correctly. The tattoo artist will do what you give him. Second of all, the saying has to be true and it is preferable to have some meaning. In this case, the both things are a fail. The world courage is misspelled which ruins the tattoo and speaks for an illiterate person. Second, what did he want to say with this tattoo? It is bad enough with the spelling now with the meaning too?

Marry or merry?

To finish up, this is something that this guy will remember for the rest of his life. Nina is supposedly the love of his life and he is asking to marry her and does a tattoo to ask the question. If the answer was no, then this will stay as a lifetime reminder of his stupidity. Secondly, if she said yes, than he will have to do some corrections in terms of spelling. These spelling mistakes are most common and there really should be some literate person at the tattoo’s shop that will revise everything. Some things are meant for life and this one sure is. And it goes on the entire back, for everyone to see it, forever and always? very bad way to ask someone to marry you.

Playlist for ever

Just another big fail in the list of the biggest tattoo fails. Why would someone, among other things, tattoo a playlist with certain songs on their arm? There is absolutely no explanation for this. Would you listen only to these songs forever, or did he like them so much that he was afraid he was going to forget them? No logical explanation stands behind this playlist and this guy must be sorry for even doing it in the first place. The lengths people will go in their stupidity!

Favorite band

We all have certain singer or a band that we adore. That is mostly about their music and achievement in that area. But, who would in their right mind get them tattooed? Unless you are some kind of stalker or a psycho than no one. Well, this man right here on the picture decided that he will show the love towards his band with a huge tattoo. And it is done on his entire back. Green day is a popular band, that is undeniable, but doing the entire group in ink on your back? Not popular at all.

What is the story here? Let us go on a limb and suggest this. Jeb Bush is probably a friend from school. On a school trip, with lots of alcohol stupid things happen all the time. This is one of them. Having the name of the upcoming class president tattooed on your neck? Why? Is it some sort of campaign? Is it a bet lost? This has remained like that for this guy and he is certainly being asked too many questions about it. We suggest removing it quickly and forgetting it was ever there.

Mustache tattoo

OMG this is bad. Like really bad. How can this tattooing be a family tradition? That saying, inked in your moustache zone is something really stupid and totally uncalled for. Face tattoes rarely look good. And not to forget the small star here on the right. Why is it there? People really do not know what to do with themselves. Artists here must take into consideration serious counseling for the people who come with some extraordinary requests, like this one for example. This mustache tattoo will not be covered even with real mustaches.

New hot dog logo
From so beautiful tattoos in the world, why would someone do something like this? You see the point here right? Or at least you are trying to. Is this a new business that he was trying to advertise? The logo and the saying certainly display that. The hot dog is presented like man’s body, and there is even some ketchup involved. This colorful tattoo is an art, but not for someone’s skin. The message is send, just now we have to find out what happened to the business of hot dogs.

Meat obsession

This list seems endless with all the stupid and fail tattoos. We all love different foods, and we even have our favorite ones. But how can you tattoo meat on your back? And by meat, we mean everything – from wings, sausages to steak. Is this normal thing? It surely is not. And the art is so bad, like some kid doing a project in preschool. Another question asked is whether this person is satisfied with this and why has this tattoo seen the light of the day and came on social media. Total disaster!

Bike accident

Having a bike done as a tattoo is a cool thing. It can send different kinds of positive messages. However, the bike tattoo requires some precise circular movements and the artist has to have the hand for it. It seems that this artist did not do the right job he was supposed to do. This tattoo looks like it has been in an accident. Everything is bad and this artist really should be banned from doing more work. And as for the one having the tattoo…you should probably have it removed!

Star constellation

This photo tells it all. To decide to do a star constellation on your face and to end up looking like this is really horrifying. This must be a drunken night gone bad. The morning after must have been shock when this girl looked herself in the mirror. The constellation of this tattoo consists of stars, some filled with ink, some not. The art presents them as day and night stars. The idea of this tattoo is so bad because it looks like this girl has come from some movie and this is not a look that you want to see every day.

