The Real Face Of The Celebrities – No Makeup On


The celebrities are always our idols when it comes to beauty, makeup and fashion. Whether they are on set or on street, most of them look flawless all the time, from head to toe. But, they also have some bad days like us, and we can see them without makeup. While some look really good and natural without any product on their face, there are those who are quite scary and will leave you shocked. Take a look of the most shocking no-makeup celebrity faces.

Lady Gaga

When it comes to Lady Gaga, her fans have come to expect flashy costumes and over-the-top expressive makeup. While, that is how she loves to present herself on stage, it is not the case in this picture. She can be seen outside in a selfie poolside with no makeup. Her hair is pulled back, and she is even squinting in the sun. The look must have flattered her, because she posted it on her Instagram with a simple caption, “Thinking about the world and sending love.” Of course, being Lady Gaga, she went on with deeper and more poetic sentiment about how she walks in circles to reflect sometimes about what she wants to say.


Beyonce is many things. She is a singer, actress, mother, producer and she has many more talents up in her sleeve. The Queen Bey, as the world calls her, is an adored celebrity and personality that has come under fire for her figure just after she had delivered the twins. However, everything blew up very soon and Beyonce continued to dominate the world with her unique beauty. She always leaves impression of a beautiful woman, no matter if she wears a makeup or not. We have seen many faces of Beyonce and we love them all.

Demi Lovato

Bet you didn’t know this beauty usually covers up her innocent looking face full of freckles with makeup. Either way, she knows how to rock the made up and the natural look. She has battled self confidence, and has become front and center for speaking up about loving yourself. Since she wants to encourage others to feel confident in their own skin, it comes as no surprise that this once Disney-launched, Barney And Friends star would feel comfortable showing herself in any light. And, she should absolutely feel confident. She proves that beauty occurs naturally or with a little help from some makeup.

Kim Kardashian

It has been a few years, but in 2017 Kim Kardashian made international headlines. Yes, she is in the news a lot. And, when she makes the news, she typically rises high into search engine top spots. Normally, however, she does so because of her glamorous lifestyle. This time was for a different reason. She went practically makeup-free when she sat front row at the Balenciaga Womens Wear show during Paris Fashion Week. She sat there for the world to see with her perfect complexion only covered by a slight sheer gloss and gentle mascara. Prior to this international event, she had gone completely makeup-free on the cover of Spanish Vogue a couple of years before.

Katy Perry

She may have experience as a talent judge on American Idol, but you be the judge as to how she looks without makeup. During the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, Katy Perry shared a photo of herself before she was stuck at home alongside a photo of how she looks in her natural state. Her point was to show the world how fast her style changed in just a matter of weeks. Short of some dark roots beginning to show, she still somehow pulls off a refreshing look. Then again, maybe the fresh out of the shower towel or bathrobe wrapped around her neck is what makes her look more down-to-earth.

Kelly Clarkson

This one may shock you! Kellly Clarkson was among the many celebrities who chose to forego their on-screen or on-stage makeup routine during social distancing. She posted a picture of herself with bare face for the world to see. She even performed an entire Kenny Rogers song with absolutely no long eyelashes, no red lips, no jewelry accessories, and not even a top knot in her hair. It was all done in fun as she spent quarantine tucked away in Montana. The star later posted a video with Dakota with a message she included asking for her fans to stay safe.


If you are used to picking Kesha out in a crowd by looking for her thick, wildly made up face full of glitter, or even her various hair styles, take a deeper look. She has stripped off the glam and bares what lies beneath the on-camera look. This hit music star has become comfortable showing off her face full of freckles and natural beach wind-dried hair. Her main objective may be to keep all things cruelty-free. That means starting with not using makeup that has been tested on animals. Or, maybe it’s just time this musical star begin to love herself for who she really is.


Maybe the RiRi stands for Real-Real. This superstar is famous for more than her on-stage talent. Those who know her will say she is one of the most real people in the industry. That’s why it comes as no surprise that she’s perfectly comfortable stripping off the glitz and glam that her makeup brings to her look and exposing who she really is and how she really looks. Face it! This girl looks sensational with or without the help of a makeup artist or hair dresser. She doesn’t even need the glitzy jewelry accessories to make herself shine as a beauty on or off the stage.

Tyra Banks

She may have been teased and called an ugly duckling when she was a child, but she sure grew out of any truth to those taunts. She knows how to shine with or without makeup. At the age of 15, she became the first woman of African-American descent to be featured on the covers of both GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Though, you may recognize her more from her role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She wants everyone to connect with their own beauty and was the co-creator of True Beauty, a television series where contestants competed to see who is the most beautiful. This beauty runs much deeper than skin deep.


When an internet troll throws down the gauntlet, Zendaya is going to pick it up and run with it. She may be make-up free in one of these side-by-side pictures, but let’s face the fact that this girl simply cannot take a bad picture. One social media troll may disagree, however. She had a follower on Twitter who mentioned that Zendaya scared her without makeup. To Zendaya, this appears to have come off as more of a challenge than a threat. It spurred the mega-talented actress on to keep posting selfies of her in a face without makeup, hair done, or any flashy jewelry.

