Top 50 Celebrities Who Have Overruled Time With Their Beach Bodies


All hail the celebrity figure, which is carved and toned to perfection. Even if it is difficult to maintain a trim figure in your twenties, thirties, and forties, a few gorgeous celebrities show that age is nothing more than a number. Even if you are genetically blessed, it still takes a lot of time in the gym and a lifestyle of healthy eating to maintain a healthy body after age 50.

We have put together a collection of some of the best over-50 physiques and revealed the health, fitness, and diet secrets these stars follow.

Sofia Vergara (50 y. o.)

Sofia Vergara works with a team of personal trainers to maintain her physique and body shape. She exercises at least an hour each of the five times a week that she does it. One of Vergara’s trainers focuses only on strengthening her glutes by having her perform a lot of squats and lateral lifts. Her exercise program is not for those who are easily discouraged, but it does provide the desired outcomes.

Vergara may give off the impression that she does not consume anything bad, but it is common knowledge that she has a particularly intense need for sweets. Even while she claims to consume a great deal of fruit and vegetables, it is clear that she indulges in sweets on the weekends. Salt, on the other hand, is the one item she avoids like the plague since, according to her, it causes her eyes to look swollen the following day.

Kim Kardashian (41 y. o.)

How can Kim K (and the rest of the Kardashian family) maintain such incredible physical appearances? They probably eat the same diet as Kim, their older sister. A Marilyn Monroe garment made headlines because she was able to fit into it. In terms of fitness and nutrition, she is the best we have ever seen.

Regarding working out, Kim uses the HIIT approach five to six days a week. The first thing she did when it came to her diet was to go KonMari-style. It was time to get rid of the junk food in her pantry and replace it with healthy options like blueberries, poultry, and sweet potatoes that are rich in nutrients.

Salma Hayek (55 y. o.)

Salma Hayek’s body appears unreachable, especially given her reputation as one of Hollywood’s most stunning beauties. How does she begin? Maintain a straight spine. All day, your muscles are tested by keeping your body upright. She works out seven days a week for 30 minutes or less in HIIT or cardio.

Hayek is a great fan of juices and recommends them to his patients. To begin preparing her juice with organic fruits and veggies was something she is done since she was a little girl. She does not limit herself because she is a foodie and a great cook. Even though she is not much of a dieter, she is found that eating in moderation helps her maintain a trim waistline.

Penelope Cruz (48 y. o.)

Before having a kid, Penelope Cruz’s training program was far more rigorous, but today she just does 90-minute Bikram yoga sessions a few times a week. She continues to work out with Gunnar Peterson, her trainer. All of those workouts, however, are focused on strengthening and dancing.

When it comes to Penelope Cruz, things are not complex. Eating what she enjoys and avoiding what she does not is the foundation of her diet. She relies on her self-discipline to maintain her physical and mental well-being. It is typical for her diet to consist of lean protein, whole grain products, and vegetables. The fact that this stunning woman also enjoys avocados comes as no surprise.

Monica Bellucci (57 y. o.)

Among her many notable roles, Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress, has been in The Matrix trilogy, Spectre, and The Passion of the Christ. Regarding beauty advice, her 20-year-old self is not much of an expert.

In other words, she does not exercise and does not watch what she eats. On the other hand, she is always on the go since she always has something to do. For us, unfortunately, it appears that her greatest secret is simply good genetics.

Eva Longoria (47 y. o.)

Having just given birth to her first child, actress Eva Longoria has discovered the secret to eternal youth. All of the baby weight has vanished from my body. She put in the effort! To begin with, she gave her body a chance to acclimate to life after childbirth and motherhood. She concentrated on cardio when she was ready to get back into the gym. Every morning, she would go for a run before eating a nutritious breakfast.

She can stay in shape because of her diet. “I could easily be a vegetarian…,” Longoria says. Cooking with veggies is one of my favorite pastimes.” Sugar is something she tries to avoid at all costs. Occasionally, she succumbs to her cravings, but she does so only once every three months.

Jennifer Lopez (52 y. o.)

You can see it in her music videos or concerts: Her body never stops moving. As it turns out, Lopez has two personal trainers helping her develop a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen.

Additionally, she incorporates kickboxing, ab routines, and strength training. There is so much to think about! She agrees with other celebrities that water is an essential nutrient for your body. As a result, she decided to cut up coffee and alcohol from her diet completely. She sticks to entire, unprocessed foods for a healthy diet rich in nutrients.

