These celebrity children are nothing like their parents – they are the worst!


Children are the parent’s biggest treasure and happiness. While it may be hard to raise a child fair and square, the celebrities have even tougher job that the regular parent. Although they have all the money and advantages to offer to their child, they are also struggling with fame and spotlight. This is the part when the celebrity children usually take a wrong turn – start to enjoy the parent’s fame and do stupid things to get noticed. The number of those celebrity children is long, and so is our list. Take a look:

Porn star actress

The worst nightmare of one parent can be leaving to learn that his child has become involved in the porn industry. Well, the shock actor Laurence Fishburne had was exactly that. His daughter Montana has decided to try herself out in adult movies under the name Chippy D. She decided to follow her father’s step in acting, but certainly in different direction. This was immediately considered as a disgrace to the family name, and to make the things even more complicated, she has also been arrested for drunk driving in 2017. Since then, she is on probation.

Domestic Abuser

The domestic abuse is considered as one of the lowest and scariest part in the community called family. Since the world has taken very serious steps towards preventing family abuse, Nicolas Cage has been in the spotlight, not by his fault. The abuser in this case is his son. Weston Cage started his career path as a rock star, but then took a wrong turn and became the abuser in his family. This reflected both on his and career of his father Nicolas. From a prominent actor, he is now associated by the bad choices of his son.

The puncher

Coming from a prominent, respected and well-known family and having the last name Hilfiger should be associated only with good things. However, the son of the designer Tommy Hilfiger is not followed by a good reputation. Contrary to his father, he is causing some problems for the family. While being out one night in Miami, he was caught throwing punches and other objects towards a bodyguard. After that incident, Richard Hilfiger was immediately marked as a problematic kid. The social media was not sparing words and give him the nickname “The Puncher”.

Reckless driver

This might not to you so scary, but being a good and observing driver has a lot do with a person and how you act in traffic. Although women are known not be very good drivers, Hulk Hogan’s son is one of the men that falls in that category. His recklessness and thirst for attention has lead him to a bad car accident. It was not so bad for the car as it was for his passenger. Namely, Nick, hulk Hogan’s sun was the driver and was in the car with a friend, that after the accident was left with huge brain damage.

The drug addict

Another thing that a child can do to ruin his father’s career and put a bad spotlight on is being involved with drugs. This is the case with Bruce Willis’s daughter. Instead of him enjoying the time with his daughter, he has had some troubles. Again, wanting to be in the spotlight, his daughter Tallulah has earned some bad reputation in the media world, with nothing less than naming her a drug addict. And everything has started with lots of partying, late nights and drinking that lead her to seek help in rehab.

An addict son

Everyone deals differently with a loss of a parent. Some harder, some lighter, but life goes on. And if you are a kid of a celebrity, then all the attention is pointed right at you, and every step you make is followed by the media. After the passing of Farrah Fawcett, her son Redmond somehow fell off the trails. He did not cope well with his mother’s death and look the comfort in drugs. He started using heroin and became addicted on it, which lead to being arrested for possession.

Problematic kid

The list of the kids that are a dark mark in the families of celebrities continues with Nick Nolte’s son. And what to leave a bigger stain than using drugs right? Again, Nick’s son Brawley fell under the influence of proving himself as a son of a celebrity, not with positive, but with bad decisions. And the worst of them all are drugs. He was pulled over for the suspicion of DUI. This suspicion was later proved to be true which followed by a confirmed conviction. Not a good thing for the Nolte family!

The ultimate nightmare

The ultimate nightmare of a kid is most definitely Charlie Sheen. The son of Martin sheen has a long list of things that make him an undesirable son, and with that came his undesirability in Hollywood. The outrageous behavior, the domestic abuse, the divorce, the scandals and of course drugs make him top all of other children of celebrities on the list. The producers don’t want to work with him anymore and it is safe to say that they despise him. To add to the list, he has also been violent, with bad language and involved in many sexual allegations that make you want to stay away from.