Kylie Jenner

If you’re going to have a role model when it comes to beauty, Kylie Jenner knows how to make any look pop. This girl simply cannot be any cuter with or without the makeup and hairstyles. She is no stranger to the camera lens either, since she essentially grew up in front of one. You would think she would be pushing her cosmetic line, but this little cutie looks great regardless of what she does to accentuate her beauty. Without makeup, her youthful freckles peek out to dot her gorgeous skin tone. Her deep, rich eyes look stunning as well even with no help making them stand out.

Cara Delevingne

In one picture she is admiring a work of art, and in the other picture she looks like a work of art. Either way, she is a natural beauty. She even makes a shaved head look glamorous. For her, makeup is just a fun way to express herself in a different light. She is an English model, actress, and singer who already understands how to work the look. She got her start on the runway for Chanel and has only skyrocketed from there. She has designed two fashion collections for DKNY and Mulberry and written young adult fiction about the turbulent teen years with an LGBT theme.

J Lo

It is no secret that Jennifer Lopez, better known as J Lo, likes to glam it up. But, when Puerto Rico was struck by a devastating hurricane, she took to Instagram to ask her followers to donate to help the victims. As part of this campaign to raise money for hurricane victims, she decided to present herself with no makeup. She chose to video herself showing how she looks before applying any facial make up or fixing her hair. In one video stream, she even slicked her hair back and appears to have just woken up to face the mirror.

Sofia Vergara

Side-by-side these pictures of Sofia Vergara with and without makeup almost look like two different people. To be fair, Sofia had a fever when she posted this selfie of herself makeup free. But, imagine looking this good without cosmetics and sick on top of it all. Normally, Sofia is nicely outlined with eye liner, lush eyelashes, lipstick color that makes her lips get noticed, and perfectly groomed hair. It also doesn’t hurt that this model, actress, and producer knows how to look stunningly beautiful. Either way, with or without makeup and healthy or feeling under the weather with a rosy-cheek fever, she just plain looks great!

Britney Spears

Would you be able to recognize this singer, songwriter, dancer without her makeup? She felt confident enough about her look to post it on her Instagram account explaining that there are days when she doesn’t get primped and made up. She added, “This is the real unglammed me.” Well, unglammed or not, Britney still looks like a star. All that’s missing in the natural, makeup-free picture is a smile so we can see the platinum white teeth. The makeup-free version also seems to look like she might just have some eyeliner on. You decide if that’s truly unfiltered and unprimped.

Taylor Swift

Take one look, and be honest. This girl is just plain cute whether she is extravagantly displaying makeup or fresh and natural. When Taylor Swift entered the music scene at a young age, a lot of her appeal was her innocence. As she began to mature, her look wasn’t far behind. If anyone has mastered the look of smooth, glamorous makeup, it’s Taylor. Of course, while you could once see her beautiful face with or without makeup frequently posted on social media, those days are long gone. Turns out, she deleted her entire Instagram. The days of seeing her natural face may have come to an end.

Miley Cyrus

Smiley girl has grown up right before our eyes. Miley is not her birth-given name but came about when her dad would call her “Smiley,” and it stuck dropping the “s”. Her given name is just as beautiful, however, Destiny Hope. Fans have admired her from the time before she had made a name for herself as Hannah Montana. She is not afraid to show her face undone and bare of any and all makeup. Apparently, when she is made up, she has learned how to apply her own makeup. What a great job she does turning her naturally gorgeous face into a glamorous and showy look.

Heidi Klum

There is something charming about watching the process of beauty. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone looked this fantastic even before the makeup got a chance to enhance features? This German model and television personality, fashion designer, singer, and actress shows her face on far more covers than just Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Heidi Klum loves to reveal before and after pictures of her amazing transformations. She is a master at looking her best while never shying away from uncovering how she looked before the makeup went on. It all seems to be working for her. One year she was listed as part of the world’s 15 top-earning supermodels.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Very few women have the grace, dignity, and natural beauty as Gwyneth Paltrow. Not everyone is a born natural beauty, but Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t need any help looking amazing. This lifestyle blogger who got her start as an actress decided to have a little fun when she turned 44. She not only accepted her age with grace but utterly and completely embraced her look from the past without or with very little makeup up until more recently absolutely made up. She posted her selfies announcing that goop also went makeup free. She just can’t look bad no matter what she does.

Gina Rodriguez

She is best known for her leading role as Jane Villaneuva in The CW satirical romantic dramedy series. Jane the Virgin reveals her virgin, non make-up face in a selfie. The thing is that she just doesn’t seem to ever look bad even in a picture that is supposed to be showing the drastic difference between non makeup and fully made up. She does look more mature and glamorous when in full cosmetic face. However, she looks downright adorable without makeup as well. The main noticeable difference is how her eyes really pop with the eyeliner, but are head-turning gorgeous even without the makeup accent lines. Her fresh face is jaw-dropping.

Drew Barrymore

She first made her debut for the world to embrace her lovely youth in the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. After bearing her soul for all to see through highly publicized childhood marked by drug and alcohol abuse, she now feels comfortable also bearing her makeup-free face for all to see. Since then, she started her own beauty line, Flower Beauty. Her makeup line offers luxury, cruelty-free makeup at an affordable price. She includes cosmetics, professional brushes and more beauty products. Seeing her bare face side-by-side with the made up one only emphasizes how much of a natural beauty she truly is.


Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll doesn’t need her full name anymore than she needs a face full of makeup. While she’s not one who goes overboard with excessive cosmetics in the first place, she doesn’t even seem to need it. This star stunning beauty made her debut when she was only 13 ears old. Her beauty is so much more than skin deep. This star simply tends to shine no matter if she just woke up and pulled her hair into a top bun or spent hours in front of a mirror. In some ways, she’s actually even more gorgeous with the makeup stripped bare.

Vanessa Hudgens

From High School Musical to Coachella queen, Vanessa Hudgens shares a little self love by sharing pictures of herself exposed with no makeup. The truth is that she doesn’t even seem to need any. She showed off her bohemian sense of style in the desert. No matter what she does or how she does it, she just can’t seem to ever look bad. She looks purely amazing without the made up look as well. Maybe, it’s the My Little Pony she is holding that is adding to the no makeup look. She looks equally as smashing in full cosmetics that accentuate her dark black features.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj maintains a specific public persona that keeps her diligent to never reveal herself to the public without makeup. She did, however, break this vow for at least one picture of herself without makeup. The thing is that, while she rocks the glamorous look as though it’s a second skin to her, she also looks nice in her makeup-free face. Her look usually includes full coverage foundation, eyeliner that displays dramatic winged eyeliner, and her lips lined with bubblegum color. She looks flawless regardless of when she is flaunting her princess of rap title or posing for a simple selfie.

Cardi B

It’s refreshing to see the stars we admire most strip down their makeup to reveal their hidden features. Cardi B. is no stranger to stripping down the mask and becoming real. Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar is a mouthful of a name that this arch rival of Nicki Minaj simply shortens to Cardi B. She may appear to be all put together and shining in every bit of glitzy style and glamour when she shows up at a ball or appears on stage. However, she really gets a boost out of speaking to her numerous Instagram followers through a series of makeup-free videos. This was especially true when her studio album, Invasion of Privacy, was hitting the shelves.


The world knows her as Madonna, a top performer who relishes in pushing the envelope with styles that require a great deal of makeup artistry and costuming. When she is not on stage, she doesn’t always have the time to focus on getting all dolled up, glitzed out, or even putting on makeup for a shock factor. She may have launched a beauty line, MDNA SKIN, but doesn’t always use it herself. Once she was spotted at an airport wearing casual clothing, including a baseball cap. Her hair simply fell with natural waves. Her face was completely bare of any apparent makeup.

Mila Kunis

It is not difficult to look naturally beautiful when you’re born that way. Mila Kunnis is consistently voted as one of the world’s most beautiful women. It’s not difficult to see why. In her off-camera life, however, she is a mother of two. As a busy mom, she often finds herself without enough time to focus on primping and putting on makeup. The solution for her is to simply embrace her natural good looks on frequent occasion. She does not wear makeup on a daily basis. There are days she admits to not even washing her hair. Any mom of young children can relate.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill is a country singer that without a doubt, always looks beautiful. Her curly hair and dosed makeup are never too much and her style and appearance is always in the same direction. Although her makeup can be minimal, the difference from the makeup look is quite evident. She is one of the women that in fact look younger with makeup than without one. Although, her no makeup look is not quite shocking as the look from the other celebrities, and that may be because Faith Hill is natural and does not do major face corrections.


When the world first met Adele, everyone were stunned by her amazing voice and unordinary looks. The blond hair and the red lipstick became Adele’s signature look and that continued through the years. Her entire personality and appearance is based on drama and 60s glamour and wherever she appears, she brings all that with herself. There are almost no occasions where Adele can be seen without makeup, but there was one selfie posted on Instagram that showed her bare face. And that look is quite shocking and different from the Adele we know.

Kaley Cuoco

The leading role in The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco is an actress who is currently in her 30s. with that being said, she still has a good skin that does not require cosmetic surgeries. Although some of her colleagues who are about the same age as her are already full of fillers and Botox, Cuoco is still natural. Her no makeup look is not flawless and really cannot be compared to the looks she serves on red carpet and similar, but it is something that is plain and undamaged. She lets her face breathe and that is for applause.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is one of the many actresses that were approached by beauty companies and became their brand’s face because of their natural beauty. Taking roles in many different genres of TV shows and movies, Kravitz has proved her acting talent. What is also important to mention is her take on beauty. Whether on or off the stage and on red carpet, her makeup looks are quite toned down and keep as close as her plain look. That is why a when a no makeup photo of her appeared on the Internet, the world was really shocked because of her natural beauty.

Barbara Bach

When the actresses enter certain age, they tend to look for cosmetically reconstructions that not always result in a pleasing and desired look. However, this is not the case with one of the first Bond girls. This former American model is currently 71 years old and has an active acting career. In her youth she was considered as one of the most beautiful women at that time, and her beauty brought her many different roles. Now, with all the wrinkles and ages, she is not shy to show her bare face and there is still natural beauty to be seen underneath it.