Rihanna (34 y. o.)

With one of the greatest bodies in the business, it is hard to believe that Rihanna is 34 years old. To maintain that physique, she follows a set of strict guidelines, but they are guidelines that everyone can follow. RiRi never misses a meal, and she is no exception. Regardless of where she goes, she attempts to eat a well-balanced diet.

She uses a machine called a Supraformer worker while she works out. This program will take you to your physical and mental boundaries with a rigorous Pilates-inspired workout. Regarding fitness, she has two personal trainers at her disposal—yes, TWO! In the end, she drinks a lot of water. The key to healthy skin and a healthy body is drinking enough water.

Carmen Electra (50 y. o.)

If there was ever a lifeguard you wished to see on the beach, it was Carmen Electra. It has not evolved much within Electra’s fitness program in the past few years. At the tender age of six or seven, her parents placed her in dance courses, and she continues to do so now. Among her favorite pastimes are aerobic striptease DVDs & other dance-related offerings.

She drinks a lot more water to maintain her bikini-ready physique, which means a huge amount. She drinks two bottles of water when she first begins her workday (yeah, we said two bottles). After that, she fuels up on fish and various fresh fruits and vegetables for a well-rounded meal. Electra is a sushi fanatic, so there is no way she will give up rice.

Halle Berry (55 y. o.)

Having six-pack abs is no simple feat. Halle Berry is a big fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) and trains with kettlebells. In addition, she adopted the keto diet. Berry has lived her entire life with diabetes, so she has always placed a high value on nutrition.

Berry stated, “if you are like me, you might perhaps cure type 2 diabetes; you will feel improved physical endurance, better health, and reduced acne if that is an issue.” Berry has added.

Jessica Alba (41 y. o.)

For Jessica Alba working out is a very serious business. Instead of sleeping, she goes to a spin or hot yoga session every morning. We are stumped as to how she does it. While she enjoys YogaSculpt, she alternates it with more intense physical training to keep things fresh.

Her diet is also a major part of her daily routine. She adheres to a low-carb, high-protein diet that is minimal in sugar and carbohydrates. However, she cannot deny herself anything in the face of her desires. She must satisfy her cravings if they exist. To compensate for the feeling of deprivation, I tend to overeat.” Alba tells Elle Australia, “That is not a balanced way to go about things.”

Amber Rose (38 y. o.)

Amber Rose has to be beach ready at all times. Dancing with the Stars has greatly benefited her since all those movements are guaranteed to tone her muscles. However, she is not only a painter. She also devotes a lot of time to practicing yoga, which helps her lose weight, alleviate tension, and build muscle.

Rose also makes it a point to eat only a little food at once. Which one of these lies is true? A device for reducing the size of the waist. To preserve her perfect bikini form, she says she uses a waist trainer for at least six hours a day. It appears to be cozy to her. We do not know how, but keep up the good work!

Emily Ratajkowski (31 y. o.)

What a stunning figure! Is not she just the definition of #goals? You would be hard-pressed to tell that she puts in long hours to maintain her enviable physique. Unlike other celebs on this list, she enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning. She enjoys going out to eat but makes an effort to eat as healthily as possible.

She steps up her game when it comes to working out. She does as much as she can outside, whether it be yoga, running, or any other form of exercise. Even though she does not spend much time at the gym, she makes an effort to keep fit whenever feasible. She is such a glaring anomaly suggests she is doing something well.

Kate Beckinsale (48 y. o.)

Most people know Kate Beckinsale from such films as Pearl Harbor and Serendipity, in which she plays a romantic lead and her action parts in the Underworld series. Despite being 48 years old, she has been able to preserve a slender physique with occasional modeling work.

According to New Beauty, she works out frequently. She consumes a lot of protein, such as chicken, eggs, and salmon, to maintain a healthy weight. She also eats her greens, of course. Everything appears to be working out.

Eva Mendes (48 y. o.)

Eva Mendes has a training program we can all follow. Aside from training for roles, she works out three times weekly at the gym. Among her favorite cardio exercises are sprinting and interval running. In her opinion, Mendes gets more out of this than doing 45 minutes of regular exercise. Workouts increase to five times a week when she is shooting.