Forever an addict

There is no single person that does not love Tom Hanks. With his marvelous roles in numerous movies, he has become one of the most adored actors in the world. But, the same cannot be said for his son too. Namely, there is nothing that destructs a parent more than learning that his child is using drugs. Chet Hanks has done exactly that to his father’s – he started using drugs, and has been dealing with it since then. This has reflected personally on his father’s career that still goes on.

Not a cool Iron-man son

Iron Man might be or not the best superhero in the Marvel franchise, but what made us love it was the irreplaceable Robert Downey Jr. His humor, appearance, sense of originality and skills have put him high on the list of the most appreciated actors in the history of the film. However, to put a shade on him was his son wo could not stay clear of drugs. Why the children of the celebrities always reach to drugs is an explicable thing. This kid even finished in prison at certain point. however, all is good now, fortunately.

Party animal

Excessive partying never turned out into something good. Especially if you a daughter of a celebrity singer. Jon Bon Jovi has experienced this situation on his skin, particularly with his daughter. While he was one of the most popular singers in 1980s, but his daughter certainly did not follow up. Stephanie Rose, was a disappointment for the family, especially for her father. She was partying too much, that in 2012 lead to her being hospitalized for overdosing on different opioids. Again, the drugs can ruin a life and a reputation too.

The prisoner

Besides drugs and pornography, ending up in prison is also a thing that ruins reputation, career and dissolves the family. Michael Douglas’s son have not been easy on his father, considering his long-term fight with cancer. Although has not been successful at all, he is currently serving a 5-year prison sentence. This sentence came from a conviction that was confirmed and stated his intent to sell and possession of illegal drugs. Whichever the reason he decided to this was unacceptable. The last info say that he is trying to make amends while in prison so we will see what the outcome will be.

Another reckless driver

The bad behavior of a child is not strictly limited to a successful parent in the TV and show industry. The famous sportsmen are also targeted by these type of children. While they have proven themselves as good and successful sportsmen, their children can ruin all of that with only one mistake. Driving under influence is considered a huge felony, so Joe Montana did experience some negative publicity considering the act. His son Nate was caught driving like that and sent before a judge. There, he plead guilty to a reckless driving and saved himself from a sentence.

A possible killer

Conspiring over plotting a murder might the be harshest thing that you can expect from your child. Some parent just cannot believe how from a prominent parent, that kind of child can turn up. This is the same exact case of Malcom X and his daughter. All his work as an activist during the civil Rights Movement was put into question when the world heard about his daughter’s intentions. Her violent nature and led to her plotting to kill his arch-rival louis Farrakhan. And just like that, his fight and lifetime work fell in water.

Wild son

This case is not as strong and notorious as the other kids in the list, but it is certainly not an angel and it is worth mentioning. This one has nothing similar to plotting a murder, divining under influence, or starting fights. This case involves spending lots and lots of money. What makes the situation interesting is that the money was not his. This is the story of Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, who spend over $35.000 in only one night in a club. In Las Vegas you can expect so much money to be spent in a casino, but in a club, for drinks? Unbelievable.

Racer under influence

There is no limit when it comes to using drugs. It is said that drugs make you do different unacceptable things, like driving a car over the speed limit. Case like this was recorded for Al Gore’s son, Al Gore III. He was pulled by the police for racing the streets with a speed of 100 mph over the allowed limit. To make things even worse, the police found drugs in his possession that all lead to him being arrested. After that followed multiples fines that he had to pay.

Unstable political son

Politicians are known to be tough and have enduring personalities because the political occupation is hard. Sarah Palin, well-known for everybody, found that she is not so tough when it comes to her family. Her son Track obviously could not handle the pressure and was involved in serious domestic abuse. To make the things even worse for his mother and family, he also tried to commit suicide. The explanation about the suicide was that these thoughts came because of suffering from PTSD while serving in the Army. While he is under observation, his mother is trying to rebuild her reputation.

Crude behavior

The good behavior and education starts early in every child’s life. The parents are those who make their kid learn the most important things and know how to properly behave. While Ozzy Ozbourne is a popular and famous rock star and has never been accused of misbehave, his daughter Kelly is a bit strong on the mouth. While having an excellent taste in fashion, her language is crude and raw. Many don’t like exactly because of this and she is not showing any signs of change, any time soon.