Anne Hathaway

From Princess Mia to the one of the masterminds in Ocean’s Eight, Anne Hathaway is known to the world for her pure beauty. Although she changes her looks according to the needs of a certain role, she can be seen in very different looks – from no makeup to full makeup look. The full makeup looks are not very intense as she always tries to keep down to her natural look. The no makeup looks, however, are something different, but still natural and plain. Her natural beauty is what comes out whether she wears makeup or not.

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney is the wife of the George Clooney. She is a famous attorney and she is known for always delivered some high-fashion looks. She has also attended the royal wedding between prince Harry and Meghan Markle which speak a lot for her appreciation in the those circles. Every time she has presented a minimal makeup look so when she appeared without a makeup the world was in owe of how beautiful and glowing skin she has. Taking up her example, it is safe to say that makeup is not always an answer and solution.


After no so drastic changes in look, here is one that will certainly leave you shocked. This is the selfie of the drag queen RuPaul. You would have certainly not recognized her and this is case where makeup can really transform you in a whole different person. Every inch of her face looks completely different with makeup and the difference is so big, even scary. The question asked here is whether she was looking for a completely new look because she certainly does not look like herself. Whichever the case the makeup and no makeup images are like from two different women.

Katherine Heigl

The Grey’s Anatomy star is known for her beautiful wide smile. Resembling the look of Marilyn Monroe, Heigl has always maintained that blond hair and the red lipstick which have also risen as her signature look. The pale skin tone and the blond hair actually look good on Heigl even without makeup. Although every no makeup look makes a women look like she is sick, Heigl has shown that she actually has a flawless skin that is worth showing. This is just another example that showing what you naturally got can be even better than hiding under makeup.

Christina Aguilera

The pop singer Christina Aquilera is known for her exquisite voice and singing capabilities. In the 90s, she had a duet with Ricky Martin that has become evergreen and is very popular. Besides her voice, she has created a significant appearance for her. Although she has changed her looks in the past, now, she has one signature look that like many other starts is consisted of the pure red lipstick and plain face. her no makeup look does not come as a surprise to the world because her beauty can be seen even underneath it. some women have natural beauty and she is one of them.

Ann Margaret

This is a person that owes wherever she appears, both with or without makeup on. Ann Margaret is an actress that was very popular in the peak of her career, back in the 60s. then, she was considered as one of the most beautiful actresses in her time, and today, she still holds that title but in the category of older actresses. She is 78 years old, and she looks much better than some of her 30years old colleagues. She is charming, beautiful and does not have some major facial correction that deform her face. on the contrary, she is quite satisfied with her face and wear the wrinkles with pride.

Barbra Streisand

Another actress that falls in the category of older, but still very beautiful actresses is Barbra Streisand. Her career is quit long, successful and fruitful. She has been known to have both amazing singing and acting skills. With her 77 years old, she has proven that keeping to your natural look is what is the most important and the best way to preserve your beauty. all the times she has been seen with and without makeup, the difference is not big. Her skin and face are quite well nurtured so she is an inspiration to all who hope to look as good as she does at her age.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular singers from the younger generation of celebrities. She is very present both on the scene and social media. She has landed many different collaborations with different brands, among the most important is Coach. She is a nature beauty and she is much appreciated by many cosmetic and beauty brands. Although she is still a kid as many say, it is expected that she looks beautiful both with and without makeup. Being the case as it is, Selena is keeping the record for most liked pictures on Instagram precisely of being just natural.

Kate Moss

Being a popular fashion model from the ‘90s means that the access to the skincare, at that time, was very limited. Also, the pollution and the stress were on much lower level. All of that affects the skin and the results are visible. Kate Moss however, does not have that problem. With her current 45 years, she frequently shows no makeup looks. She appears to have glowing skin and visible wrinkles, which is completely normal. On the events wearing makeup, she still looks stunning and like she is 25.

Goldie Hawn

Here is one shocking look that really describes how much difference can make up do. Believe it or not, the hands of the professionals can really do magic and the right type of makeup can make you look at least 10 years younger. It seems that the Oscar winner Goldie Hawn is trying to achieve just that – people to know her only in her glam light. Because the difference in her no makeup look is quite frightful. Being in her 70s, Hawn looks very aged and that is certainly due to the unsuccessful cosmetic treatments.

Susan Boyle

The talent does not always come with the good looks. With that being said, Susan Boyle is a living example for that. When she first appeared on America’s Got Talent back in 2009, the world was left in an owe of her singing capabilities. After that, she entered the music business and no one was talking about how she looks. The only thing that mattered was her voice. However, again, the magic makeup does wonders and Susan Boyle appeared in a whole new light completely glammed up. She is still active in her music business, not caring about the way she looks.

Jessica Alba

When the celebrities post a selfie of their bare face, sometimes the final outcome is simply unknown. Nobody can figure what the end goal is and how it will be accepted by the wider community. While all of them are trying to show the natural beauty, sometimes that goal can be hidden. Jessica Alba is known for her natural beauty, full lips and plumped face and as a mother of three, she still looks good. Never wearing too much makeup, she is one of the most beautiful celebrities and is always picture ready.