Normally, Eva Mendes makes an effort to eat healthily. She has a sweet appetite for Cadbury Creme Eggs and claims she always negotiates with herself over when she may have one. She occasionally has cola, but she was unsure if it was a calorie-free variety.

Michelle Keegan (35 y. o.)

As opposed to being naturally slender when she was thinner, Michelle Keegan now needs to work hard to achieve her desired figure. It is a simple concept that everybody can grasp. The dietary limitations she places on herself may be difficult for you to fathom. Keegan, for example, has given up red meat from her diet.

Also on her hit list is dairy, but for the time being, she is only trying to reduce the amount she consumes. Finally, when preparing for a picture session, she avoids anything too high in carbs late at night. She goes to the gym three times a week to get her daily dose of fitness. At least 20 minutes of HIIT exercise are required, followed by a weight training session.

Ashley Graham (34 y. o.)

Despite her fame as a voluptuously curvy model, Ashley Graham’s figure requires much attention. Every morning, she gulps down a nutrient-packed smoothie. After that, she eats a green beverage that she claims “keeps the doctor away.” It contains kale, lemon, ginger, beets, apple, and parsley.

After a long day of snacking at the office, Graham heads home for supper. Meats and fats that are good for you. She enjoys kickboxing as a kind of exercise in her daily regimen. When it comes to her favorite pastime, she does it every day. Even yet, she does indulge in the occasional dish of mac and cheese from time to time.

Iskara Lawrence (31 y. o.)

The fact that Iskara Lawrence was so glad to share what she does to stay healthy means that we are also happy to hear it. She avoids fad diets, binge eating, and processed meals as a top priority. The latter is nothing but sugar and junk food compared to the former. We were taken aback by the fact that she abstained from coffee and alcohol.

She is also a big believer in working out. Squats are her favorite exercise, as seen by her toned legs and abdominals. Lawrence also creates the 8-Minute Abs app. Aerial yoga, a hybrid of yoga, Pilates, and dance performed on a hammock, is what Lawrence does for everything else (and to relieve her stress).

Elizabeth Hurley (57 y. o.)

There has not been a lot of change in Elizabeth Hurley’s ’90s fantasy girl. She is still in good shape due to her diet and exercise regimen, and we are glad to see that. Even though Hurley does not follow a set schedule for working out, he does it often throughout the day. She will go for lengthy walks with her dogs and do some light stretching every day. She works on her abs, arms, and butts at home and occasionally attends yoga or Pilates sessions.

Throughout the day, Hurley makes water a priority. She has two glasses of water when she gets up and continues to drink throughout the day. It is also a no-no to eat foods that have been processed. For her, simplicity, freshness, and ease of preparation are the most important factors. While at home in the country, she always eats food that has been cultivated in the area. This is true for both animal products and plant-based foods.

Cindy Crawford (56 y. o.)

With 20 minutes of cardio (treadmill, elliptical, or trampoline) and then weights, Cindy Crawford’s go-to fitness regimen includes equal parts cardio and strength training. Taking a pole dancing lesson with her buddies is her favorite activity. Crawford makes it a point to work out three times a week at the very least.

Furthermore, she must watch what she eats. The one restriction she adheres to is that she does not consume manufactured food. She does not consume “crap” or “a lot of packaged stuff” in her diet. She will have a protein shake or salad for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Gabrielle Union (49 y. o.)

Her health has been a major concern for Gabrielle Union for a long time. She told Women’s Health magazine that diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol run in her family. As a result, she made it a priority to get plenty of exercise.

Compound movements engage numerous muscles simultaneously and are a key component of Union’s workouts. Strength training, aerobics for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, and Pilates are all among her favorite forms of exercise. She tries to get as much vitamin D as possible while exercising outside. What is that? There is more? There is a lot of water. She eats a primarily vegan diet.

Gisele (41)

I can hardly believe Gisele is now 41 years old, yet there she is. The supermodel puts in the time and effort necessary to maintain her youthful appearance and physical fitness. The supermodel, of course, has a lot to do with her looks, but she also has some innate natural beauty.

Her stringent diet is based on organic foods, which she believes in since she wants to help her local farmers. On the other hand, Gisele enjoys working out in the great outdoors. Biking, horseback riding, and skiing are among her favorite pastimes.

Reese Witherspoon (46)

Regarding fitness, like most of us, Reese Witherspoon is not a huge fan. However, she does not go as far as other celebrities on this list. Six days a week, she performs 30 minutes of cardio. While she loves going on yoga retreats, you may catch her doing Body by Simone exercises occasionally.