Fake death

Another thing that can make a kid very unlikable contrary to a lovable celebrity parent is doing a thing like faking a death. While most of the regular kids would never think of that, Will Smith’s son Jaden thought it would be cool to do so and shock both their parent and the entire world. This was a social move, directed by him, personally, with no apparent reason to be frank. The authorities, who found that he is well alive and fine, immediately investigated this. The only thing that this move did was shock to the family and ruined career and credibility.

The Trump legacy

We are all aware about the language and remarks Donald Trump uses and says, in all different kinds of situations. Most of them have been flagged as highly inappropriate for one president, but to leave that aside, his son Donald Trump Jr. seems to have been rotten even becomes Trump made president. During his college days, he was drunk at all the times, which later led to a situation. On more occasions, he was so drunk that he wetted himself and earned the nickname “Diaper Don”. Bad image nonetheless.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Berber – Age 16

It’s not at all hard to see the resemblance between mother and daughter in this case. One of the biggest names in the modeling industry of all time, Cindy Crawford is definitely a recognizable face in show business. Kaia Gerber, who bears a striking resemblance to her mother at the age of 16, is starting her career as a model too. In fact, the young teen has already been featured on Vogue for a photoshoot and has already walked the runway for many fashion brands like Prada, Alexander Wang, and Moschino. With her elegance and natural beauty that, without a doubt, came from her mother, she’s bound to make it big in the world of modeling.

Cindy Crawford And Kaia Gerber

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is a former model who was most active during the 1980s and the 1990s. She’s one of the most prominent supermodels in American history and made a name by working with many famous designer brands. Unknown to most people though, Cindy’s not actually just a pretty face. She was a class valedictorian when she graduated in 1984 from DeKalb High School and she also received a scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University. However, she had to drop out after just one quarter in order to focus on her thriving modeling career.

Cindy Crawford In 1995

Maria Shriver and Katherine Schwarzenegger – Age 23

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger may have split up after a quarter-century of marriage, but they still maintain a good relationship with their kids, many of whom have chosen to work in the show business like their parents. That is, except for one. Katherine, who looks a lot like Maria when she was 23, has instead chosen to live a private life as a writer rather than a public life as a celebrity. It actually makes a lot of sense considering how she was often pictured by the paparazzi when she was a little girl.

Maria Shiver And Katherine Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver

Although Maria Shriver is also a celebrity herself, it can’t be denied that her former husband is a much bigger star than she is. However, this is mainly because of the fact that Maria never really got into acting. Instead, she focused more on her career as a writer and a journalist, raising awareness for Alzheimer’s through her influence as a celebrity writer. Right now she’s working for NBC News as a special anchor. Her uncles John and Ted Kennedy were also often credited as the reason why Arnold won in his campaign for governor in California.

Maria Shriver

Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood – Age 30

Clint Eastwood’s popularity in the celebrity world is certainly undeniable. He’s one of the most familiar faces in the war and western genres, and he also starred in a variety of other films. He’s widely known for his handsome face, sculpted body, and terrific acting skills. Nowadays, it’s his son Scoot Eastwood who’s starting to make a name for himself. While he’s still got a long way to go before he can compare to his father’s successes in show business, the physical resemblance between the two is truly striking

Scott Eastwood And Clint Eastwood

Clint’s Legacy

Clint Eastwood is not a household name in American western films for nothing. He was a top star for many blockbuster films, especially when it comes to the ass-kicking genre. The man has played plenty of versatile roles, such as an army sergeant, a cowboy on the run from the law, and even an experienced cop. He may have already retired from the silver screen, but he still continues working in the film industry. In fact, Clint has already taken up various projects as a director as well as the occasional producer.

Clint Eastwood As Dirty Harry

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph Baena – 20s

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly most famous for his role as the Terminator. One thing he’s also famous for though is his signature, albeit quite ridiculous, pose. Truly, no other person could possibly pull off this pose the same way Arnold can – until his son, Joseph Baena, came into the picture, that is. Joseph may not be an actor like his super-famous dad, but he’s certainly doing well when it comes to bodybuilding. Who knows, maybe he could become the next Terminator. After all, like father like son, don’t you think?