The difference in Lorde’s looks with and without makeup is huge. From the color of her hair and eyes, to the complete skin tone, Lorde’s idea of posting a no makeup photo was with one goal. It was to show that sometimes having dark circles and acne is completely normal and that we should not tend to perfection. We must say that she really looks much nicer with makeup. Lorde has been silent on a music scene for some time but everyone is awaiting her comeback. Whenever she chooses to return, her audience will wait for her!

Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson has one of the leading roles in the TV series American Horror Story. Right there, the viewers and the world has the opportunity to see her in many different lights. She was presented as ugly, pretty, natural and even scary. Having seen all of that, the daily no makeup looks that she serves while running errands do not come as a surprise. She uses the makeup to show off her best lines and add some color on her face, contrary to a large number of women who try to correct themselves and look like another person.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde was first recognized by her most famous role in House MD. Since then everyone knew about this cutie and she made her way up the famous celebrities. Her beauty is undeniable, both with and without makeup. When it comes to her makeup looks, she is always on point, with toned and dosed makeup which only accents her eyes and lips. When out on the street without makeup, everything significant about how disappears except for her hair. It is always shiny, healthy and glowy which cannot be covered with no makeup.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is one of the rear actresses that actually look more childish without makeup. For her, the makeup only adds to her age. She has been known for many different roles and she is described as a quirky person. When she does makeup, she usually wears red lipstick that makes her look more fresh and mature. Without makeup, she looks like a child, teenager maybe. She is known for not needing a makeup artist and the people can usually see her on the streets, without any makeup on.

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings has something that many girls envy her for. Her naturally plumped lips are beautiful both with and without any lipstick on them. The unique and humorous role she has in Two Broke girls has made her a lovable girl among the celebrities. There, she is mainly without makeup and all natural. When she steps out without any makeup on that does not come as a shock because the world is already used to that face and loves her just like that. And when she is all glammed up , her lips and eyes are totally on point.

Liv Tyler

We first met Liv Tyler as part of the Armagedon crew. Then, she was in her youth, in her best years. Her beauty has been widely known, and it was recognized from the start. As a brand face for the Givenchy perfumes, Liv Tyler is both present in the movie scene and on the beauty market. With the ages and the wrinkles that come from all that natural process, Tyler is still know as one of the most beautiful celebrities. She wears minimal makeup which shows the best her glowy skin and excellent condition.

Princess Beatrice

According to royal protocol and rules, the female members are not allowed to wear heavy and explicit makeup. on the contrary, they should be a symbol of femininity by providing and showing a clean, soft, almost plain natural look. so, no matter which in line for the throne a member is, the same rule applies for everyone. That is why Princess Beatrice decided to leave her mark in the world by doing some bold fashion choices. Her face, both with and without makeup is completely the same, and the world does know how she really looks like.

Martha Stewart

The cooking queen Martha Stewart is currently in her mid 70s. In her age, it is safe to say that she looks really good. She is also another one in the row of the older celebrities that have maintained a good and natural look through the years. When on TV, she wears minimal makeup and looks soft and natural. When is out running errands, latterly, she is seen without any makeup on her face and she flaunts good and glowy skin. For her age, she looks very good and should be an inspiration for everyone.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is another one of the rare celebrities that has started taking care for her skin from an early age. Her other was the one who has informed her about drinking enough water and having a regular and balanced diet that will eventually project on her skin. That all became true because Kate Hudson today looks really gorgeous. Her glam looks always involve light foundation and pinkish lipstick. The blush and the glow only come as an addition to her already beautiful and nurtured skin. Hudson only gets more beautiful with her age and her beauty is pure.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is one of the member of the popular MTV The Hills show. Through the years, she has stayed true and natural to her look, without having some major cosmetic changes. Those who are following her on Instagram can often see her in her most natural light, without any makeup and plain. She also makes lots of video tutorials on how she does her own makeup, which is again, light and neutral. Her no makeup and makeup looks are not very different and she is an example for the younger population.

Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips has felt the effect of the busy life and stress directly on her skin. In order to improve it she has started taking dance lessons that brought a significnt change. Her skin evidently improved and she looks much beter without makeup comapared to her looks in the previous looks. However, the makeup does have her own magic in beautifying the people so Busy really looks much better than she lokks without makeup. although she does not do some explicit and heavy makeup looks, the diference is visibly and her no makeup looks is not very pleasant.

Ariel Winter

The Modern family star Ariel Winter is a young woman that in the series is presented as a teenager. While we were able to see her in many different looks, the glammed one for the red carpet are definitely the best ones. She has a round face that according to all makeup rules, requires different makeup techniques. One of those techniques is contouring. The contouring visually makes the face less round and is popular among the celebrities. Although Winter is still young and has good skin, her makeup look is much better than her no makeup one.