Like many of today’s celebrities, Reese Witherspoon believes that diets should be balanced and entire. This was the norm in the ’90s when crash diets ruled supreme. A nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder, is a big fan of Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie. The smoothie has become a popular choice among celebrities. Carbs are Reese’s favorite late-night snack, and she does not restrict her diet.

Gwen Stefani (52)

Since her time as the main vocalist of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani has not aged a day. It does not happen by accident. “There is no secret: You simply have to eat well, train out, and torture yourself!” she adds in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. She performs an hour of HIIT, circuit training, and full-body aerobics every other day.

Compared to Gwen’s, her diet is much more laid back. She has a primarily vegan diet, but she will occasionally eat carbs. She will occasionally eat spaghetti, bread, and rice to keep her physique in shape. Other than that, Stefani is a big supporter of drinking a lot of water, as are most fit celebrities.

Jennifer Garner (50)

Jennifer Garner’s health consciousness has paid off as she has entered her 50s. Simone De La Rue and Body By Simone have another celebrity client in Garner. At least when she is not filming a movie, she does this in addition to strength and aerobic training four to five days a week.

Any form of activity can not outrun the fork. Garner adheres to a rigorous diet. Kelly LeVeque, a celebrity nutritionist and author of the “Be Well by Kelly Diet,” is one of her clients. Despite this, she does not restrict her diet in any way. Garner enjoys baking and cooking, so she eats as much as she likes in moderation.

Julia Roberts (54)

Julia Roberts maintains a tough workout regimen to maintain the illusion that she is just 30 years old. Roberts does yoga four times a week for an hour and studies the discipline four times per week. We can all identify with her enjoyment of the results and how she feels after working out, even though she does not enjoy it. She also practices step aerobics to keep things interesting for at least 40 minutes.

Her eating habits are not quite as excessive. According to Roberts, eating should be a pleasurable experience with a healthy balance. Her favorite meal is carbohydrates, and she enjoys them just like the rest of us (as long as they are whole foods rich in nutrients). Mealtimes are a family event for her as a stay-at-home mom of three children, and she utilizes this time to teach her children about food. “You must eat the good food to get the good stuff,” Roberts says again.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (43)

It is impossible to miss Jennifer Love Hewitt when she is walking down the red carpet. She works out a lot to keep her physique in shape. She enjoys working out so much that she views it as a pastime. She does not discriminate between HIIT, weight training, and cardio. She works out all the time, seven days a week because it is her interest.

To avoid self-control, Hewitt attempts to avoid storing unhealthy food in her fridge. Many things are off-limits to her since she only consumes 1500 calories daily. Avocado and tuna salad are two of her favorite high-protein, low-carb meals. She eats fruit as a snack since it is low in calories and high in nutrition. She also cut out all alcohol and dairy products from her diet altogether.

Cameron Diaz (49)

What is the key to Cameron Diaz’s beautiful physique? Variety. As a result of continually altering her environment and working out various muscle groups, her workouts are never the same two times. Diaz loves to work out in nature and strengthen her body in the following ways: yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, or cardio.

Diet is the key to weight loss. Almost all fried foods have been eliminated from the diet of this former fast-food junkie. As an alternative, she plans to follow a Mediterranean diet. Diaz credited her glowing complexion, improved health, and stunning appearance to a diet rich in nutrients.

Kate Hudson (43)

Kate Hudson, the stepdaughter of Kurt Russell and daughter of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn, was a hugely popular actress in the 2000s. Although her roles have shrunk in recent years, Kate Hudson has not slowed down her efforts to maintain her health.

Women’s Health magazine quotes Kate Hudson saying she works out three to four times weekly. However, she does not hold back when splurging and savoring the good things in life. Even if she drinks moderately, she still looks great at her age.

Garcelle Beauvais (55)

Garcelle Beauvais does Pilates and treadmill activities in addition to weight training (like hamstring curls). She eats a good diet but does not do anything out of the ordinary. It is all about moderation.

Once she said, “If it is pizza night and I am with my kids, I will indulge in a few slices. I will have something a little more nutritious the next day.”

LeAnn Rimes (39)

A platinum-selling country performer with a toned figure is no mean feat, but LeAnn Rimes makes it look effortless. Only the youngest Grammy winner in history has won every other trophy or distinction you can think of in her career. You could not tell how difficult it must have been with all of that work.