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Joseph Baena

Arnold’s Legacy

Practically anyone in the US who was born before the 2000s is familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger, thanks to his iconic role as the Terminator. In 2003, Schwarzenegger ran for governor in the state of California and won. It was a big jump on his part, from being a famous actor to a huge politician. Some people believed that he should probably run for a position in the Senate, but being the Governor of California seems to be enough for the Terminator for now. After all, when it comes to the state population and available resources, one can say that this position is second only to the President.

Arnold's Next Movie

Rough Childhood

Although things are obviously a lot better now, it was actually quite bad when Joseph was still a child. That’s because Joseph is Arnold’s child out of wedlock with Mildred Baena, the family’s old housekeeper. Obviously, this caused a lot of tension within the family, which made Joseph’s childhood a bit difficult. That said, Arnold still did his best to take care of Joseph as much as he can, the way he would take care of all his other children. In a way, we guess it’s pretty admirable, other than the fact that he cheated, of course.

Joseph Baena

Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley Cook – Age 19

If you were a teen in the 70s and the 80s, you’d probably be familiar with Christie Brinkley, one of the most popular models during that era. She was in her late teens to 20s then, similar to her younger daughter Sailor’s age right now. And the thing is, the resemblance between the two is simply uncanny. From the blonde hair to the striking blue eyes, Sailor looks a lot like Christie. We have a feeling that Sailor may be able to go even further than her own mother career-wise.

Christie Brinkley And Sailor Brinkley Cook

Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner – Age 21

With how prominent the Kardashians are these days, it’s practically impossible to ignore their presence. This is very true especially for the older Kardashian girls who never seem to stay out of the spotlight. But out of all her children, we can definitely say that the matriarch Kris Jenner looks most similar to her youngest, Kendall Jenner, at the same age. Coincidentally, they’re also both models, with Kris modeling during her younger years and Kendall currently modeling for various high-fashion brands.

Kris Jenner And Kendall Jenner

Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen – Age 28

At first glance, it may seem like there’s not much resemblance, but looking at the two side-by-side, it’s very hard not to see it. Not only do they have a similar-looking nose, but they also have the same piercing stare. They also have the same acting prowess. In fact, Charlie and Martin have actually worked together on several projects, such as the blockbuster film Wall Street. Charlie eventually managed to surpass his father, becoming the highest-paid television actor for some time.

Charlie Sheen And Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen

Although Charlie had already surpassed the level of fame his dad had even at his peak, it can’t be denied that Martin Sheen was certainly popular back in the day. The first film that brought him to the limelight was The Subject was Roses in 1968. It was then followed by Badlands in 1973, and then Apocalypse Now in 1979, which ended up to be the biggest role in his whole career. Martin Sheen also starred in television and web shows like The West Wing and Grace and Frankie.

Martin Sheen in 2008

Charlie Sheen’s Legacy

Charlie Sheen was such an iconic actor that he often played cameos or minor roles in all kinds of movies. Sadly, near the end of his career, he was known to show a steep decline, both in acting and in lifestyle. By the end of his stint in Two and a Half Men, Charlie had gotten into heavy drinking and drug use, causing him to get fired. Fortunately, he seems to have been getting a lot better after getting fired. He actually celebrated his one year of sobriety just recently, which is definitely something to be admired. We hope he keeps it up!

Chalie Sheen Is One Year Sober

Charlie Sheen’s Steep Decline

Charlie Sheen’s steep decline came as a surprise to everyone, perhaps even himself. He had certainly hit rock bottom during those times. Not only did he lose his job due to his drinking and drug use, but he also discovered pretty soon that he was HIV positive. Of course, it was a very hard time for Sheen, but he managed to use what happened to him as his motivation in order to get better. He also started advocating for safe sex practices and STD testing.