Lily Reinhart

The age of 21 can be difficult for some girls who have skin problems. This refers to the most common skin problem, acnes. Lily Reinhart is beautiful actress from the newest generation of young actresses who has this issue. In one of her selfies she has shown how her skin really looks like. But, when on some event or red carpet, with the help of professionals, she manages to keep this skin condition underneath it. her beauty is undeniable, so with time and probably some changes in diet, she will get rid of it and become even more beautiful with natural skin.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel has never kept a secret that she had some cosmetically procedures done for maintaining the youthful look. from what is known, her treatments included jaw correction and Botox. Which was the exact reason is unclear, but what is worth, she does not over exaggerate with makeup. with all these corrections, she is keeping the makeup minimal. The accent is only put on the eyes, brows for making them pop out more. The jaw line is contoured and the lips are always in some neutral lipstick. She is cute and she takes care of her face.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Being a kid of a famous parent sometimes puts you in spotlight that you do now want. It can also be a great career booster if you have any talent at all. Luckily that is the case for Kaitlyn Bristowe. She is a daughter of a famous ballerina and she took her steps and started acting on Broadway. The long hours that she put on the stage, alongside with daily heavy makeups have ruined her face. in a recent selfie she posted, the bad skin condition was more than evident. Her face did not look so good and the career has taken its toll. However, she will soon recover with few skin treatments.

Doutzen Kroes

This Dutch beauty model is known for her extraordinary beauty. being a mother of two has not stopped her for having regular facial treatments. As a former Victoria’s Secret model, she was used to wearing a makeup on the runways and the makeup was a part of her job. However, it was always subtle, without too much exaggeration and color. The makeup always makes her more live. She opts for subtle makeup and a colorful lipstick. Without makeup she looks like a young girl. Just a bit of mascara makes her eyes pop out which for this beauty is more than enough.

Elizabeth Banks

Famous for her roles in many romantic comedies, Elizabeth Banks had also a remembering one in The Hunger Games. There, we got to see her with so many makeup, that she resembled some doll form the past times. But in real life, she is nothing like that. Her blond hair and blue eyes are what characterizes her soft beauty and approach towards makeup. she prefers wearing very little or no makeup at all, depending on the occasion of course. For Banks, less is more, so the skin and the natural looks come before the makeup.

Jourdan Dunn

Being a popular supermodel has its own benefits. That means that any makeup and fashion choice you make will certainly be approved and you are on a good way to becoming a trendsetter. Jourdan Dunn was chosen as the face of Maybelline when she was 23. The title came as a result of her natural beauty and the simplicity of makeup needed to upgrade her look. She has maintained that status and cared for her skin. In a recent photo of her early in the morning, the no makeup face is nothing scary. On the contrary, she looks good, maybe a little sleepy.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland is an another actress from the Modern Family crew that we get to see growing, evolving and changing right on our TV screens. As a huge supporter of a healthy lifestyle, Hyland is privately reserved about wearing makeup. having that said, she does not have a problem posting bare face photos that show her actual face. it is a good thing she has good and glowing skin and no problems at all. But, the red carpet and all glammed makeup looks do not compare to the bare face ones. she looks exceptionally stunning!

Eva Longoria

This Latina actress is a friend of Victoria Beckham and she is always dressed and styled on point. the same goes for her makeup. Her lines care best accented with makeup and she really does look better with rather than without makeup. As she always takes a great care about how she appears in public, lately, we can see her in very relaxed looks and without any makeup. although we appreciate those looks, we like her better with makeup.

Demi Lovato

Demi is not afraid to show how off her body and her face. Being open to the world about her addition and many more things, she is presenting what she really looks like. This summer, she showed of her body with all of the natural imperfections and the world applauded her for that. When it comes to the face and makeup, her natural beauty is undeniable. She wears a light makeup, and not much of it, which allows her natural and beautiful marks to stand out. She is looking very good both with and without makeup, which is a rare achievement.

Celebrities Favorite Starbucks Drinks To Order

  • Miley Cyrus is a big fan of the Nonfat White Mocha with No Whip.”Our distinctive espresso meets white chocolate sauce and steamed milk, then is rounded off with sweetened whipped cream in this white chocolate treat,” Starbucks says of the drink.That sounds great to us!
  • Taylor Swift is another pop diva who enjoys Starbucks.An Iced Caramel Latte With Two Sweet N Lows is Swift’s favorite drink.She’s also been known to order an Iced Americano with Soy Milk and Two Sweet N Lows.Swift seems to like her coffee chilled and sweetened with Sweet N Low.
  • Ariana Grande enjoys a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, but the singer also has her own Cloud Macchiato at Starbucks.Light and fluffy with layers of frothy foam, her specialty drink is classified as such.With vanilla and caramel, this seems like a delicious dessert.
  • Kim Kardashian adores a Soy Chai Latte for its comforting warmth.Kim’s personality is complemented by the drink’s fiery and sweet flavors.She mentioned she enjoys a Soy Chai Latte or a White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream during a 2015 app live broadcast.
  • Britney Spears generally orders a Passion Tango Herbal Tea when she visits the famed coffee shop.The pop sensation has often been seen carrying Frappuccino cups, although she told Cosmopolitan that her favorite drink is Passion Tango Herbal Tea.