Rimes’s enviable physique results from a well-balanced diet that provides her with the energy and vitality she needs. As far as nutrition is concerned, she is all about whole meals and how to get as many nutrients into your body as possible. Despite her recent promotion of cauliflower bowls, she is not giving up her favorite foods like pizza and cake. She still enjoys the occasional treat.

Sandra Bullock (57)

How is it possible for a lady with her schedule to maintain her physical fitness? It was a lot of work! Bullock works with celebrity fitness trainer Simone De La Rue. De La Rue developed the Body by Simone training system to assist everyone in achieving their ideal body. Bullock switches between high-intensity aerobic and weight training every ten minutes to keep her body in top shape.

It is all about fresh food and quantity management for Bullock. She prefers hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, sugar- and gluten-free options. According to this famous person’s advice, eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. Maintaining a healthy metabolism is essential to a long and healthy life.

Taraji P. Henson (51)

Known for her work in such films as Hustle & Flow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Date Night, Taraji P. Henson is an American actress. This actress had a significant breakthrough in 2016 when she received a SAG Award for her performance in Hidden Figures.

“She is the sort of girl who if you tell her she can not do something, she is going to want to do it even harder,” says Henson’s trainer, as InStyle. Her attention to detail is unrivaled.” Her workout routine should also include an hour or two of weight training and cardio.

Charlize Theron (46)

Despite her age, Charlize Theron has an amazing physique that has made her a household name. “Charlize is a serious, focused, professional, no BS, balls-to-the-wall client,” even her trainer stated. She prefers to do ballet-style workouts when it comes to staying in shape. Strength training and Pilates are also a part of her routine.

To get in shape for her roles, Charlize Theron performs a variety of exercises, including pushups, crunches on a bicycle, kettlebell squats, and bench step-ups, according to Life and Style magazine. She makes an effort to eat healthily and steers clear of meals high in fat or sugar.

Sheryl Crow (60)

Even while it is common knowledge that Sheryl Crow receives lots of vitamin D from the sun, there is a lot more she does to maintain her excellent looks. Crow meditates for 20 minutes every morning and night, deeming it an essential component of her daily routine. Also, she is a big admirer of working out. The first ten minutes of her training are spent walking on the treadmill, and then she moves on to plyometric exercises like planks and pull-ups.

A “pseudo macrobiotic diet” is what Crow eats (in her own words). She sticks to a plant-based diet with plenty of fresh produce and lean meats. Due to her love of seafood, many of her recipes incorporate high-Omega-3 fish, such as tuna. Crow eats a lot of snacks, but they are all under 150 calories apiece. There are generally a variety of fruits and nuts in them.

Christie Brinkley (68)

In the past, Christie Brinkley has been a vocal advocate of vegetarianism. Since she was 12 years old, she has largely avoided eating meat. Brinkley has been working out consistently since the 1980s, but she also changes things from time to time to keep things interesting.

Because she is always on the go, she only has time for what she can squeeze in. Even while working on musicals, dancing is sufficient. There is a time and a place for both of these activities, though. Brinkley is a big fan of yoga, too.

Jennifer Aniston (53)

Jen works out seven days a week for one and a half hours with no exclusions, according to her own admission. She works with various resistance bands and boxes, jump ropes, and lift weights.

She claims her nutrition is a major factor in her success. As much organic produce as she can while consuming “minimal sugar consumption, loads of water, and decent sleep” is a staple of her diet.

Jada Pinkett Smith (50)

Even though she is 50, Jada Pinkett Smith does not look it. In her acting career spanning two decades, she has maintained a consistent level of beauty and poise. Take care of your body as an expression of love for yourself, according to Jada Pinkett Smith, who appears on her talk program “Red Table Talk.”

According to Jada’s admission to BET, she does 20 minutes of cardio daily as part of her daily regimen. It is not just the treadmill that she works out on. However, it is not all work. She takes breaks from time to time to relax her body.

Melanie Griffith (64)

You would never think that Melanie Griffith is 64 years old based on the shape of her physique. In 2019, the actress shared her methods for keeping her physique in shape as she grew older. She has posted a workout video on Instagram that displays her whole regimen.