Charlie Sheen Had Hit Rock Bottom

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith – Age 29

Melanie Griffith is mostly known for her appearance in various low-budget thriller movies back in the 1970s. In the 1980s, she started starring in more mainstream shows, such as Something Wild and Working Girl. She was even nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for her role in both films. She disappeared sometime in the 1990s but came back in 2014 to star in Automata. Meanwhile, her daughter, Dakota Johnson, starred as the lead character in the film adaptation of popular erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey.

Dakota Johnson And Melanie Griffith

Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller – Age 39

Although they don’t look entirely the same, the resemblance between Ben Stiller and his father Jerry Stiller is still quite obvious, especially if you see them side by side. One of Jerry’s most famous roles is Mr. Frank Costanza on the sitcom Seinfeld. Meanwhile, Ben is known for many things, including the popular film series Night At The Museum where he stars alongside Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, and Ricky Gervais. That said, we can’t help but notice that Ben Stiller looks to be in better shape than his father at the same age.

Ben Stiller And Jerry Stiller

Ben The Comedian

Ben Stiller is known for mainly playing comedic roles in his movies. Of course, he’s had many different roles as well, but it seems like the silver screen has got a special place for Ben’s funny antics. It’s no surprise that some of his most famous roles are Greg “Gaylord” Focker in Meet the Fockers and Larry in Night at the Museum. We also can’t help but notice that he always has his constant buddy with him in almost every film: Owen Wilson.

Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson

Jerry Stiller’s Legacy

Jerry Stiller’s most iconic role is Frank Costanza in Seinfeld, the fairly bitter and eccentric father of George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander, one of the four main characters in the sitcom. Jerry Stiller may have died recently, but his legacy as a legendary comedian is certain to stay with America’s film industry forever.

Jerry Stiller As Frank Costanza

Jaden Smith and Will Smith – Age 18

From childhood, it was easy to see that Jaden Smith was growing up to look like his famous father, Will Smith. Like father, like son, so they say, and that’s why it comes as no surprise that Jaden has also taken up acting and music even at a young age. However, we do have to admit that Jaden has never really been able to surpass his father, who’s still currently active in the showbiz world. Considering his ripe age of 18 though, we’re still looking forward to what Jaden has in store for the future.

Jaden And Will Smith

Will Smith’s Transformation

Will Smith has always been a much-loved comedian, ever since we all saw him in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Of course, Will had always been naturally charismatic and goofy, which is viewers loved seeing him do comedy. But this is also why people were a bit surprised when he started to make a move towards action movies. Some of his best and most iconic films were Men in Black, Independence Day, and I Am Legend.

Will Smith On Fresh Prince

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith was raised in love and security, that much is sure. His parents loved him and his sister dearly and did all they could to support the two. In fact, Jaden’s first shot at stardom was in The Pursuit of Happyness, where he played as Will Smith’s young son. Although the movie had good points, many critics saw it as a vanity project done by a father for his child’s future career. Jaden did get a break later on with his lead role on The Karate Kid in 2010.

Jaden Smith And Will Smith

Oz Perkins And Anthony Perkins – Age 27

Oz Perkins is probably most well-known for his role in the 2004 film Legally Blonde, but did you know that his first role was far less endearing? In 1983, Oz made a small appearance in the thriller films Psycho II as the 12-year-old Norman Bates. Can you guess who was playing the adult version of Bates? That’s right, his own father, Anthony Perkins. That’s how much the two looked like each other, even when Oz was still just a young boy. We can say that the two are certainly lovable in their own ways, though.

Oz Perkins And Anthony Perkins

Carrie Fisher’s Legacy

Indeed, Carrie Fisher’s greatest role was as Princess Leia in the timeless movie franchise Star Wars. Thanks to her daring scene with Jabba the Hutt, she also became an overnight fantasy to pretty much an entire generation of young boys everywhere. Later on, she would reprise her role as Princess Leia for Disney’s new Star Wars movies. Her impact on the sci-fi genre is evident to a lot of people, which is why she even got the nickname ‘Sci-Fi Princess’ at the peak of her career.