Celebs Admit To Binge-watching On Netflix

  • Gossip Girl is Katie Aselton’s favorite binging program.Observing the struggles of a new generation of New York City women allows her thoughts to wander.Watching these clumsy affluent females who have no concept what life is all about is a guilty pleasure on the program.
  • Hillary Duff, the former star of Lizzy McGuire, is now an adult who enjoys science fiction.Stranger Things is one of her favorite programs.Duff is like any other parent who watches TV after the kids have gone to bed.So be it if spooky and gloomy shows are her thing.
  • Jake Johnson is a big fan of the sitcom 30 Rock, and who wouldn’t be?30 Rock has amazing comic timing, and it’s easy to binge-watch the program since it’s so amusing.Jake is no stranger to humor, since he co-stars on New Girl alongside the amazing Zooey Deschanel.
  • Emma Watson is a huge admirer of the American comedy Friends, according to reports.She’s a down-to-earth, personable lady in real life.Even while Watson was only six years old when the program originally aired, many of the gags are as ageless as she is, so it’s no surprise that she would like this contemporary classic.

Celebrities Who Are Crypto Investors

  • Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are most known for suing Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in 2008, alleging that he stole their concept for the social network and winning a $65 million settlement.Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss allegedly became millionaires late last year.In 2013, they invested $11 million in the speculative asset bitcoin.
  • Actor Jamie Foxx got in on the cryptocurrency craze by sponsoring Cobinhood, a free cryptocurrency trading platform, via a token sale.Some investors were alarmed by Foxx’s outspoken excitement.A celebrity endorsement is the worst motivation to buy, according to Andreas Antonopoulos, an early bitcoin investor.
  • Since 2016, Paris Hilton, a former reality TV star turned businesswoman, has shown interest in the bitcoin sector.This was revealed by The Guardian thanks to a now-deleted Instagram post.Hilton declared on Twitter in 2017 that she will be investing in LydianCoin’s first coin offering; however, amid domestic violence allegations, Hilton distanced herself from CEO Gurbasksh Chahal.
  • Ghostface Killah, or Dennis Coles of the Wu Tang Clan, revealed his interest in the cryptocurrency industry as a co-founder of Cream Capital in October.The company wanted to raise $30 million via an initial coin offering at the time.Coles’ support was met with skepticism by co-founders, who worried that he didn’t completely get how it operated.
  • Floyd Mayweather, the boxer, expressed interest in bitcoin on Instagram twice.First, he tweeted a photo of himself with a table heaped with cash, claiming that the ICO would earn him a fortune.Then, with a picture captioned, “You may call me Floyd Crypto Mayweather from now on,” he utilized Instagram to demonstrate support for Hubii Network’s ICO.

Fashion Brands Actually Owned By Celebrities

  • For the 2007 BET Awards, Beyonce desired a unique style.So, what exactly did she do?She spent $100,000 on a pair of Balenciaga golden pants.In certain locations, $100,000 would be enough to purchase a house, as well as a few automobiles, or to support a family for a year.It’s kind of insane that she spent so much money on something she only wore once.
  • Rachel Hunter spent $30,000 on a dog home. We all know individuals sometimes go a bit crazy when it comes to their dogs.La Petit Mansion designed the home specifically for the model’s canine companions.When you consider that some of these dg home models cost upwards of $50,000, $30,000 sounds like a bargain.
  • In 2020, student debt will be approximately $1.6 trillion, more than double the amount owed in 2008 ($600 billion).The increase in debt much outweighs the increase in the number of students, which has increased by just 2% among undergraduates and 12% among graduate students, according to the Department of Education.
  • Student loan debt has climbed at a faster rate than other household debt since 2004, and in 2010 it overtook both auto loan and credit card debt.Student debt is also the second most common form of household debt, behind mortgage debt.
  • More Americans are borrowing to attend college, which is one of the key reasons for the large increase in student debt.From 8% in 1989 to 21% in 2019, the share of families with college debt has almost quadrupled.This is also true for younger families, where the frequency of student debt has risen from 15% in 1989 to 41% in 2019.

Celebrities Who Suffer From Anxiety

  • Kristin Bell, often known as Princess Anna to our children, has spent practically her entire life on antidepressant and antianxiety medicine.In a 2016 interview, he said.’If you start to feel this way, speak to your doctor, talk to a psychologist, and see how you want to help yourself,’ my mother said. ‘If you start to feel this way, talk to your doctor, talk to a psychologist, and see how you want to assist yourself.’
  • Kristin Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise, claimed she used to get panic attacks as a child, and although nothing has occurred since then, she is concerned they may return.It’s impossible to predict when worry will raise its ugly head.Stewart, on the other hand, is optimistic that she will be able to manage anything comes her way.
  • The Late Show With Stephen ColbertIn his twenties, Stephen Colbert began experiencing anxiety episodes, according to him.He learned that performing was really beneficial to his anxiety management.He said that making something helped him stop whirling in his thoughts.
  • As a kid, Emma Stone suffered from acute panic episodes.At the age of nine, she created a book called “I Am Bigger Than My Anxiety” about her anxiety.She claims she is not experiencing hallucinations, but she does sense a constriction in her chest.Hollywood began counseling at the age of seven due to the severity of her episodes.
  • Kourtney Kardashian gets nauseated when she has a panic attack.Controlling sweets, alcohol, and caffeine, according to reports, helps her manage her anxiety.”When my anxiety is at an all-time high, it seems like my body is continually burning calories all day long,” she said on her blog.