All Star all over

This is another example when something is being over-exaggerated and finishes in a bad result. Men do love sneakers and that is proven. Some of those men love the all star brand very much, precisely Chuck Taylor model. Well, this man had some much love and affection towards these sneakers that he decided to get his entire foot tattooed. As you can see, it now looks like a real sneaker. Whether the job is being done well or not, we will not get into it. The idea is bad and it looks bad.

No purpose

Just seeing this tattoo leads to straight question – what is that? No matter how long you look at it, the result is the same – no idea. What got this woman to go such thing is unknown. Taking a picture with her newborn baby and not doing anything to hide this tattoo, this is a complete fail. The round circle around the eye has no purpose at all. This is a tattoo that looks like someone was practicing on a doll, not a real human. For the sake of the baby, she should have it removed!

Australian patriot

Getting the point delivered rightfully is much better thing that having a total fail of a tattoo. For this guy, the idea was god but the execution was terrible. Ste stars are all different, the ink has a different color and what should present Australia as a country in a shape is not good. And not to forget the kangaroo you see there on the right. If done a little bit more thoughtful and with an advice of some professional, this might have resulted in a good tattoo with a good message. Now, it is a complete fail.

Disabled tattoo

This is another case when the tattoo is done on a nipple. Again, what is the message here? Is that you are the disabled one or you want to send support to the disabled ones? And why does it have to be done with a tattoo on a nipple. It is quite gross and no one would like to see it. There are many different way to send some message and this one just shows bad example and some might even feel offended. And as to the art itself, it is very bad and should not see the light of the day.

Britney breakdown

So , you are probably all aware about the mental breakdown Britney Spears suffered. The popular singer from the ‘90s was physiologically imbalanced at that certain point in time and the world had got all of what was happening then. Maybe connected to her divorce, maybe from some other reason, in that breakdown Britney shaved her had. So, one fan decided, in her support, to tattoo her shaved head on him. The result you are seeing it frightening and Britney’s head look like one from a horror movie. With all that blood around – yes just like out of horror!

Avocado Millennials

The love towards the avocado for the millennials has gone to a whole another level. Posting pictures of the lovely green avocado, or the mesh on the toast or the guacamole is not enough. Sometimes some people are taking it to the next level. And that next level is tattooing the avocado. But this is not some small cute almost invisible avocado. This is a huge avocado, parted just in the middle that instead of the seed has a skeleton head. This is totally unattractive tattoo and it probably comes as a result of some prank.

Aaron Carter has a medusa

Aaron Carter face tat
Aaron carter is known as the brother of Nick Carter. He is the problematic child in the family and is known for doing lots of troubles. In the heat of a certain moment he decided to go for a tattoo. This tattoo was not something meaningful and interesting. It was big eye-catching and totally not attractive medusa. And this medusa comes to the side of his entire face and continues down the neck. The tattoo artists who did that later told that Aaron was somehow possessed when he was doing the tattoo and if he has not stopped him, the entire face would have been covered in ink.

Human avatar

If you have seen the movie Avatar then you must known that those creatures have blue skin. This creature here also has a blue face, but it is human. And alongside this blue face, there is a piercing on the eye? That is something very dangerous to do and he might have suffered some major injuries from that stupidity. The tattoo is another story. It is mixed with green, and the only bare thing left is the top of the nose. It is weird and scary and not cool!

Tyson tribal

Mike Tyson is a former boxer that was extremely popular back in the time. In the peak of his career he was unbeatable. He even got more popular when he bit the ear of his fellow boxer on a match. Since then, he was connected with some stories about having a mental breakdown. And then one tattoo appeared. It is on her face and it does not seem that is a fail. This kind of tribal has certain point, but we do not know it. It looks that he is satisfied with it and that is all that matters.