Carrie Fisher Reprised Her Role As Princess Leia

The Golden Bikini Controversy

Almost everybody who was alive during that time knows full well that Fisher’s most popular scene was also her most controversial one. Namely, it was her scene with Jabba The Hutt where she was dressed only in a sparkling pair of golden bikini. Many people viewed it as highly scandalous due to its overly scandalous nature, at least at the time. Fisher herself didn’t really like the bikini as well, likening it to “a bikini from hell” but she did say that she did enjoy killing Jabba the Hutt as Princess Leia.

Carrie Fisher's Famous Bikini Scene

Carrie Fisher’s Response

One of the responses to the controversy was from a father who was concerned about a toy company selling toys of Fisher wearing the aforementioned bikini. When asked about what she had to say about the matter, Fisher simply gave him a watered-down version of the exact scene from the film. She told the father to tell his child that he was abducted by a giant slug and forced to wear the “stupid” bikini, prompting her to kill the slug because she didn’t like it. We bet that shut that father right up.

Rest In Peace Carrie

Ziggy Marley And Bob Marley – Age 35

Of all the people in this list, I think it’s safe to say that the most striking resemblance of them all belongs to Ziggy Marley and his father, Bob Marley. In fact, If you look at the two people together side by side, you might even have a hard time knowing who is who. Just like his father, Ziggy is also a musician who leads for the Ziggy Marley band and the Melody Makers. Bob Marley, on the other hand, is widely known to be one of the most popular musicians during his time. Sadly, he died an untimely death at the age of 36 due to melanoma.

Ziggy Marley And Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s Last Words

Although Bob Marley already knew that he had melanoma and his toe, he was adamant to still play as a musician. He also refused to undergo to amputation which was suggested to him by his doctors. The reason for this is that he was scared that getting his toe cut off would hinder his on-stage performance. He also mentioned some religious reasons as to why he couldn’t get his toe amputated. Sadly, the cancer eventually spread to the rest of his body including his lungs and his brain. His famous last words to his son are, “Money can’t buy life.”

Bob Marley

Ziggy Marley’s Philanthropy

Just like his dad, Ziggy Marley is also known in the music world for his art as well as his charity works. His father was a great believer in world peace, and it seems like his son got the same idealistic beliefs. Nowadays, Ziggy has no qualms spending his own money on various charity works, especially those centered towards children. He’s a member of a non-profit organization, Little Kids Rock, which gives free musical lessons and even musical instruments to children in the US. He also founded another non-profit called Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment (URGE) whose goal is to help children in Ethiopia and Jamaica.

Ziggy Marley And His Brothers

Georgia May Jagger And Mick Jagger – Age 25

They may not have the same gender, but one can deny that they have a very similar face. Georgia May Jagger is undoubtedly her famous father’s child, as evidenced by the similar eyes, nose, and even lips at the age of 25. Mick Jagger, the legendary vocalist for the hit band Rolling Stones, was completely on top of his game in the 1960s and the 1970s. Hoping to follow her father’s footsteps in the limelight, Georgia May is currently working as a London-based fashion model. She’s the only child of Jagger with American actress and model Jerry Hall.

Georgia May Jagger And Mick Jagger

Rock Genre Pioneers

Who couldn’t recognize the name of rock legend Mick Jagger? He and his band, the Rolling Stones, definitely pioneered the rock genre and influenced it in more ways one could ever imagine. Even until now, their influence can still be felt. Not that it should disappear though. After all, the band has been active for over six decades now, and we don’t think they’ll be stopping anytime soon. Gotta envy those powerful vocals from Mick, that’s for sure!

Mick Jagger In 2014

Sean Lennon And John Lennon – Age 31

When the so-called british invasion heat in the 1970 is one of the most prominent names out there was The Beatles and its popular member, John Lennon. The co-lead vocalist and guitarist Lennon had plenty of adoring fans, just like his bandmates. Sadly, just like Bob Marley, he, too, met an untimely death after dying from a gunshot wound in 1980. His son, Sean Lennon, is currently taking the same path as his father: as a singer and songwriter for various UK bands.