Facts About College Debt

  • The average student loan debt for the class of 2011 was $26,600 as of October 2012.
  • Student loan debt is higher than credit card debt in the United States.
  • In 2012, 71 percent of students who graduated from four-year institutions owed money on their student loans.
  • Private lenders control around 15% of the $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt in the United States.[4] Of the 37 million borrowers with outstanding student loan amounts, 14 percent (5.4 million) have at least one account that has not been paid on time.[5] Borrowers who are still paying back their debts are mostly in their 30s or older.[6] During the first five years of repayment, 2 in 5 student loan borrowers are overdue (i.e., they don’t make loan payments when they’re due).[7] About 65% of high-debt student loan borrowers were startled or misled about some parts of their loans or the borrowing procedure.[8] As of 2012, there were over $8 billion in defaulted private loans (when you haven’t made a payment on your loan in 9 months and haven’t worked out a payment plan with your lender).[9] There is roughly $864 billion in outstanding federal student loan debt, with private loans accounting for the remaining $150 billion.[10] Among 18- to 24-year-olds, student loans are the most prevalent source of debt accumulation.
  • Lauren Conrad has a clothing brand called LC by Lauren Conrad that is only available at Kohls.The business has expanded to include a Disney Couture range, allowing people to dress professionally while wearing their favorite Disney inspired outfits.Paper Crown and The Little Market are also her brainchild.
  • Kristin Cavallari, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame, founded Uncommon James, a jewelry line.Cavallari’s line is known for its minimalist, delicate, “feminine with an edge” items, which cost between $36 and $78.Cavallari and her firm are currently the topic of the E! show Very Cavallari.
  • Beyoncé and her mother founded the House of Deréon apparel brand.Then she branched out into sportswear by collaborating with Topshop to establish Ivy Park, an athleisure label.However, after a #MeToo controversy struck Topshop’s parent company’s CEO in November 2018, Beyonce acquired the firm outright.
  • Reese Witherspoon is not only an award-winning actress and the CEO of a production business, but she also founded Draper James in 2015.Draper James is an apparel and homewares brand that specializes in Southern-inspired designs.The prices of the items vary from $98 to slightly over $200 for a dress.
  • Jessica Simpson’s fashion company began in 2006 as a shoe collection.Her line has grown to include clothes, sunglasses, purses, accessories, and jewelry in addition to footwear.According to reports, her label took in $1 billion in sales in 2015 from stores like as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and HSN.
  • Despite having a net worth of over $100 million, Daniel Radcliff is not renowned for making expensive purchases.He did, however, once spend $17,000 on a mattress.While it may seem superfluous, for some individuals, a good night’s sleep is worth a little extra.We’ll give him a pass if this is his first major purchase.
  • $1,500 does not seem to be excessive, particularly for celebrities flying first class.Bono, on the other hand, spent that much for a plane ticket to get his hat.In 2003, the celebrity was in Italy prepared to perform and had forgotten to bring his hat with him.So he purchased an airline ticket and had it delivered in time for his performance.

Surprising Facts About Home Loans

  • Despite the fact that our current interest rates are still historically low, the lowest interest rates ever published were released in 2012.Depending on your loan, these interest rates ranged from 3.5 percent to slightly under 3 percent.
  • When we go back in time, we can see that certain average interest rates were nearly as high as 18.5 percent in 1981.This implies that mortgages used to cost a lot more throughout the course of their loans than they do today.
  • If the accounts you have in collections are medical debts, most insurers won’t give a hoot.If your credit score is high enough, some lenders may even ignore a few non-medical commitments on your credit report.You may believe that having any accounts in collections would indicate to a lender that you are untrustworthy as a buyer; nevertheless, if you have a better credit score, lenders may accept the loan regardless of that activity.
  • If you put additional money toward your home payment each month, you may be able to pay off your mortgage years ahead of schedule, saving you thousands of dollars in interest over time.
  • Most lenders allow you to have money sent straight from your bank account to your lender.This technology makes it simpler to guarantee that payments are completed on time and that a late or missing payment has no negative impact on your credit score.
  • You may be able to receive a house loan with as low as a 3% down payment via HUD or even $0 down through a VA program if you examine what sorts of loans you qualify for.
  • Over the course of a house loan, having a better credit score saves you a lot of money.Your lender will reward you with a reduced interest rate if you have a better credit score.When compared to a higher interest rate provided to someone with a bad credit score on the same 30-year loan, a reduced interest rate may save you over $10,000.
  • Underwriters may eliminate deferred student loans from debt-to-income ratio calculations if they are currently in deferral.If your student loans are still in deferral, it is expected that you have just graduated from college and will soon find a terrific job with a better salary.
  • If you don’t have enough income, lenders may refuse to lend to you, even if you have a lot of money in the bank or liquid assets.They want you to demonstrate that you will continue to earn money and assets in order to satisfy your present financial commitments as well as any further debts you may incur while doing so.
  • Self-employed borrowers may find it difficult to get a mortgage because they deduct so much of their income, giving the impression that they have very little disposable income.If you’re a company owner, bear in mind that the amount you report to the IRS as income may help you pay lower taxes, but it also seems to lenders that you’re generating less money.