Griffith’s fitness routine in the video also features strength training and aerobic activities. She has to keep as much muscle mass as possible as she ages, which is why she needs to do these workouts. She also enjoys hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

Helen Hunt (59)

Helen Hunt, well known for her appearances in Mad About You, Twister, As Good as It Gets, and Cast Away, has maintained a healthy weight throughout her career. So, what is her age-defying secret??

It is not there for her. When Helen Hunt appeared in a recent issue of Healthy Living Magazine, she stated that she did not diet or go to the gym. She does, however, make an effort to lead an active lifestyle, which is likely to be beneficial.

Charlotte Ross (54)

Considering her age, it is no surprise that Ross is a fitness freak. She has included weight training in her workout routine at her personal trainer’s request. Even though she puts in a lot of work, she takes care of her body by doing yoga and getting massages when it starts to hurt.

Ross owes most of her good health to hydration, decaffeinated green tea, and omega-3 fatty acid pills, although she also exercises regularly. She avoids processed meals and tries to eat only vegetarian options.

Christy Turlington Burns (53)

Christy Turlington Burns believes eating well is the best way to feel good about yourself. For her, moderation is key. “I am not the kind to go on a binge or go without food… Since I was in my early twenties, every year, I have done a juice cleanse to reset my body.” Additionally, she has an interest in vegetarianism.

Burns has been practicing yoga and working out regularly since her late teens. She is a six-time marathon runner, did you know that? “I can hardly believe I am doing this again, right before a marathon begins… Afterward, I was thrilled. Immediately afterward? To ease the pain, try soaking in a warm salt water bath.

Kirsten Dunst (40)

Kristen Dunst has enjoyed both commercial and critical success with her parts in Spider-Man and Melancholia. She has also later appeared on television, most notably in the second season of Fargo. This actress has not had difficulty keeping her schedule full or maintaining her body in peak condition.

She is still as beautiful as ever at the age of 40. She avoids the sun as much as possible to maintain her flawless complexion. She moisturizes and utilizes organic beauty products. According to Hello! Magazine, she attends fitness sessions to keep in shape. On top of that, she is a healthy eater who enjoys playing tennis as a pastime.

Kristin Wiig (48)

If Kristin Wiig did not appear like a 48-year-old woman, her casting as Cheetah in WW84 would be surprising. Kristin Wiig’s gorgeous beach physique is a direct result of her vegetarianism.

There is no meat in Kristin Wiig’s diet at all. Rather than meat, she subsists on tofu and soy. She also gets lots of water and cranberry juice into her system daily. Melted cheese sandwiches or Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms are her go-to treats when she needs a sugar fix, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Courtney Cox (58)

Friends and Scream star Gale Weathers’s co-star, Courtney Cox, has likewise maintained an impressive physique. Cheat Sheet claims that the 58-year-old actress works out with a personal trainer to keep her figure in shape.

In addition to strength training, food has been an enormous factor in my success. Cox has been drinking a lot of coconut water as part of his low-carb regimen. Then there is the fact that she does not drink coffee. It is not clear how she does it. We are at a loss.

Uma Thurman (52)

Uma Thurman, well known for her appearances in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, has maintained a fit physique throughout her career. The excellent actress, over 52 years old, maintains her fitness with a nutritious diet. Most of her meals are made up of eggs, fruits, vegetables, and milk from organic sources.

To make a movie like Kill Bill, though, you will need to be in shape. Jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, and squats are just a few of the movements in her fitness program.

Jane Seymour (71)

Jane Seymour plays golf whenever she can, but she also does Pilates to keep things interesting. For the last three decades, she has attended the same Pilates class. Regarding her abs and core, she claims she does isometric workouts to help “keep a flat, toned stomach.”

When it comes to eating, Seymour does not consume any garbage. Instead, she eats her own garden’s food. Because she is a trained sommelier, she routinely enjoys sweet French wine.

Demi Moore (59)

Here are Demi Moore’s secrets on how she maintains her youthful appearance. Her workouts are intense when she is getting ready for a job; we are talking about three hours of exercise followed by a six-mile run. If she does not have a film project in the works, she concentrates on remaining in shape and tone by focusing on her difficulty spots. It is her arms, stomach, and lower body that she is concerned about.

As much as possible, Moore eats organic and natural foods. She usually eats a raw vegan diet, which excludes all cooked food from her diet. Uma Thurman and Natalie Portman, among others, have hopped on board this bandwagon.