There is a rule that is connected with the tattoos. They look bad when the skin starts to drop. That is why artists always suggest keeping in mind the look the tattoo will get on an old skin. Some people do not care for their advices and do not take that into consideration. The guy on the photo here is a real example. His entire face, head and neck are tattooed in some creepy things that now, when he is a grandpa look awful. He looks like a prisoner, to be honest.

Ice cold

Next in line of failed and stupid tattoos comes in the form on an ice cream. There are some lightning coming out of an ice cream, and the cone has “Brr” written over it. However you turn it, there is no explanation or any creativity here. What was the idea? What is the result? Why is this tattoo still visible and above all, why is it done on the face? Many questions and no answers. We hope this guy got his fare share of jokes so far. Very bad and cheap!

Oh no!

Why would a girl do something like this? Women are considered as clean and soft and they are supposed to always smell nice. And this tattoo shows something different. An onion tattooed on the armpit? How can anyone get this idea? This is so discussing that it is not even worth explaining. And the tattoee is bad. It comes in some weird colors and it is huge. We don’t not know who is to blame here – the artist or this girl who supposedly was looking to be funny? A failed idea and tattoo.

Damn this is bad!

Shellfish squeezing your nipple! Is there a more horrifying thing? How can a person in their right mind do something like this? The shellfish looks pretty live. The colors are right and the artistry is not so bad. However, the idea beats them all. It is positioned on the shoulder and goes over it and comes forwards to the chest. And the claw comes right around the nipple. What is the point here with this tattoo? It is original, yes, but stupid as hell.


Darwin said that the man came from monkey. That is the human evolution that is well-known and one of the theories how the man came on earth. Having a tattoo showing that evolution is something that is not seen every day. The message is good – the man came from the animal, but we are not animals. Since the point is right, do you need to ink that into the skin? For a matter of fact, do you need to present the entire evolution process? One thing is for certain – Darwin would be proud to see this.

Unfinished mermaid

There is not much left to say about this artistry here. There is some fascination about mermaids, but somehow women like them more, even little girls. They wear their costumes mainly because it reminds them of Ariel. But this guy here obviously had something different in mind. His artist did not get him right and the tattoo is unfinished. It is bad, it does not look good and it is like child’s drawing. Everything about it is bad and this is another one that should be hidden and removed.

Angry flying planes?

This is a tattoo on a girl, showing two planes. The panes are angry, pictured with teeth and angry faces. They are positioned with the fronts down, ready to dive in. where are they diving? That is questionable. Another questionable thing is what motivated this girl to do a tattoo like this. It is ridiculous, funny and open to lots of question behind which there is no stunning answer. All in all, this looks like a cartoon and its place is definitely not there.

Friends forever

We all got friends that are here for us and we are here for them. We may call them out on a social media and something but tattooing them on the skin is a whole another thing. This guy here, whether it was a drunken night out, or a lost bet, never mind, got three names tattooed. Everything is wrong with this: the position of the tattoo, the font, the letters, and the ink – just everything. And why would all names just lie there like that? It more looks like a kill list than friends forever appreciation tattoo. Or is it a leg? Cannot tell, the tattoo is that bad.

McDonald’s lover

No one in their right mind would do something like this. There is really no point in tattooing a receipt from a fast food restaurant. Whether this was done as some kind of revenge or not, it is still unbelievable. From the receipt, it can be seen that this is a Norwegian receipt and probably the one who got the tattoo is Norwegian. However, you look it there is no clear explanation for this. It is complete fail and absolutely pointless. Having your order entirely and for life tattooed on your hand is complete disaster.

Major misconception

Where to start when it comes to this tattoo? First of all, what was this man thinking? Second, he obviously does not know the entire story that this sing holds within because if he knew, he would probably changed it. Having it tattooed speaks of a person who is highly disturbed with some social things and is trying to send a message. Well, this message is not sent in the way he wanted. It is a total fail and some might find themselves offended and some will even laugh. And the white power underneath?