Sean Lennon And John Lennon

John Lennon’s Murder

December 8, 1980 was a day to remember for the music world. This was a day that John Lennon was shot in cold blood in The Dakota in New York City. The worst part of the story was that the murderer was allegedly Lennon’s own fan. In fact, he had just finished signing an autograph for that fan, Mark David Chapman, earlier that day when he was shot five times on the way back to his apartment shared with his wife, Yoko Ono. Apparently, Chapman had actually planned the murder a few months in advance.

John Lennon 1969

The Aftermath

When asked why he did it, Chapman said that it was because he disapproved of Lennon’s lifestyle and public statements, including one where Lennon compared the band’s popularity to Jesus Christ. After shooting the singer, Chapman simply waited for the police to arrive. They found him patiently reading his copy of Catcher in the Rye at the crime scene. He was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. Chapman has requested for parole several times in the past, but none of them has been granted. To honor Lennon’s death, many people started listening more to The Beatles songs, pushing them to the top of the charts after he died.

Here Is A Cute Kitten Because We Refuse To Glorify A Murderer

Brooklyn Beckham And David Beckham – Mid Teens

When it comes to soccer, it can’t be denied that David Beckham is one of the most well-known names out there. Many sports fans know him as a great player with a successful 20-year career and 19 major trophies, but those outside the sports world know him for something else: his handsome face. His oldest, Brooklyn Beckham, seems to have gotten his father’s good looks and is now working as a model and a fashion designer. But is it just us, or is David Beckham still the more handsome fellow at that age? What do you think?

Brooklyn Beckham And David Beckham

Liv Tyler And Steven Tyler in Their 30s

If you love the rock genre, then there’s no way you wouldn’t recognize Steven Tyler, the lead vocalist of the timeless rock band Aerosmith. Steven’s daughter, Liv Tyler, is a musician as well, but most people recognize her more for her acting career. She has previously starred in The Lord of the Rings, The Incredible Hulk, and most interestingly, Armageddon, the same film that Aerosmith recorded their biggest hit, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, for.

Liv Tyler And Steven Tyler

Aerosmith’s Legacy

Steven Tyler worked almost his entire adult life on Aerosmith, and it’s easy to see that it was definitely worth all the time and effort. Belting out hits like I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing and Dream On, Aerosmith has definitely become a household name in the five decades they’ve stayed active in music. In fact, they’re known to many as “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” Officially, they’re also called “The Bad Boys From Boston”. We can definitely say that these bad boys have left a great legacy in the music industry.

Aerosmith Live In 2007

Milo Gibson And Mel Gibson – Age 27

Now, Mel Gibson may be a recognizable name to you if you’re in any way familiar with Hollywood, but you may not know that his son has also started making an attempt to enter the film industry. Actually, it’s been 4 years now since he made his first appearance in the 2016 film Hacksaw Ridge. His father, on the other hand, was undeniably one of the most popular action stars in the 1990s. He starred in several big films like The Patriot and Braveheart, as well as The Passion of Christ.

Milo Gibson And Mel Gibson

Braveheart Controversy

One of Gibson’s films, Braveheart, garnered a lot of controversy when it was released. The film was about William Wallace, a Scottish knight who fought for his country’s freedom from the English. It was a pretty good film, but unfortunately, it wasn’t very historically accurate. The most notable inaccuracy was the war paint on Gibson, which many people criticized the film for. Also, the fighting gear used in the movie was too old for the setting by about 200 years. This is why, despite the stellar acting and nice production, the film still encountered so many critics.

Mel Gibson As William Wallace

Robert Downey Jr. And Robert Downey Sr. – Age 34

A legendary actor for sure, Robert Downey Sr. has worked in more projects than we can list in here. His best known project however was when he wrote for Putney Swope, an underground satirical movie that took a jab at Hollywood at the time. At the age of 83 years old, Downey Sr. is still pretty prominent these days. His son, on the other hand, is also a famous name in Hollywood. Downey Jr.’s best-known for playing Tony Stark, the titular Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fun fact: he was also the highest-paid actor in the film series!

Robert Downey Jr And Robert Downey Sr